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Student Financial Services Student Account and Billing Information 354 Richards Hall.

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2 Student Financial Services Student Account and Billing Information 354 Richards Hall

3 E-Bill View your e-bill through myNEU via the NUPAY link First e-bill is posted 2 weeks prior to the start of the term Second half courses are billed 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the second half session Monthly e-bills if there is a balance and/or any changes since last e-bill Payments through NUPAY, credit card or e-check Monthly Payment Plan 3



6 Monthly Payment Plan Tuition Pay -www. -or call 1.800.635.0120 Advantages -No Interest ($35 enrollment fee) -Fall 2013 First payment due 09/13/2013, 1st of every month - ending Nov 13 -Affordable Monthly Payments (3/2 monthly installments) -Reduces or eliminates need to borrow -Deadline for CPS to enroll for Fall is September 25, 2013 Payment Plan is administered by Sallie Mae Provides monthly payment to Northeastern Use to pay entire balance or in combination with other sources 6

7 Tuition Refund Policy 100% within 14 days from the start of the term for 12-week, 8-week, and 6- week courses After the 14th day of the term, any student seeking to withdraw from a 12- week, 8-week, or 6-week course will be ineligible for a refund Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a course Formal drop must be done via your student myNEU 4 week courses 100% within the first 7 days of the session

8 Tuition Reimbursement Employer Grade Stipulations –Options are to make payment in full, or enroll in one of the payment plan options –Submit copy of billing statement, receipt, grades to employer for reimbursement All items are available on your myNEU self-service

9 Tuition Paid By Third Party If you have a third party paying your bill with the following: –No Grade Stipulations –Paid Directly to Northeastern You can submit the following: –Prior to start of term, or no later than end of 1 st week of session submit purchase order or letter of credit to our office, 354 Richards Hall (mail) or 1.617.373.8222 (fax)

10 Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP) Mandated by the Commonwealth of MA Matriculated in degree program and enrolled at least 75% of the full-time curriculum –CPS Undergraduate: 12 credits Graduate 7 credits (Fall 2013) –Student enrolled in all on-line courses are not automatically billed/enrolled - May opt to enroll Deadline for completing Fall 2013 Health Fee Waiver is September 23, 2013 via myNEU Plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

11 Contact Information On-line information NUSHP –Email – Student Financial Services - Student Accounts – – –617-373-2270 –Tuition Pay www. or call at (800) 635-0120

12 “I Am Here” Process Instructions on How to Complete the "I Am Here" Process The link for "I Am Here" will be available when students log in to their myNEU account, beginning on Monday, September 9 th. Once they have logged in, they want to click "Review/Confirm Class Schedule", and select either "Confirm Attendance" to verify their Fall classes, or "Modify Schedule" if they want to make a change.

13 Students must go all the way through the screens to complete “I Am Here.” If students do not receive a "Successful Completion" message (shown below), they have not reached the end of the procedure and must try again the following day. 13 All students should print or save a copy of the confirmation page for their records; if there are any issues, we will need proof of their completion to help them re-enroll in courses. “I Am Here” Process

14 Contact Information for “I Am Here” Process For questions related to the “I Am Here” process, please have students email:

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