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“Why is it a good career for teenagers!!” Jasmine Currin Mrs. Pugh.

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1 “Why is it a good career for teenagers!!” Jasmine Currin Mrs. Pugh

2  The National Guard traces its history back to the earliest English colonies in North America.  It’s the the oldest component of the armed forces of the United States and one of the nation’s longest enduring institutions.  Colonist created their own defense drawn on English military traditions and organized their able bodied male citizens into militias.  In today’s national guard is normally in control of its states or territorial Governor.

3  Today the National Guard soldiers typically hold civilian jobs or attend college and train part time.  Basic training is a rigorous 6- 10 weeks orientation for men and women entering the guard.  During basic new soldiers gain discipline, pride, and knowledge to perform army duties.  After basic training the next step is Advanced Individual Training(AIT) where you’ll learn your military occupation specialty.

4  Most people between the ages of 17 to 35 are eligible to join the National Guards.  You must be a citizen of the United States.  You have to meet medical and moral requirements

5  Guard soldiers need to be in excellent condition and fall in a certain range of height and weight  Prior to basic combat training you’ll be able to be tested to measure your level of physical fitness using Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

6  It is the most important thing in the army.  The word “company” or “troop” or “battery is merely the name for a team, and military discipline is nothing more than this same spirit of team play.  Here lack of discipline in a soldier may not only cost him his/her life and the life of their comrades, but cause a military undertaking to fail and his/her team to be defeated.

7  The National Guard is more than just a great way to serve your country.  Choose over many jobs including, medicine, technology, engineering, transportation, and communications.  You’ll be paid to learn job skills that fit you and your interests!!!

8  Benefits in the guards pay for college or earn advanced degree with state and federal tuition  Opportunities are available that you won’t find any other branches  You’ll live and work where YOU choose  You’ll be combat trained and equipped to defend America!!

9 You will not see a tuition bill or book fee while serving for your country!! Many benefits are available including gas discount, NO HOUSE PAYMENTS (even if you have dependents), free apartment housing while attending college, and drill pay.

10  “FLY for FREE” guard soldiers can travel free on military planes when space is available

11  Guard and families can enjoy privileges at military instillations around the world  Tax-free discount shopping at any Exchange (department store) and commissary (grocery store.

12  The guard cares about the health of soldiers and their families  Military members and their families can purchase inexpensive health coverage from TRI-care Reserve Select.

13  Low-cost insurance plans are available for Guard soldiers up to $400,000  Family members are eligible for family service members Group Life Insurance

14  You probably aren’t thinking about retirement but the guard pay you monthly after you’ve finished serving.  This is on top of any benefits from you civilian career and any other retirement funds you may have coming.

15 While in the military you can go to school stress free with no money hassles

16 Any selection of a house No Rent!!!!

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