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Networks Global Union Network Brussels, 22-23 March 2006.

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1 Networks Global Union Network Brussels, 22-23 March 2006

2 Networks Contents 2 1.Main Developments In the Chemical Industry 2.Economic Situation of DuPont 3.Industrial Relations 4.Products & Problems

3 Networks 1. Main Developments in the Chemical Industry 3 Global sales in the chemical sector by regions - 2004 (in billion US $)

4 Networks Sales 2004 for Asia only (in billion €) 4

5 5 Networks Chemical industry in the USA (2004) The US chemical industry is responsible for almost a quarter of total world sales in the chemical sector (2,245 bn $) 881, 757 people are employed in the chemical industry in the US (representing 6.2% of all manufacturing jobs) The average salary in the chemical sector in the United States is US$ 68,174 (42 % above average in comparison with the overal average for the manufacturing industry and 73,3% higher than the average for all industries) The average hourly salary in the US chemical sector is US$ 19.17 (19% above average in comparison with the manufacturing sector) 5

6 Networks 2. 2. Economic Situation Of DuPont 5 200520042003200220012000 Net Sales (in bn $) 26.63927.34026.99624.00624.72628.268 Net Income (in bn $) 2.0531.781.002(1.103)4.3392.314 Earnings Per Share (in $) 2.081.770.96(1.11)4.162.19 Dividends Per Share (in $) 1.461.4 Employees 60,000 81,00079,000 93,000

7 Networks DuPont employees per region (2004) 6 Region Employees% USA34,36257,5 Europe14,78624,7 Asia-Pacific4,7327,9 Latin America4,7417,9 Canada1,1652,0 TOTAL59,786100

8 Networks DuPont Segment Sales (2004) 7 Sales (in m $) % Agriculture & Nutrition6,24722.8 Coatings & Color Technologies 6,02822.0 Electronic & Communication Technologies 3,27912.0 Performance Materials6,63324.3 Safety & Protection4,69317.2 Textiles & Interiors 1 3,25011.9 1 sold to Koch Industries on 30 April 2004

9 Networks Sales per Region (2004) 8 Agriculture & Nutrition

10 Networks Sales per Region (2004) 9 Coatings & Color Technologies

11 Networks Sales per Region (2004) 10 Electronic & Communication Technologies

12 Sales per Region (2004) 11 Performance Materials

13 Sales per Region (2004) 12 Safety & Protection

14 3. Industrial Relations In the US Get an impression at 13 Not negotiating with trade unions Fighting against trade unions Active in „union-busting“ Trying to organise decertification votes

15 14 in the EU DuPont has a „European Communication Network“ DuPont, contrary to other MNEs in the sector, supports the use of collective agreements at branch levels in The Netherlands DuPont is famous for its health and safety programme.

16 4. Products & Problems PFOA Chloroprene (Neoprene ® ) Coatings 15

17 Perfluorooctanoic acid / PFOA 16 PFOA is a „likely“ cause of cancer according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) scientific advisory board. Companies in the US have to eliminate the presence of PFOA by 2015 – DuPont already agreed to this. DuPont paid $107m to settle a class-action lawsuit from residents of Parkersburg, WV, in 2004 (an additional $235m fine might still need to be paid, pending the result of a study) DuPont agreed to pay a penalty of $16.5m to the EPA DuPont will invest $20m at its Pascagoula plant to eliminate emission of PFOA

18 17 Chloroprene DuPont Performance Elastomers (DPE) paid a $84m fine for price fixing in the US. DPE announced to close its Louisville, Kentucky, plant in March 2007 / about 250 workers will be losing their jobs. Shortage of chloroprene in the US states of New England because of the closure of a Polimeri plant in France, the damages of the DPE plant in Pontchartrain, Louisiana and the anti-dumping duties on Japanese chloroprene.

19 18 Coatings DuPont announced to cut 1,500 jobs in the coating and colour technologies divison (16 March 2006) 4 plants in Europe: Rubi (Spain) Polinya (Spain) Breda (NL) Helmstedt (Germany) Plus an additional 250 employees in Wuppertal, Germany Chad Holliday, CEO of DuPont calls it a „transformation plan“ A clear strategy is missing.

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