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1 A Survey on the Guinness Book of Sensors Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks Omar Amarin 4/7/2008.

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1 1 A Survey on the Guinness Book of Sensors Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks Omar Amarin 4/7/2008

2 2 Smallest Sensors Epson, eCAM, Kionix, Samsung Largest Deployment of Sensors Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Longest Lifetime Sensors Transducer Technology, Inc. 2

3 3 Smallest Sensors 1. Epson (uFR-II) Advanced Model of World's Smallest Flying Microrobot from Epson (August 2004) Micromechatronics technology The world's new lightest and most advanced microrobot The uFR-II is only the latest chapter in an Epson success story that began with Monsieur, a microrobot that was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest microrobot. 3

4 4 Problem: Limited Range Solution: Fully wireless operation paired with independent flight capability. The world's smallest and lightest sensor. Wireless features - Epson's own sensor (world's smallest and lightest) 4

5 5 The XV-3500CB, Characteristics: ItemSpecificationUnit Operating Voltage 2.7 to 3.3V Output in Stationary State 1.35V Detection Range 100deg./sec Sensitivity0.67mV/deg./sec Linearity+ - 5%FS Package Size5.0*3.2*1.3mm Features of the newly developed XV-3500CB Sensor: 1. Subminiature SMD 2. Outstanding stability 3. Sleep mode World's Smallest Gyro-Sensor (December 2004) 4. Airtight structure 5

6 6 constructed by plugging a VGA video camera to the Eco node. Eco is an ultra-compact, high- bandwidth wireless sensor node developed by authors. It measures only 13mm(L) × 11mm(W) × 7mm(H) and weights 2 grams. 2. eCAM: Ultra Compact, High Data-Rate Wireless Sensor Node with a Miniature Camera Authors: Chulsung Park and Pai H. Chou Center for Embedded Computing System, University of California, Irvine. Great Power Consumption Other Advantages 6

7 7 Some Properties: Ultra-Compact Form Factor: 13x11x7mm, 2grams 2.4GHz Radio, 128 Channels, 1Mbps On-Board 3-Axis Accelerometer, Temperature Sensor, Optical Sensor Low Power Consumption 40mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Continuous Listening: about 4 hours Flex-PCB Expansion Port: Analog/Digital I/O, SPI, UART, I2C, and Interrupts, 7

8 8 The device, the KXPS5, is just 0.9 millimeters thick, The sensor measures acceleration and is primarily used for free-fall detection in hard drives. The KXPS5 family of products was specifically engineered to have a very small form factor so that they can be incorporated directly into the hard disk drive. use specifically in the hard drives of mobile- electronic devices such as cell phones and iPods. 3. Kionix, KXPS5, June 30, 2006 8

9 9 How it works Other Uses: computer and video gaming, global positioning systems, sports diagnostics, and vehicle- stability applications. 9

10 10 4. Samsung, 8.4MP CIS, September 8 th, 2005 Sensor Size: 9×6.5 mm Power consumption: 10 mW. More importantly, the sensor’s output is not an analog signal but a digital signal. Micro unit (MCU)” Intelligent function 10

11 11 New custom printed circuit boards (PCBs): Leads to: (Risks) 1.Extra hardware development effort 2.Risking introduction of new errors Ideas to Help in the Future 11

12 12 Nectarine orchard covered with 47 nodes, 273 sensors. Sensors include soil moisture, soil and air temperature, canopy temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, trunk diameter, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and GPS co-ordinates. Largest Deployment of Sensors World's Largest Agricultural Wireless Sensor Network Department of Primary Industries (DPI) 12

13 13 Problems: 1. Interruptions 2. Rainfall Good Ideas: They have started to monitor the sensor network using alerts that are automatically transmitted to a mobile phone by SMS. 13

14 14 High performance No recharge is required for more than a year. “Pocket CO” Longest Lifetime Sensors Transducer Technology, Inc. D6F-P MEMS-based D6F-P air flow sensor 14

15 15 Problems & Enhancements. Algorithm Up to Five times better lifetime 15

16 16 THANK YOU !

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