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Date, Location, Presentation Details WIJNSYMPOSIUM 2010 presentation of head sponsor JF Hillebrand Benelux B.V.

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1 Date, Location, Presentation Details WIJNSYMPOSIUM 2010 presentation of head sponsor JF Hillebrand Benelux B.V.

2 Global forwarder, specialisation in beverages Established in 1844 in Mainz, Germany A global network of 45 offices in over 30 countries worldwide 1500 dedicated professionals Who we are

3 3PL and 4PL (supply chain management) Leading in BULK transport Expert advice Full service transportation management Control of documentation, insurance, legal and fiscal formalities Provision of packing and warehousing Ensuring container safety Consignment tracing and tracking What we do

4 100% dedication to beverages since inception Expert knowledge of wine, beer and sprits trade Motivated people Innovative ideas Sophisticated tools The right spirit What sets us apart

5 Facts and figures Volumes 2007:235,354 containers 2008:258,321 containers 2009267,741 containers 2007: 351,188 orders 2008:376,843 orders 2009390,189 orders

6 Facts and figures 7,500 customers globally 3,600 different vessels utilised in 2009 1,5 billion cases shipped in 2009, of which 44% were full loads (cased goods) 10% were full loads (bulk) 35% were LCL/Consolidations 9% were truck or trailer movements 2% were others (by Air, special courier etc.)

7 Executive Board Gérard Desbois, CEO Christophe Bernard Kevin Brock Bas Mali Tom Yusef Brendan McKenna Corporate information

8 Key customers include: Pernod Ricard Tesco Stores Ltd Tradall/Bacardi Kobrand Corp Gallo Constellation Brands Fosters Group SWS Thresher Group (SCM) Waitrose (SCM) Albert Heijn (SCM) Gall & Gall (SCM) Corporate information

9 In 1844 Johann Friedrich Hillebrand established his freight commission business in Mainz, providing services in loading and unloading as well as customs clearance In the mid-nineteenth century, the wine trade started booming in Mainz, and the company began to expand services by land and rail, reaching out to Eastern Europe By 1920 the company was a Limited Company employing 70 commercial employees and 50 dock workers Company history

10 After the War the company’s management, now under the 4th generation of Hillebrand family management, set about expanding the river-barge and overseas business again. The advent of the container provided further opportunities. The container became the ideal tool for shipping wines globally – no longer limited to Europe, the path to the New World was secure. In 1974 JF Hillebrand France was founded as the second office in the Group Company history

11 By 1979, the Company had offices in Germany, France, USA, Italy, and Scotland. By the mid 1980s the European network had been finalised, and expansion into other markets began in earnest. By the 1990s, the network in Asia and the New World wine countries was firmly in place, and we launched our fourth party logistics services. Today, JF Hillebrand is the world's leading specialist logistics provider to the wine and spirit trade, with a global network of both wholly owned offices and agents present in every major wine and spirit market. Growth underpinned by recent acquisitions of TOD and Seatrans Company history

12 Cased goods/packaged Bulk wines TOLT (Engineering & production) JF Hillebrand A.G. Group structure Bulk liquids

13 In March 2007, JF Hillebrand acquired 100% of the shares of Trans Ocean Distribution Limited (TOD) TOD is the leading and most innovative provider of transportation solutions to the bulk liquid shipping industry Founded in 1984, TOD employs 150 professional logistics staff and 162 manufacturing staff in 6 owned offices worldwide The company has a strong brand and healthy market share, along with a diverse customer base in wine, food, concentrate and synthetic, industrial and natural latex TOD

14 Following the acquisition of Trans Ocean Distribution, JF Hillebrand integrated all bulk activities in the locale offices which are widespread globally. Trans Ocean will give importers greater service options by combining the experience and expertise of the two companies’ bulk wine divisions. JF Hillebrand’s unrivalled knowledge of beverage transport, coupled with TOD’s expertise in the design, construction and use of flexibags is undoubtedly the best combination for bulk transport. Hillebrand Bulk

15 Your local office: JF Hillebrand Benelux BV / Trans Ocean Benelux Maaskade 119 3071 NK Rotterdam Ph: + 31 10 4035566 Fax: + 31 10 4330510 e-mail: Thank

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