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The Six Ps of the 1920s 1919-1929 From Boom to Bust.

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1 The Six Ps of the 1920s 1919-1929 From Boom to Bust

2 How would one characterize the United States following World War I? Renewed isolationismkeep to ourselves Xenophobia - Resurgence of Nativism –fear of foreigners Trend toward conservative politics that caused a turning away from governmental activism of the Progressive era Culture becomes more liberal Fear of Communism

3 Prosperity Politics in the 1920s Presidents Harding and Coolidge Hardings Return to Normalcy –Isolationism and high protective tariffs Limiting Immigration –Quota System Teapot Dome and the Ohio Gang President Calvin Coolidge and the Politics of Prosperity

4 Progress and Conflict of the 1920s Technology and Mass Production –Henry Ford and the Impact of the automobile –Electrical Conveniences –The rise of the Modern American Consumer –Advertising and Buying on Credit –Change in clothing styles –Radio and Motion Pictures


6 Progress and Conflict continued Changing Values of the 1920s –Fundamentalism vs. Modernism –Scopes Monkey Trial –Rural vs. Urban –Urban Sprawl and the Rise of the Suburbs The Twenties Woman

7 Paranoia in the 1920s The Red Scare in the United States The Palmer Raids Sacco and Vanzetti The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s Immigration Restrictions Labor unrest

8 Prohibition in the 1920s Organized Crime and Al Capone Prohibition, Speakeasies, and Bootleggers Politics of Organized Crime –18 th Amendment –Volstead Act –21 st Amendment

9 Pop-Culture of the 1920s Sports Lucky LindyCharles Lindbergh Music of the 1920s –The Jazz Age and American Composers Literature of the 1920s Hollywood in the 1920s –Talkies Fads of the 1920s The Harlem Renaissance and the flowering of African-American Culture in the 1920s

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