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Effective Spending of the Pupil Premium and Demonstrating Success Thomas Sparks Assistant Principal.

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1 Effective Spending of the Pupil Premium and Demonstrating Success Thomas Sparks Assistant Principal

2 Why did you join the teaching profession? Take a minute to think why you came into teaching.

3 Why did you join the teaching profession? “To make a difference to students” “To ensure children have a better education than I did” “ To inspire children” “To promote a love of learning” “To ensure every child succeeds” Hopefully not, “because you finish at 3pm and get long holidays”!!!!!

4 Why did you join the teaching profession? Pupil Premium is all of these things. It provides the funding to: - make a difference to students - improve outcomes for students - inspire children

5 Why Focus on Pupil Premium? Our moral duty to ensure all students have the best start in life regardless of their financial circumstances. 2016 Pupil Premium Awards £5000 for Regional Qualifiers £100,000 for Regional Winners £250,000 for National Winners

6 About Our School Based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Population is a mixture of wealthy parents and working class students who will be first generation university students Approx 15% are Pupil Premium Journey of improvement

7 Our Pupil Premium Statistics 2014 Results – all key measures narrowed significantly and were SIG+ on RAISEonline National Runners Up for the Pupil Premium Awards 2014 East of England Qualifiers for Pupil Premium Awards 2015 DfE have filmed our work on Pupil Premium for 2015 Awards

8 This is our journey

9 Identified the Barriers What are the barriers to learning for Pupil Premium Students in your school? Once you know the barriers you can try and overcome them

10 Our Vision for PP Our vision is that we must do everything in our power to ensure that our disadvantaged students leave our school with qualifications and skills that allow them to access the next stage of their education What is your school’s vision for disadvantaged students in your school?

11 How We Operate We ensure that those who are disadvantaged are not highlighted as having differences to their peers We therefore have a philosophy as a school that our targeting of students is integrated within the whole school context Many students are unaware of their status as disadvantaged students due to their inclusivity within a range of students that are targeted for intervention based on their ability, not their financial status

12 Attainment Time Red = Non PP Green = PP Sir John Dunford

13 Pupil Premium at the School Significant focus in recent years – conscious effort from leadership Key focus on narrowing the gaps Team focused on IMPACT – can we justify our expenditure – “so what?” culture Team is led by myself and includes the SENCO, Associate Assistant Principal for KS3, the Head of Psychology and the Exams Officer

14 Setting up a Team Ideally: led by your Raising Standards Leader helps if they are on SLT so can access information about budget/staffing levels etc crossover with general raising achievement strategies SENCO Invest in the team by having a timetabled fortnightly meeting Can it be used as leadership opportunities for your staff?

15 Identify the Students Check the DfE website to ensure you have the right students identified NB: This is updated on 31 st March as funding runs through financial year How are you communicating this to the staff? Could all teachers confidently identify their PP students? Think about Year 6 Summer school funding

16 What is Your School’s Tracking System? Is it set up for Pupil Premium? Does it, on a half termly basis, show you the gap between Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium students? Is the data for CWG and Predictions reliable? How do you know? Does it show you the gaps? Is your tracking data modelled on Raiseonline?

17 Raise the Profile – Cultural Shift War Room in Staff Room – do all staff know who your Pupil Premium students are? Integrated into school lesson plan pro forma Continuous messages about Pupil Premium Fully integrated into your data tracking systems Consistent agenda item at SLT/HoD link meetings Consistent agenda item at Raising Achievement meetings Communication with parents


19 Spreadsheet Tracking data updated every half term

20 Anything can go on here: INSET Training Additional capacity, for example in Maths leading to smaller group sizes Exam moderation and marking TA Support


22 Price List This will be different for every school: Teacher 1:1 - £26 Teacher 2:1 - £13 Form Time Revision Class - £8 for a week Student Support - £6 an hour Revision Sessions - £4 an hour Youth Worker costs etc, etc

23 Student A: Year 8 Spend to Date £1598 Cost of PP Team - £75 6 weeks of form time Maths - £48 CPD Training on outstanding learning - £15 Working with external agency - £375 Pet Xi 1 week Maths Booster - £530 Pet Xi 1 week English Booster - £530 End of Year assessments - £25

24 Governors Governors need to be fully informed about how the school is spending their money Regular report to Governors’ Meeting In every termly Principal’s report to Governors Significant OFSTED focus

25 We Must All Try The money you spend may not always close the gap, but we must at least try everything we can to ensure ALL students have the best chance of success

26 Questions If time permits, I am happy to take questions Alternatively my email address is

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