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Using the Pupil Premium at TVI 2012-13 & forecast for 2013-14.

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1 Using the Pupil Premium at TVI 2012-13 & forecast for 2013-14

2 Expectation from Ofsted Since October 2012 Inspectors have evaluated and reported on how additional funding provided through the pupil premium is being spent and its impact on raising standards.

3 Expectation from Ofsted Pupil Premium is for pupils known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM), children from service (‘armed forces’) families, and those that are looked after (LAC).

4 Expectation from Ofsted From March 2013, inspectors will report specifically on the performance in English and Mathematics of pupils supported through the pupil premium compared to all other pupils in the school. Inspectors will highlight any differences between the average point scores (APS) for English and Mathematics and whether gaps are narrowing for these pupils:

5 Expectation from Ofsted Those pupils known to be eligible for FSMs and all other pupils (FSM vs. non-FSM). Children who are looked after and all other pupils (LAC vs. non-LAC).

6 Expectation from Ofsted Schools are free to decide themselves how this funding should be used, based on their own context and need.

7 Expectation from Ofsted As of 2012-13, there are138 FSM pupils and 5 LAC

8 How well do Pupil Premium Children do at TVI? 2011/12Feb 2013 July 2013 (predictions) Nation al All pupils FSMLAC All pupils FSMLAC All pupils FSMLAC Overal l 15.319 18. 8 17. 6 17.4 16. 5 15 20.5 19. 3 17 Readin g 1619.519.9 18. 8 17 22.4 20. 5 17 Writin g 14.718.615.7 14. 7 13 19.5 18. 5 17 Maths15.918.716.6 1615 19.6 18. 9 17 Attendanc e 95.3 (LA) 97.48 96. 8 95. 7 97.37 96.1 8 97. 5 96. 5 97. 6

9 What are our guiding values/principles? A personalised provision where we help every child and their family, regardless of ability, to do their best. High quality learning. A responsive inclusion provision, which is extensive and comprehensive and offers high quality learning. Skilful family support. Careful and robust Child Protection. Good customer service and an innovative ethos which makes people challenge traditionally held dispositions towards schools and learning. Responsive leaders, having a high impact on learning and standards, working within a “hands on” and “can do” culture. High profile activities which engages parents and the community. A culture which values “Parents as Partners” in the learning journey.

10 How do we directly support Pupil Premium children? How do we help every child and their family, regardless of ability, do their best? An attendance officer. 2 Reading Recovery Teachers. High ratios of Teaching assistants (1:10 & 1:7 in Nursery). High quality learning in class and support groups. Headteacher & Deputy having a regular amount of teaching/class contact. Leadership Courses. Regular non-contact time for teachers and leaders. Full-time Parent Support Advisor A 2 tier Inclusion Model. 5 accessible office staff. Subsidised School Uniform. Subsidised School Visits. A breakfast club. Natural depletion over time of Netbook stock.

11 How do we directly support Pupil Premium children? How do we help every child and their family, regardless of ability, do their best? Weekly Family Cooking Together Discretionary support: replacement uniform, an alternative school dinner/seconds for hungry children, help with Netbook repairs, school visits, breakfast club. Free School Meals for all Reception Children in the first 3 weeks. Enhanced Educational Psychologist support. 3 Termly 100% ‘Flower assemblies’, various other awards and 6 bikes. Free theatre-workshops and pantomimes. Typically 25 free school clubs per week (enough places for each KS1 pupil). Free swimming and travel to swimming for all Yr 2 pupils. Specific in-day clubs for target groups (L3 Maths, Phase 5 Letters and Sounds, White British Boys).

12 How much does this inclusive provision cost? TVI 2013/14 Pupil Premium Expenditure AREA OF EXPENDITURE COST ( £ ) Attendance Officer * 0.5 FTE10,683 Reading Recovery Teachers * 0.5 FTE30,313 Reading Recovery Teachers * 1 FTE26,252 Teaching Assistants (1:10/1:7 ratios)455,685 Leadership courses for SLT2,250 Inset Training7,000 Supply Leader25,500 Parent Support Adviser * 1 FTE27,455 2 Tier Inclusion Model * 1 FTE74,348 2 Tier Inclusion Model * 0.5 FTE30,313 Uniform Subsidy - reducing overall price/helping out those that need it/100% uniform compliance1,500 School Dinners Subsidy - non-payment/visitors/hungry children/poor pack lunches/helping out families1,500 School Visit Subsidy/Non Payments5,000 Lend to Buy Scheme - Netbook Repairs (write offs/accidents/uneconomical repair)2,000 Free School Meals for reception children during 3 week school induction4,860 Extra Education Psychology Provision (13/14)1,040 Education Psychology Provision (13/14) - price increase6,175 3 Flower Assemblies (3 * £ 350) 1,050 6 Bikes - Attendance Rewards600 Theatre Visits & Pantomimes1,500 After School Clubs (Subsidy for 3rd party providers Football, Street Dance & Multi-Skills)3,750 After School Clubs Management and Administration - salary for TA overtime2,007 Coach travel for Swimming3,000 Weekly family cooking3,000 LESS: Estimated Pupil Premium Allocation (138 pupils @ £ 900) (124,200) TOTAL COST OF PUPIL PREMIUM INITIATIVES602,581

13 How do we directly support Pupil Premium children? Attendance and Attainment of Pupil Premium children is high (11/12) and is predicted to be for 12/13.

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