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Sound Matters.. What is SONICU? Sonicu is a Sound Monitoring, Data Collection, Archiving and Behavior Modification System for Neonatal Intensive Care.

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1 Sound Matters.


3 What is SONICU? Sonicu is a Sound Monitoring, Data Collection, Archiving and Behavior Modification System for Neonatal Intensive Care Units and anywhere excessive noise & bright lights are a problem. The system was designed in response to facility needs and current & developing standards addressing noise monitoring & control in NICU’s. The needs continue to expand and now include monitoring for Hospital Hallways and Patient Rooms - HCAHP compliance, Osha monitoring (real-time), Call Centers, & Emergency rooms

4 Sound Matters. Sonicu monitors the Sound Pressure Levels, Collects data on characteristics of the noise, and Provides visual cues of the noise level for staff, visitor, & other behavior modification and research. Everything is accessible and controllable via a standard Web Browser. Integrated Lighting for visual indication of sound level, diurnal cycling, and proper control. What is SONICU?

5 Sound Matters. Why does sound & light matter? Excessive noise & bright lights in Hospitals can negatively impact infant development and recovery timelines for all patients.

6 Sound Matters. Solves un-met need in the hospital market Leading Indicator of “Customer Satisfaction” Minimizes Risk by resolving problem areas Fantastic management tool State of the art – best system on the market Why Sonicu ?

7 Sound Matters. Excellent for babies (Developmental Care) Excellent for hospitals HCAHPS monitoring Excellent for employees Excellent for all patients Why Sonicu? EXCELLENCE.

8 Sound Matters. Real time dB(A), Leq, L10, Lmax Indication Real time indication of dB(A) locally Real time indication of dB(A) remotely Networked (WYSIWYG frontend) POE (Powered over Ethernet) Differentiators

9 Sound Matters. Integrated Lighting Control and indication Behavior modification Ceiling, Wall, Crib mountable Cloud Analytics and Reporting “Completely Wireless” Temperature Monitoring Differentiators

10 Sound Matters. Yacker Tracker – Residential grade Quest Technology – Different use design Sound Ear – Closest competitor Lacks scaled networking (Ethernet) Geared toward smaller applications (office) No real zoning or web based graphics Aesthetically weak Limited growth and access potential Competitors

11 Sound Matters. Our competition lacks Sonicu’s exclusive Cloud-based analytics AutoReport™

12 HEALTH RISKS Why not leave things at the Status Quo (Reference separate Powerpoint for health benefit justification) Sound Matters.

13 Solution SONICU provides the most advanced technology-based solution available for integrated hospital noise and lighting control.

14 Sound Matters. Key features of SONICU: Ease of installation SONICU can be installed quickly by your hospital’s maintenance or IT staff. (POE) Ease of Use SONICU is designed for ease of use. Requires minimum time for staff familiarization. Flexibility SONICU is configured to meet your facility’s specific clinical requirements and layout. Reliability SONICU incorporates proven hardware and software components to ensure reliability.

15 Sound Matters. Key features of SONICU (cont.): Scalability SONICU is available in multiple configurations, and can be scaled up as your needs evolve. Research Tool Data capture and archiving features make SONICU a powerful tool for clinical research. Analytics Data Analytics and Weekly reports make SONICU indispensible for management. Product Support SONICU is fully warranted and supported by a 24x7 help desk.

16 Each SONICU implementation incorporates one or all of the following components: The Mic Unit can be wall, ceiling or crib mounted. Has warning indicators, and carries a unique ID. The SPL measures and reports sound pressure in dB(A). The SNI provides system-wide configuration, control, and data access The POE is a universal power supply allowing for the simplest and most flexible installation possible. The SLI provides a visual indication of detected sound level. Flexible location and quantities available Microphone Unit S ound Pressure Level meter Sonicu Network Interface Power over Ethernet Power Supply (PoE) Sound Level Indicator Ethernet Sound Matters.

17 SONICU System Components (Both VM & Physical Server Supported)

18 Demonstration Sound Matters.

19 Monitored Area Floor Plan Sound Matters. Accessible from any Web Browser

20 “Green” Sound-Level Indicator Sound Matters. Zone setpoints control SPL devices & thresholds tied to them. SLI – dB(A) Normal

21 “Yellow” Sound-Level Indicator Sound Matters. SLI SLI – dB(A) Alert

22 “Red” Sound-Level Indicator Sound Matters. SLI – dB(A) Alarm

23 Sound Matters. Multi-Zone Monitoring – Each device can be it’s own zone with its own setpoints or multiple devices can be grouped together in a zone for global setpoint and indication changes

24 Real Time Trending Sound Matters. dB(A) updates dynamically when in this mode

25 Static Trending Sound Matters. Move sliders to pinpoint time of concern

26 SoniCloud Analytics Sound Matters. Reports Summarized and delivered to your email box when you want them.

27 Sound Matters. Please contact us to discuss how SONICU can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your patient care. Chris Smith: +1(317)- Dean Stratman: +1(765)- 374- 3031 Jason Young +1(765) Please visit our Website at: or Corporate Office: SONICU, LLC 2701 Enterprise Drive Anderson, IN 46013 765-374-3031 Our mission is to provide you with a “Sound” solution!

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