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Brenton D. Soderstrum BrownWinick 666 Grand Avenue, Suite 2000 Des Moines, IA 50309-2510 Telephone: 515-242-2474 Facsimile: 515-323-8574

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1 Brenton D. Soderstrum BrownWinick 666 Grand Avenue, Suite 2000 Des Moines, IA 50309-2510 Telephone: 515-242-2474 Facsimile: 515-323-8574 E-mail: Qualifying and Competing as a Top Safety Performer

2 Creating a Safety Culture for Construction Site 1.Construction is 10 th most dangerous profession 2.Economic Consequences a.Lost work hours b.Compensation fees c.Increased insurance premiums d.OSHA Fines

3 Setting the Stage 1.Factors contributing to lack of safety a.Rush - deadlines b.Ill-defined chain of command c.Lack of planning d.Lack of training e.Lack of safety mentoring f.Indifference of senior management

4 Taking Action 1.Safety starts at the top a.Promote safety b.Safety topics c.No exceptions policy 2.Enhance your current work culture a.Identify areas to add safety as a value 3.Maintain open lines of communications 4.Create accountability a.Safety goals 5.Promote ownership

5 Putting Principles Into Practice 1.Job site safety meetings a.Physical b.Mental 2.Recognize safety performance

6 OSHA’s Top Ten (Top 10 by number of times cited) NATIONAL:IOWA: 1. Scaffolding1. Hazardous Communication 2. Fall Protection2. Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout/Tagout 3. Hazard Communication3. Toxic and Hazardous Substances 4. Respiratory Protection4. Machine – General Requirements 5. Lockout/Tagout5. Scaffolding 6. Electrical; Wiring Methods6. Asbestos 7. Powered Industrial Trucks 7. Respiratory Protection 8. Ladders8. Fall Protection 9. Electrical - General Requirements9. Permit Required; Confined Space 10. Machine Guarding10. Electrical - General

7 Top Ten Highest Penalties NATIONAL:IOWA: 1. Fall Protection - Construction1. Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals 2. Electrical – General Requirements2. Permit Required – Confined Space 3. Safety Training & Education3. Emergency Action Plans 4. Control of Hazardous Energy4. Control of Hazardous Energy - – Lockout/Tagout - Lockout/Tagout5. Machines – General Requirements 6. General Duty Clause6. Toxic and Hazardous Substances - Chromium 7. Excavations – Requirements for 7. Scaffolding Protective Systems (Trenching/Shoring) 8. Lead8. Fall Protection 9. Grain Handling Facilities9. General Duty Clause 10. Ladders10. Electrical - General

8 What To Do When OSHA Comes Calling How to Avoid An Inspection

9 Establish Safety and Health Program 1.OSHA Recommendations: a.Management commitment and employee involvement; b.Analyze worksite to determine hazards; c.Eliminate or control hazards; and d.Train employees.

10 Anticipate an Inspection 1.Safety person available; 2.Enforce safety program; and 3.How will you handle inspection.


12 OSHA Penalty Structure Criminal Liability


14 Response upon arrival of OSHA Compliance Officer

15 What Employer can and should do during inspection 1.Opening conference; 2.Closing conference; and 3.Answering questions.

16 What to do after an inspection

17 OSHA Citations Arrive 1.Amending citations 2.Posting citations

18 Notice of Contest

19 Informal Conferences

20 Complaint

21 Employer’s Answer to Complaint 1.Defenses

22 Discovery 1.Interrogatories 2.Request for Production of Documents 3.Depositions

23 Pre-hearing Procedures

24 OSHA Hearing

25 Proposed and Final Decisions

26 Further Judicial Review

27 Documenting Your Safety Training 1.Prove it 2.Verify

28 The Importance of Documentation Tale of Two Companies

29 Advantages of Keeping a Training Log 1.Cut injuries 2.Comply with retraining requirements 3.Document certification

30 How to Create Training Log 1.Worker’s name 2.Subject of training session 3.Dates of training session 4.Dates of retraining session 5.Signatures of each trainer 6.Whether worker received certification

31 How to Use Training Log 1.Safety Director gets copy to keep in central employee file; and 2.Personnel Department to keep in personnel file.

32 Four Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your Workers “Get It” 1.Post-training quiz 2.Participant demonstrations 3.Post training evaluations 4.Post training observations

33 Why Contractor Safety is Important for an Owner  Bad publicity caused by incidents  Business interruption  Client safety  Contractual liability  Cost overruns  Damage to property  Loss of use  Owner’s client challenges  Public safety  Third-party lawsuits  Unidentified repairs  Unresponsive contractors  Unwanted publicity

34 Website: Toll Free Phone Number: 1-888-282-3515 OFFICE LOCATIONS: 666 Grand Avenue, Suite 2000 Des Moines, Iowa 50309-2510 Telephone: (515) 242-2400 Facsimile: (515) 283-0231 616 Franklin Place Pella, Iowa 50219 Telephone: (641) 628-4513 Facsimile: (641) 628-8494 DISCLAIMER: No oral or written statement made by BrownWinick attorneys should be interpreted by the recipient as suggesting a need to obtain legal counsel from BrownWinick or any other firm, nor as suggesting a need to take legal action. Do not attempt to solve individual problems upon the basis of general information provided by any BrownWinick attorney, as slight changes in fact situations may cause a material change in legal result.

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