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M N M- MOVIES AND MOTIVATION -By- Dr.Hemant MittaL (MBBS, DPM) Psychiatrist- mind trainer- counselor

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1 M N M- MOVIES AND MOTIVATION -By- Dr.Hemant MittaL (MBBS, DPM) Psychiatrist- mind trainer- counselor

2 3hrs of CHANGE!!! Ever wondered how a 3hrs movie can change the way you think. Ever wondered, whenever you face a tough situation, it seems like “that scene” from “that movie”. Ever wondered how why that 3hrs movie, takes us thru a rollercoaster ride of emotions, inspiration, and thinking.

3 MOTIVATION!!! Motivation is defined as: “Motivation is the reason or reasons for engaging in a particular behavior. These reasons may include basic needs such as food or a desired object, hobbies, goal, state of being, or ideal. The motivation for a behavior may also be attributed to less-apparent reasons such as altruism or morality” Movies, Scenes, Dialogues, Actors- They all become the reasons for our motivation.

4 MOVIES AND MOTIVATION WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: – The Primary objective is to increase the participants over-all motivation. –To empower the participant to gain insight into the concept of “self-motivation management” i.e. to teach the participant the concept of “re-filling” one’s own motivation thru the simple, entertaining, and social means of movies. To make the participant aware of their own emotions, actions, reactions and how to use them.

5 Methodology METHOD: Interactive, entertaining session based on audio-visual inputs, and discussions on the same. Audio-visuals will consist of small scene sequences from various movies. Every scene will be preceded by - A detailed analysis, in the form of interactive discussion between the speaker and participants. the emotions involved, the motivational factor, how to tag the motivation into real-life will be the focus of this discussion.

6 Contd…1 Objective is to discuss between 3-5 sequences in one session. (depending on time limit, no. of participants, and discussion strength) This allows the participants to assimilate, understand, and register 3-5 different emotions. Which can subsequently be recalled during day to day work- schedules. Allowing an increase in the motivation quotient of the participant. Depending on the Groups Preference the content can vary from either hindi, english or a fusion of both.

7 Contd…2 Time:- Approx. 2-3hrs session.- Depending on the no. of participants, discussions held, involvement of the group. Participants per Session:- from 2 to 10.

8 Ergonomics Entertaining and effective way of integrating a form of entertainment for the benefit of personal motivational power. Can be carried out in a small setup. Allows free, non-biased interaction between participants. This in turn increases there social interaction skills, adding to there motivation quotient.

9 Contd… Can be carried out on a weekend, on a picnic, on a small social gathering, on a brunch meet-up, or an informal setting. Value-adding to the event with the message of motivation. Cost-effective.- As little as paying to watch a good movie!

10 THANKING YOU Dr.HEMANT MITTAL (M.B.B.S, D.P.M) PSYCHIATRIST- MIND TRAINER- COUNSELOR Contact at:, Phone no. 9769102787 (between 7pm-10pm)

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