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Deciphering those little triangles on your plastics.

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1 Deciphering those little triangles on your plastics.

2 SPI CODES These are the numbers in the little triangles on the bottom of plastic bottles.

3 SPI CODES The number tells us what materials are used to make the plastic.

4 The number will also determine the recycling process. What happens to the plastic & what new product it may make.

5 #1 PET or PETE Made from polyethylene terephthalate Nickname: polyester

6 #1 PET or PETE Clear, tough and moisture barrier properties Frequently recycled

7 #1 PET or PETE Packaging Applications Soda bottles Water bottles Salad dressing Detergent Mouthwash PB & Jelly Salad dressing

8 Recycled Products Pillow fill, tote bag, fleece, fiber, carpet, film, clothing, bottles, food & beverage containers, retail bags

9 #2 HDPE Made from high density polyethylene Good barrier & stiff Package products with a short life span

10 #2 HDPE Pigmented HDPE bottles have better stress crack resistance than nonpigmented bottles. Frequently recycled

11 Packaging Application Plastic milk bottles, nail polish remover bottle, Shampoo, grocery bags, cosmetics, yogurt container & margarine containers, retail bags

12 Recycled Products Plastic crates Picnic tables New detergent bottles Motor oil bottles

13 Pipe Buckets Flower pots Recycling bins Floor tiles And more!!!!

14 #3 PVC Made from Polyvinyl chloride Versatile Tough Resistance to grease, oil & other chemicals

15 #3 PVC When PVC is disposed of it may release dioxin & phthalates. Dioxin is a know carcinogen. Phthalates is a know endocrine disrupter.

16 Packaging applications Take-out boxes Shampoo Shower curtains Flooring Faux-leather clothing Cable insulation Medical tubing

17 Recycled products Drainage & irrigation pipes Loose-leaf binders Gutters Mud flaps Floor tile

18 Recycled products Traffic cones Garden hose Decking Paneling And more!!!!

19 #4 LDPE Made from low density polyethylene

20 Items made from LDPE Grocery bags Shrink wrap Bread & produce bags Newspaper Dry-cleaning

21 #4 LDPE New products made from LDPE Trash can liners Compost bins New bags

22 #5 PP Number 5 plastic is made from Polypropylene

23 Items that use PP: Takeout containers Medicine bottles Baby bottles Straws Bottle caps Yogurt containers

24 #5 PP PP new life Bike racks Brooms Ice scrapers Plastic lumber

25 #6 PS #6 plastic is made from polystyrene. Suspected to release possible carcinogens & endocrine disrupters

26 Items contained in polystyrene are Packing peanuts Egg cartons Picnic ware

27 #6 PS New items made from #6 Plastic lumber…again CD cases

28 #7 Other All of the rest of the plastic party! Could possible leak Bisphenol A, which is an artificial estrogen that interfere with hormone function.

29 #7 Others Possible items: Squeezable ketchup bottles Microwavable dishes Oven bags Corn-based plastics Polycarbonate

30 #7 plastics are usually NOT RECYCLED!

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