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Two Valley Trail VIRTUAL TOUR A guide to using the TVT as an outdoor classroom.

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1 Two Valley Trail VIRTUAL TOUR A guide to using the TVT as an outdoor classroom

2 Wolli Creek walks Turrella Reserve to Girrahween Park

3 Resources The TVT Environment Education Resources include: -Teachers notes -Activity sheets -Maps Following are some further visual aids to help you find your way.

4 Wolli Creek walks Refer to this section of your A3 printable map Turrella Reserve is the starting point for both Wolli walks Turrella Reserve

5 Access points

6 Turrella Reserve – detours Before leaving Turrella Reserve you can visit: 1.Nannygoat Hill; 2.the Henderson Street weir; 3.the mown track.

7 1. Nannygoat Hill Nannygoat Hill offers a fabulous view of the surrounding area. Students should be warned about safety before taking this detour.

8 NGH Detours to Nannygoat Hill should be via Finlays Ave and Finlays Lane as indicated above.

9 2. The weir Visit the Weir at Turrella Reserve to observe the separation of saltwater and freshwater environments.

10 3. The mown track Take a detour down the mown track to a colony of grey-headed flying foxes (in warmer months). This is also a good place to observe water birds.

11 Wolli Creek walks Turrella to Girrahween Park


13 Girrahween Track A TVT marker shows the start of the Girrahween Track

14 Girrahween Track Features mentioned in the notes include :

15 The “music” logs

16 Russell’s pool

17 Rock escarpments and Aboriginal shelters

18 Built environment

19 Fern Gully

20 End of track The walking track opens onto a circular clearing at Girrahween

21 Turn left and follow this track downhill to detour to the denutrification wetland Wetland

22 Circular clearing Or turn right and follow the paved track uphill to toilets and picnic tables

23 Facilities

24 At Girrahween Park Refer to Teachers notes for all information about facilities at Girrahween Park. Toilets are locked and arrangements for opening them must be made a week in advance.

25 Girrahween Park It is possible to START your TVT walk at Girrahween Park and refer to the notes in a backwards direction! Access is from Sutton Avenue, Earlwood.

26 See separate VIRTUAL TOURS for details, maps and images of the other sections of the Two Valley Trail.

27 THE END Presentation by Voren O’Brien for the Two Valley Trail Environment Education Alliance Photos by Voren O’Brien

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