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Loading Tools Work Preparation / Discussion Maarten, Franck, Coralie, Didier UniBe-UniGe meeting of February 10 th, 2012.

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1 Loading Tools Work Preparation / Discussion Maarten, Franck, Coralie, Didier UniBe-UniGe meeting of February 10 th, 2012

2 Overview and target Experience so far - 1 stave loading with digital modules – Stave-1: Jigs version -1 and CERN stave - 2 stave loading with Si-heaters – Wuppertal stave (1 under test at CERN) - 1 stave loading with ceramic heaters - Handling frame with section 50x50 from Swiss Composit Stave 0 – 1 st target - 2 stave0 to be built from March 12 (sequentially) - Final handling frame from Composit Design (2 bare prototypes exist) to be machined and equipped - Loading tools to be design and produced for Production Readiness Review (PRR) - All the sequences loading and QA will have to be tested, qualified and OK - Make a PRR and a document to described all the working steps Production target -14 good staves + spares to be fabricated - 30 handling frame + extenders + cable-PCB saver sets will be targeted - All the tooling sets to be made according to the feed back from stave 0 pre- production - Production will start around July 12 2

3 Recall - Stave-1 with 1 st Loading Experience -1 st experience with the reception test and USBPix test bench - Module pigtail trimming and handling (special tooling under development by CPPM for the production) - Module loading practicing with jigs v-1 - Wing folding and gluing: simple holding jig but the adhesive is not suitable - Wire bonding went well except in the region where there was missing glue Loading modules Wire bonding Electrical connection from flex to module Module reception tests Loaded module Digital modules 3

4 Loading experience with Ceramic and Si-heaters Stave with ceramic heaters – completed since end of last year  Still need protection covers (from François-Xavier) 1 st stave with 1.5mm pipe and Parylene coating  Problem: Middle support pin 140  m too high as compared to the 3D models!!!  Loaded and equipped with soft braid cables and PT100 Parylen coating Thermal grease spreading with mask Ceramic heaters – 7 types Under wire bonding To survey!!! Half loaded stave Stave equipped with cables and PT100 4

5 Production Flow Bare stave prod Wuppertal Bare stave prod Wuppertal Stave Metro + Fitting CPPM Stave Metro + Fitting CPPM Stave-Flex Assembly CERN Stave-Flex Assembly CERN Flex prod CERN Flex prod CERN Flex loading and QA Genova Flex loading and QA Genova Stave-Flex QA CERN Stave-Flex QA CERN 3D Prod. FBK/CNM 3D Prod. FBK/CNM Planar Prod. CiS Planar Prod. CiS FEI4B IBM FEI4B IBM Bump bonding UBM/IZM Bump bonding UBM/IZM Module assembly and QA Bonn Module assembly and QA Bonn Module assembly and QA Genova Module assembly and QA Genova UniGe CERN SR1 5

6 Activities at UniGe Reception tests – QA - Module planar and 3D readout tests (Bump bonding check) + visual inspection - Stave-flex thermal cycling + metrology + visual inspection (Stave mounted onto endblock face plate side) Loading - Quick inspection + module pigtail trimming + logistics - Placement of stave in the cradle + wing retract - 1 st side loading: thermal grease + glue dots + module placement + load weight + inspection - 2 nd side loading (same operations as for 1 st side) Wing attachment - By group of two wings and to be repeated 16 times - Module glue spreading - Wing release + guide placement + weight + insepction Wire bonding and QA -Stave + handling frame placement in the cradle at 1 position then wire bonding - Repeat above at 2 other longitudinal positions - Placement of the stave on the pull tested cradle + pull tests of few wire bonds on test pads 6

7 Activities at UniGe – Con’t Thermal cycling - Post polymerization of glue dots at +30°C during 1 hour -Thermal cycling of one or several staves from -40°C to + 40°C 10 times NB: Release the PMMA cover screws Metrology survey - Metrology survey of the 20 module versus stave location pins NB: Fiducial marks to survey at the corners of the planar and 3D sensors Stave functional tests and readout (side by side for stave 0) - Stave to be inserted into a Styrofoam box and connected at the PCB savers for power, DCS and readout + fitting connection - Flush the box with nitrogen. When dry enough cool down the stave - Make functional tests LV and HV + readout with RCE readout system Stave envelop QA - Check the stave envelop: Wing + Omega-flex + module (to be defined properly the acceptance) 7

8 Overview of the Loading Tools Tooling under design and fab for stave0: 2 pre-series soon release for machining Handling Frame (UniGe):  2 pre-series soon release for machining - Production to release with Composite Design - Design and machining of the handling frame features + extenders (UniGe/UniBe) 2 prototypes produced but need updates Handling frame covers (UniGe):  2 prototypes produced but need updates - Production to release with local company  Under design now Loading cradle (UniGe/UniBe):  Under design now - Tooling consists of: Cradle, module location rules, shims blocks and locking system, 190 microns shims, grease mask, glue mask for wing, Intermediate foam feet and wing retract, module weight, wing weight - Camera support with the common cradle socket – (UniBe)  Already made for stave -1 and ~OK for production Bonding cradle (UniBe):  Already made for stave -1 and ~OK for production  Design under study Pull test cradle (UniBe):  Design under study  Design and fabrication still to be made HV insulation bars (UniBe):  Design and fabrication still to be made  Design and fabrication to be made Styrofoam box for stave readout test (UniGe):  Design and fabrication to be made  Design under study Sucking tool (UniBe):  Design under study  Done – To be shipped to UniGe Module pigtail guillotine (CPPM):  Done – To be shipped to UniGe  Design and fabrication still to be made Stave envelope check (UniGe):  Design and fabrication still to be made Goal is the validate the tooling with stave 0: - 2 handling frame + covers. Once validated 30 additional will be made - 1 set of loading tools will be made. Once validated 2 other sets to be made 8

9 Handling Frame - From old to new version Handling frame features: One dedicated handling frame per stave. Once the two side flexes are glued on the stave, it will never leave its support until it is integrated around the beam pipe Its functions are: storage, handling, interface for loading, wire bonding, electrical tests, thermal cycling, metrology, cooling pipe extension and integration stand It consists of 3 parts: a 1m central CRFP support structure plus 2 extenders of ~ 250mm on each side holding the PCB saver and pipe stress relieve blocks Three protection covers made of transparent PMMA will be attached for transport and storage Mechanical precision parts: -1 central side location slot to reference the longitudinal loading and also for the integration stand - Precision machining of stave support blocks with respect to the above slot and stave surfaces - Surface precision obtained from the stave fabrication – no need of post machining Motivation for a second version is the precision machining cost of the extenders 9

10 Handling Frame - Few illustrations of the new version Full length 1.m5 handling frame Side extender made of a CFRP plate Half view with segmented covers for side connection access Protection covers made of transparent PMMA 10

11 Handling Frame - Few illustrations of the new version PCB saver with connector layout Other side view with flex and PCB saver + PP0 region Side view with protection cover Side covers must be removed for electrical and cooling connections Prototype flex & PCB savers received and loaded but still to be tested 11

12 Handling frame – Con’t CFRP prototype tube produced by Composite Design Support foot for stave (Made by Uni. Berne) Central support Support - precision location Support – Alignment slot Version 3 with latest feature End support on the face plate side 12

13 Handling frame parts - Shopping list 1m long CFRP tube (from Composit Design) to be machined by Programme SA  expected ~Feb 20 th Stave support block (UniBe)  Done (nice quality) Other parts: Cable saver support, extender feet, right- and left-hand side PP0 support  To be done by UniBe. Can this be confirmed? PP0 holders in plastic 3D stereo-photolithography for stave 0  prod one to be made by molding “U-shape” stave support – Design still to be made  Who will do it? Extenders water jet cutting  Done Final assembly  Can this be targeted for beginning of March 2 sets of cable and PCB savers: Should be produced before validation/check (Yannick) Pipe stress relieve (CPPM)  Followed by Eric. VCR fitting will have to be ordered! Target is to get 2 sets of fully equipped handling frame beginning to mid-March! 13

14 Reception sequence – 3D views Reception of stave with covers to be removed Transfer of end-block fixations to the U-blocks 14

15 Loading sequence – 3D views Insert the wing retract blocks Place stave handling frame into the cradle Place grease masks Grease spreading Mask removals Insert longitudinal rule Insert Z0 alignment 1 st module placement Spacer + 2 nd module 15

16 Loading sequence – 3D views 2 nd spacer ½ stave with module located Lateral rule envelope End side envelope 1 st weight All weights Lateral rule removal End side ref rotation and 16

17 Loading sequence – 3D views Removal of guiding rule Rotation/extraction of spacer 1 spacer fully removed rotation of central guide + removal of lateral guide 1 st side completed and ready for loading the second side 17

18 Wing attachment sequence – 3D views Stave in wing attachment cradle Block support mask located for 1 st module 3 Rotation of mask on top of the module Glue spreading (Epoxy) Removal of the mask Wing retract block removed Wing jig block installed Wing clamped 18

19 Wing attachment sequence – 3D views Wing loaded with weight Back support stave slided Next module and same sequences as described previously 19

20 Wing attachment sequence – 3D views 1920 21 20

21 Agreed actions and plans A little time remains for stave0 fabrication plan. Why? - FEI4B chips (production chips) are in production and they are performing well - FEI4A module for stave0 is progressing well at Bonn and Genova (we will learn more next week at IBL general meeting) - Stave flex are delivered and will be populated and tested in Genova - Tooling for flex to stave assembly is progressing - Stave fabrication is working fine and 1 st real stave (final design) already loaded with Si-heaters Target is to have tooling ready for beginning of April for 1 st stave0: - It is only 6-7 weeks from now! - If we want to be efficient we have to make a part list (nomenclature) of all the tooling: handling frame + loading tool + wing gluing + other tools - Distribute the work amongst us: UniGe, UniBe, CPPM - Each will have to make the design fab and fabrication work based on a 3D model - Need to track the progress on weekly basis for each items of the part list for 3D, fabrication drawings, Machining/production, Assembly - Make a global stave loading and QA sequences to be reviewed 21

22 IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 1.1 Hand. frame 1m central part machining2UniGe + companyFeb 20 th 1.2Sup. Block loc.32UniBe done 1.3Sup. Block align.32UniBe done 1.4Central block32UniBe done 1.5PP0 support4UniGedone 1.6PP0 leg left2UniBeEnd of Feb 1.7PP0 leg right2UniBeEnd of Feb 1.8PP0 comb (3D ABS)8UniGeTo be validated 1.9U-block support left & right4UniBeEnd of feb 1.10 Extender CFRP plane4UniGedone 1.11PCB saver support8UniBeEnd of Feb 1.12Extender feet4UniBeEnd of Feb 1.13Pipe stress relieve4CPPMBeginning of March 1.14 Cover Central cover2UniGe (Franck)tbd 1.15Side cover left2UniGe (Franck)tbd 1.16Side cover right2UniGe (Franck)tbd Part List – Handling frame 22

23 IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 2.1 Cradle Base plate1UniGe + companytbd 2.2Front wall1UniGe + companytbd 2.3Rear wall1UniGe + companytbd 2.4Locking system2-3UniBeDone 2.5 Camera support Sliding bars3UniBetbd 2.6Interlink to baseplate3UniBetbd 2.7Camera holder block3UniBetbd 2.8 Grease mask Grease mask type 11 or 2UniGetbd 2.9Grease mask type 21 or 2UniGetbd 2.10Grease mask type 31 or 2UniGetbd 2.11 Rules Alignment rule left1UniGetbd 2.12Alignment rule right1UniGetbd 2.13Dowel pins align. (Delerin)100UniGetbd 2.14Rule for lateral envelope2UniGetbd 2.15End stop envelope1UniGetbd 2.16Start loading location1UniGetbd Part List – Loading tool 23

24 IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 2.17 Spacer Spacer – kapton 190  m 30UniGe + Ruitbd 2.18Spacer holder10CPPM?tbd 2.19Rod for spacer support2CPPM?tbd 2.20Block rod support10CPPM?tbd 2.21 Weight Load weight planar (brass)8UniBetbd 2.22Load weight 3D (brass)4UniBetbd 2.23Handling rod10UniBetbd 2.24Delerin spacers40UniBetbd 2.25 Wing retract Wing retract block14CPPM?tbd 2.26Special central support left1CPPM?tbd 2.27Special central support right1CPPM?tbd Part List – Loading tool - Con’t 24

25 IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 3.1 cradle Base plate1UniGe + companytbd 3.2Front wall1UniGe + companytbd 3.3Rear wall1UniGe + companytbd 3.4Locking system2-3UniBeDone 3.5 Wing positioning Wing jig block16CPPMtbd 3.6Wing holder tongue32CPPMtbd 3.7Loading weight (brass)16CPPMtbd 3.8Handling rod16CPPMtbd 3.9Weight bracket plates32CPPMtbd 3.10(Axial screws for rotation)64CPPMTo be agreed 3.11a Mask set Option 1 Mask position block4UniGeTo be tested 3.12aMask holder4UniGeTo be tested 3.13a Mask SS (50 or 70  m) 4UniGeTo be tested 3.11b Guide set Option 2 Guide block16UniGeTo be tested 3.12bGlue stamping bar40UniGeTo be tested Part List – Wing attachment 25

26 Other tools IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 4.1 Bonding cradle Base plate1UniBeDone 4.2Walls4UniBeDone 4.3Locking system2UniBeDone 4.4Index for long. location1UniBeDone IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 5.1 Pull test cradle Base plate1UniBetbd 5.2Rear wall1 or 2?UniBetbd 5.3Removable front wall1?UniBetbd 5.4Index for long. location1UniBetbd 5.5Locking system2UniBetbd IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 6.1 Guillotine Guillotine 3D modules1CPPMDone to be tested 6.2 Guillotine Guillotine planar modules1CPPMDone to be tested 26

27 Other tools – Con’t IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 7.1 Module sucking tool Sucking fork and vacuum cups 2UniBetbd IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 8.1 Envelope QA Jig envelope block1 or 2??tbd 8.2 Sliding block1 or 2??tbd IDToolingItemNumberInstituteDelivery 6.1HV insulationHV insulation bar (Peek)200UniBe tbd (expected from July) 27

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