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Endcap assembly update C Buttar UK-SCT-MB RAL 2 nd Sept 04.

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1 Endcap assembly update C Buttar UK-SCT-MB RAL 2 nd Sept 04

2 Nikhef disk cylinder assembly tooling

3 TPPCs 4x32ch PCBs Thermal plug access windows Cooling pipes LMT trays Service Handling

4 Disk insertion tooling

5 Disk cylinder tooling Shielding foil added to cylinder Thermal feedthrough prepared Cylinder and stub wings assembled onto tooling 4 disk alignment tools being made by Manchester delivered to Liverpool Disk grabber-design by Nikhef- manufactured by Sheffield/Lancaster; tested with a disk CCDs and lighting now added and tested Disk fixations from Nikhef and Liverpool-delivered alignment target holders designed (Nikhef) and manufactured (Lancaster) z-alignment tool needs to be finished Still to do….. Qualify disk-grabber and disk alignment How to mount and de-mount the central beam concept ready, need to test

6 Cylinder tooling Pre-aligment of rear stub wing mounting point Rear stub wing mounted onto frame Cylinder placed over beam and left on table with foam supports Cylinder bolted to rear stub-wing front wing offered up using sling for support and mounted Disk placed on disk grabber and cylinder aligned Disk moved through cylinder Very useful exercise! - lots of details to be sorted/have been sorted


8 Disk cylinder insertion Capture and align a disk need to consider disk masses


10 Service status LMTs Testing of UK tapes at Glasgow Preparation of LMTs before assembly into trays JT TIs Will be tested as part of LMT-TI harness at Glasgow First 100 delivered, full order soon String test LV/HV test cable TPPC TI LMT PPF0 wiggly tape hybrid/module at Liverpool Fibres Lancaster has volunteered to take on reception testing Fibres for disk testing (D1+D2) at Liverpool, D9 at the end of Aug (?) Cooling pipes Now too late to assemble cooling on cylinder at Liverpool, now retro-fitted at CERN ? Assume no cooling pipes initially and connect direct to disk as for disk testing, then connect at STFT if pipes are delivered

11 TPPC string test (J.Voosebeld+P.Dervan) String test Test cable TPPC TI LMT harness PPF0 wiggly tape hybrid direct to hybridString test TPP-C String-test on single channel test board complete TPP-C ordered, string test on 32 channel pre prod board (1ch only) complete try and do 2ch test ? (need additional LMT)

12 Service handling Thermal plug ordered and being manufactured in Sheffield (caravans!) PPF1 trays for LMTs in production PPF1 tray holders order placed last week-being modified temporary PPF1 for fibres Lancaster have volunteered to make this, awaiting design from Nikhef At Liverpool we need to ensure we can connect in the cold room Cooling-replicate disk testing system and connect direct to the disk-or similar re-evaluate when cooling pipes/connects start to be available

13 Test cable installation Test Cables for endcap testing installation startedRay Thompson, Andy Elvin, Richard French Basic mapping ready

14 Thermal plug

15 Status, going forward Assembly tooling is ~ready needs to be tested –cylinder mounted and disk moved through on the beam –Still to do: test run of disk alignment, capture and removal done but need disk masses Z-alignment tool Removal and insertion of the beam interface to disk holder floor, bracing and wheels, move in and out of cold room scaffolding for working on the cylinder

16 Status, going forward Service handling is progressing –thermal plug being assembled –LMT trays and tray holders in production –Still to do: DCS to be investigated Fibre holder design to be finalised Cooling, connect direct to disks at Liverpool, otherwise interfaces must be defined now to allow disk insertion+testing to go forward assume HEX that we connect to disks/pipes at STFT so no longer need cooling pipes in service handling -how to make connections in the cold room-design manifold? replicate disk test system and connect to disks –Need services (LMTs+Fibres) to start developing methods for putting services on what tooling is required how to make test-fibre connections !

17 Status, going forward Developing tests for disk cylinder assembly –test cooling on disk with services –during assembly to check connections eg LMTs, check thermistors on modules Similar tests to those made on populated disks

18 DAQ/DCS PSU system 2 Artysyn power packs / shelves received & installed. Original batch of LV/HV cards installed. Dummy load fabricated to allow testing of each channel. Testing of ~ 6 channels completed. Readout and display disk thermal sensors DAQ 2 Rev E RODs installed. 5 hybrids & 1 module mounted on disk 9 in cold room for multi-module readout tests (NB. Convective cooling to ~ 0C room only).

19 Cooling plant Cooling Plant –Manifold re-located to cold room, re- connected & tested with 3kW load OK. –Interlock using DCS from cooling pipes being developed

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