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Reconciliation Overview Centralization of dispersed workflows.

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1 Reconciliation Overview Centralization of dispersed workflows

2 © 2004, HL7 2 Expectations Identification of critical expectations from San Antonio Decomposing each expectation into objectives and tasks

3 © 2004, HL7 3 Expectations Identified To formally address 100% of the normative ballot comments received. Review of all references related to any normative comments To assign a disposition to each of these comments to include: Disposition Comment, Responsible person, Vote results, Change applied and whether it is a Substantive change. To notify each of the balloters submitting negative comments as to the disposition of their comments and the proposed actions taken. To identify follow-on activities to satisfy HL7 and ANSI requirements.

4 © 2004, HL7 4 Addressing Comments Reconciliation Team leaders are provided amalgamated comments for their “Chapters” Comments are clustered (classified), prioritized and assessed by the teams Team notes (recommendations) are made and reviewed by the Co-Chairs, pre-San Antonio

5 © 2004, HL7 5 Normative Content HL7 provides Amalgamated Spreadsheets of all EHR-S DSTU ballot comments. The HL7 data is Imported into an MS Access database and parsed out by chapter. Reports can be run from the Databases to help guide the analysis and prioritization work.

6 © 2004, HL7 6 Pre Reconciliation Supportive Direct CareOverview Information Infrastructure Chapter Database are exported to Worksheets Teams work to analyze ballot comments and to Identify key issues

7 © 2004, HL7 7 Pre Reconciliation Supportive Direct CareOverview Information Infrastructure Completed worksheets are then reviewed and exported back into the chapter databases. Additional analysis, clustering of Like-responses and initial dispositioning of comments is performed.

8 © 2004, HL7 8 EHR SIG Co-Chairs HL7 Mentors Reconciliation Prioritized reconciliation worksheets are generated from the chapter DBs and distributed to the San Antonio teams. Teams review the Pre- Reconciliation work and form consensus around each cluster Chapter databases will also be linked to a wireless web server for direct access and data entry.

9 © 2004, HL7 9 Reconciliation The chapter databases offer more advanced reporting and analysis tools to complete the reconciliation process. As Team consensus is reached, worksheet items are completed and exported back to the chapter database, or are inputted directly via the wireless web.

10 © 2004, HL7 10 Reconciliation After votes are recorded, the Master Database is updated. Reconciliation reports for each balloter submitting comments are generated. Daily and as work objectives are completed, the chapter databases are opened for issues and motions presented by Team Leaders. Motions on dispositions Discussions on dispositions SIG Vote on dispositions

11 © 2004, HL7 11 Post-Reconciliation The EHR Publication Workgroup works towards integrating any agreed-upon changes into the DSTU ballot package for future action. Emails containing the Disposition reports generated by the Master Database are distributed to the Ballot Pool. Negative voters are requested to withdraw or retract based on the disposition reports. Ballot Pool HL7

12 © 2004, HL7 12 Additional Information CD-ROM libraries will be distributed containing all ballot documents and ballot package contents. Do not forget your USB Thumb-Drives and Wireless Network cards (802.11b, *WEP enabled). A Printer will be available for all to use. You must supply your own “Blue pencils”! Remember, Stay flexible! *Security note: Please update your Virus Protection, especially if you plan to share documents with others. WEP 128 bit keys will be changed daily as will the SSID. SSID will not be broadcast.

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