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ENLACE ENLACE European Network for Local Activation of Cultural Excellence.

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1 ENLACE ENLACE European Network for Local Activation of Cultural Excellence

2 the setting up of learning partnerships at local level an analysis of the LLL needs of local stakeholders the identification of an appropriate LLL strategy The project: Theme: Lifelong learning and promotion of economic growth Coordinator: Province of Genoa - Vocational Training, Employment Policies and Services

3 Rationale supporting informal learning. There’s a need for a specific Life Long Learning strategy related to culture aimed at: upgrading the skills of present cultural actors encouraging culture as an effective means of promoting social development and social inclusion; creating and supporting new and innovative professional profiles or entrepreneurial initiatives;

4 The Members of the ENLACE Partnership (1) Province of Genoa Municipality of Genoa: coordinator of all the events related to “Genoa 2004” Palazzo Ducale S.p.A.: company in charge of Culture 2004 management Learning Region of Cork (Ireland): City of Cork Vocational Education Committee Learning Region of Genoa (Italy):

5 The Members of the ENLACE Partnership: (2) Learning Region of Liverpool (England) Liverpool City Council – Dep. Of Education and Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Culture Learning Region of Flevoland (Netherland): Province of Flevoland – Social Planning Dep. Learning Region of Kokkola (Finland) City of Kokkola – Cultural Dep.

6 Objectives  Promoting formal and informal learning.  Elaboration of a specific lifelong learning strategy for the territories of the ENLACE network, focussing on LLL related to cultural activities;  Making local cultural actors aware of the opportunities offered by LLL;  Supporting them to keep apace with, react and interact with the evolution of the local context and its new inputs;

7 Main Activities 5. LLL Strategic Guidelines Planning 1.Stakeholders’ identification (by local authorities which have the responsibility for Education and Training) 2.Information and awareness raising on LLL at local level : organization of local seminars 3. Survey on Local LLL needs with respect to cultural activities 4. Transnational operational seminar

8 Dissemination activities participation in the Brussels conference, which will be organised by the EC creation of an ENLACE web site, organisation of information and awareness raising seminar in the five learning regions, organisation of a final one-day conference, to present the outcomes of the project,

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