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Haw Creek Elementary 2014-2015 Victoria Ferguson AIG Open House Meeting.

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1 Haw Creek Elementary 2014-2015 Victoria Ferguson AIG Open House Meeting

2 Buncombe County AIG Plan DEP and Annual Review AIG Enrichment Goals AIG at Haw Creek AIG Curriculum Student Expectations AIG Websites Keep in Touch Welcome Parents of AIG Students! Meeting Itinerary:

3 Current Plan for 2013-2016 Based on the NC AIG Program Standards Information from the plan is on the Buncombe County AIG website Download the plan from the Buncombe County AIG website An update to the plan from March 2014 is available for download from the Buncombe County AIG site. Buncombe County AIG Plan

4 The Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) is the document designating agreed-upon services AIG students receive. Annual Reviews summarize student performance in enrichment classes, contain teacher comments, and include the services a student received that school year and will receive the following school year. Did you know your child has a DEP? And will receive an Annual Review?

5 Gain awareness of themselves as individuals who have unique academic and socio-emotional needs Participate in activities which develop independent, critical, and creative thinking skills Develop independence in identifying and solving meaningful problems Begin developing mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills which call for authentic application of concepts in non-practiced contexts Develop their desire and ability to communicate intelligibly and creatively Develop the ability to think critically about humankind and demonstrate social responsibility in a global community Develop the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams to accomplish a common goal Monitor one's own understanding and learning needs and demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process Apply higher level thinking by expanding concepts and skills in the following areas: Information Literacy, Media Literacy, and Technology Literacy AIG Enrichment Goals (grades 3-8)

6 AIG students are clustered in homerooms together. Classroom teachers collect data on student learning and differentiate for students. 4 th & 5 th grade enrichment classes are 50-60 minutes, once a week. AIG curriculum in enrichment classes as stated in the plan, plus more. Other ways I support Haw Creek’s AIG students: –Work with classroom teachers to differentiate for students –Participate in parent conferences –Act as a liaison among teachers, students, parents, administration –Provide counseling and other assistance for gifted learners –Advocate for needs of gifted students AIG at Haw Creek

7 Using digital technology as a tool to research and communicate information Advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin roots (Caesar’s English program) Edward DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats Gifted Awareness Algebraic Thinking 4 th Grade concept-based unit on the environment: "Our World, Our Future“ 5 th Grade concept-based unit on immigration: “Journeys” AIG Curriculum for 4 th and 5 th grades

8 Goal Setting Growth Mindset The Brain Problem Solving Logic Puzzles Coding Extension of grade level concepts Socratic Seminars We will also study and practice…

9 Follow the AIG Code: Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Brave. Be Persistent. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Make the choice to pay attention and be an active participant Maintain our classroom as a safe, respectful space to share and explore ideas and learn together Support each other as we overcome our weaknesses and grow our strengths AIG Class Student Expectations

10 Or go to the Buncombe County Schools site and click “AIG” under “Academics” Or Google Search: Buncombe County AIG AIG Program Vision and Contact Info Screening and Referral Processes Identification Criteria 2013-2016 BCS AIG Plan Links to School AIG Sites FAQ PAGE Information AIG Plan Update – March 2104 Buncombe County Schools AIG Website

11 Or go to the Haw Creek website, under “Staff” click “Ferguson, Victoria (AIG)” Or Google Search: Haw Creek AIG Link to county AIG site AIG Information AIG Expectations Student Websites Parent Resources 3 rd, 4 th, & 5 th grade AIG class pages Problem Solvers Information Caesar’s English Practice (3 rd -5 th ) Haw Creek AIG Website

12 You will receive AIG updates and info via email. Please check the Haw Creek AIG website regularly. Mrs. Ferguson’s contact info School Phone 298-4022 Room 402 on Tues, Wed, & Thurs Keep in touch!

13 Questions?

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