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Successful University Application. SAT Other Requirements IB GradesPersonal Statement / Essays SAT Subjects Super Curricula Recommendation Letters IELTS.

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1 Successful University Application

2 SAT Other Requirements IB GradesPersonal Statement / Essays SAT Subjects Super Curricula Recommendation Letters IELTS /TOEFL Internships Predicted Grades Community & Service A Application

3 IB Grades Obviously very important aspect of the application Universities take G 9 – G11 It is better to show a upward trajectory than a downward one Challenging universities request IB points starting at 35

4 IB Predicted Grades Crucial for UK universities / very important for rest of the world We issue them in November. Medicine UK, students receive Predicted in October Predictions are based on: 1. G11 scores 2.Teacher input 3.ALIS test

5 Personal Statement / Essay UK and Canada request one personal statement, US asks for a maximum of 3 essays per university It is usually a page long or appox 500 words Personal Statements talk about the student and why he/ she has selected that particular major where as Essays are usually answering a specific question like ‘Tell us about your community’ US gives a lot of weight to essays as they believe it helps distinguish one student from another

6 Super Curricular They include: sports, languages, music, awards, clubs They will only be considered from G9 onwards unless the student started a while back and is still a member Students don’t need documents to prove involvement The more a student has the better rounded he/ she is

7 Internships It plays a very important role in the application because: a: gives an edge to the application b: students acquire soft and interpersonal skills It does not have to relate to the major Work can be for a minimum of 2 weeks

8 Community and Service This has become a very important aspect of the application. Universities want to see that students give back to their communities Usually CAS at school is sufficient but if a student wants to stand out from rest of class he/she must seek other opportunities

9 SAT A four hour test required by majority of US universities IAA is a center for SAT but we are not involved with registration or marking To register students must create an account with www. SAT is out of 2400 and it has Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing An average score is between 1600 -1800 and is accepted by middle range universities IVY schools or similar ask for 1950 or more

10 Subject SAT Very selective universities request two Subject SATs Each subject is out of 800 and a competitive score is 700+ You can either do SAT or SAT Subject in each sitting. The test is repeated 6 times a year October, November, December, January, May and June

11 TOEFL / IELTS It is an English proficiency test and it tests in Reading, writing, listening and speaking IAA tests IELTS twice every year The test is out of 9. A good score is 6.5 or more It is required by many universities all around the world

12 Teacher Recommendation Every student is allowed 3 UK asks for only one, Canada is optional, US maximum of 3 Students request them in September Students should request letter from teacher they know well You may include a letter from outside of school

13 Other Requirements LNAT – students applying to Law in UK UKCAT – students applying to Medicine UK BMAT – students applying to Medicine Oxford or Cambridge, Imperial or UCL All tests are one time only and can only be taken in the first semester in G12 Architecture, Design or Performance students are required to submit a portfolio as well

14 How do we begin? We select a major Most students know by this time what the would like to pursue at university but if not please begin now Some universities have differing names for similar fields of study – so when in doubt refer to the modules Some majors require specific subject requirements (particularly UK) Encourage students to study what they enjoy and not what you would like them to apply One must also look at employability and job opportunities after graduation

15 Once major is chosen we choose a region or regions UK Maximum of 5 universities (only 4 for Med) and students can only apply to either Oxford or Cambridge and not both UK has one application system which encompasses all UK universities called UCAS They need one essay to write (4000 characters) They need one recommendation letter They need their predictions They must include grades from G10 and G11 The application for all five universities cost 24 pounds

16 Canada Ontario region has one common application which includes 20 universities (OUAC) McGill, UBC and Concordia have their separate applications There are two parts to Canadian apps – an online application and a follow up with postage Students have no limits to applications as each cost between 50 – 200 CAD There are no specific requirements for Canada – they only need their transcripts and predicted grades Some universities will follow up with the student about specific tasks so students must be very careful not to miss their emails

17 USA They have their common application system which includes 500 + universities (Commonapp) Universities that are not part of have their own application Commonapp helps students choose their universities under one folder and all documents once uploaded onto the system will be available to all universities chosen All US unis require G9 – G11 scores as well as prediction of G12 Majority of unis require SAT I or ACT. Highly selective ones need SAT II as well Acceptances for US are holistic they look at every aspect of the application There are no limit to how many you choose, as each costs differently The more selective the university the more essays it will ask for

18 Middle East / Europe Separate application for every university either to be completed online or sent by post All require G9 – G11 grades as well as predictions for G12 Some require an essay, recommendation, passport copy and a photo Prices range $50 -150

19 How do we prepare? Complete placements – jobs or community service. Be very active in school and outside ie clubs, sports, music etc… Prepare for placements tests now and don’t leave them till the last minute. UKCAT, BMAT, LNAT, SAT, SAT II Read read read and be aware of what is happening in the world. This helps with writings and interviews If Architecture / Art is chosen must prepare a portfolio of 15 – 20 pieces

20 General Points Selecting the right university is key to achieving success. It should be based on student’s ability Students and parents must be prepared to apply to universities that are at least 5 points below their prediction Students can use the ranking system to select but it should not be the only determining factor because:

21 Because continues… Different website rank universities differently Top universities do not have the best rank in every department or field Ranks change yearly Ranks are predominantly depended upon research facility and that is usually at graduate level

22 General Points Cont.. Finish off the SAT in G11. There’s too much pressure in G12 to think about SAT It is recommended that they sit the SAT a maximum of 3 times. Statistically students don’t score higher after that We advise that students finish off applications early as ED come out in mid December and UK sends offers as soon they receive applications

23 Dates Application process begins September 2014 Students applying to Medicine UK and / or Oxbridge will be given priority as their deadline is Oct 15 th Students applying to US ED must complete all requirements by Nov 1 st All remaining applications must be finished by Dec 15 th (Note it is the student’s responsibility to find out when the deadlines are for his/ her chosen university)

24 Results? UK first come first served (conditional) US from mid March till mid April (unconditional) Canada mid March till early April (easy conditions) ED / EA mid December (unconditional) Middle East same as US (unconditional) Europe varies

25 Please Remember… For IB: Languages – 1written task, 2 orals Economics – 3 portfolios Business – 1 large project History – 1 large project Sciences – Lab report every two weeks DT – 1 large project, 1 small project Math – 1 large project Art – 15 – 18 pieces Theatre – 4 significant internals Theory of Knowledge – 1 essay and 1 oral Extended Essay – 4000 words project and 1 oral CAS – balanced portfolio and documented reflections Not including the sets of exams and homework

26 Q & A Do I have to declare my major from the beginning? How do I choose my universities if Predictions are confidential? How many should I apply for? What if I perform better in final exams and receive a better IB score? Does it cost to apply? Who needs an interview? When do I hear back from universities?

27 Any Questions?

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