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Performing Subrecipient Functions 1. Part 1 2 The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is required by law to monitor implementation of Federal and.

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1 Performing Subrecipient Functions 1

2 Part 1 2

3 The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is required by law to monitor implementation of Federal and State programs at the local level to ensure funds and other resources are spent or used appropriately in accordance with State and Federal law and Education policy. GEMS/MARS is the Grant Electronic Monitoring System/Michigan Administrative Review System and supports this monitoring process. 3 GEMS/MARS

4 FunctionMDESub Pre-selectionX SchedulingX Submission of Review DocumentsX Conduct ReviewX Consolidate ReviewX Assign Findings and Develop ReportX Develop Compliance PlanX Approve Compliance PlanX Provide EvidenceX Approve EvidenceX Provide Best PracticesX Questions and AnswersXX Provide FAQX GEMS/MARS 4 This illustrates in a quick manner, who does what in GEMS/MARS. The remainder of the presentation focuses on the “Sub” column; that is, what functions are performed by the sub-recipient.

5 MDE PADM – Program Administrators Setup Programs Setup Consultant Reviewers and Sub-Administrators Consultant/Reviewers Perform reviews as Review Manager, Review Lead and Reviewer Subrecipient Sub-Administrators Setup Sub-users Sub-Users Perform Subrecipient activities during review GEMS/MARS: Key Concepts Roles 5

6 Part 2 6

7 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Getting Access Welcome to GEMSMARS! This is the “login” screen. Sign on with your MEIS user name and password. See another PowerPoint called Getting Access if need MEIS Id… or need access to GEMS/MARS. 7

8 Reviews can be planned/conducted As often as needed (that is, multiple times per year if required) Announced and, for certain programs, unannounced At the program level At the “review type” level A review type is a subset of a program. For example, could separate fiscal and non-fiscal (programmatic) reviews For example, could handle Single Audits GEMS/MARS: Key Concepts Reviews 8

9 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Common “Look and Feel” A common “look and feel” includes the following: Line 1: provides the “Level 1 Menu” options. Click on Level 1 and see Level 2 and, when needed, click on Level 2 to see Level 3. Line 2: provides “i” icon for short narrative help, the “yellow book” icon for more extensive help and “breadcrumbs” so you always know where you are in GEMS. It also displays the “time out” so if signed in but no action for 20 minutes it will log you out. Line 3: provides “Mode” buttons based upon your role. It always defaults to “Review.” 9

10 GEMS/MARS: Key Concepts Submission MDE Program ”Doc List” identifies documents to provide prior to the review. The Doc List may includes program docs and possibly common docs Submission functions consists of 3 activities: Common Documents Documents not program specific. That is, documents useable for multiple programs… and only collected once! Review Contacts People to meet or provide information to a “role” listed by MDE during the scheduling Review Documents Documents program specific 10

11 GEMSMARS: Sub Functions Submission For submission of any Common documents. Under document name click on doc to upload On the pop-up, enter Title. Then select browse to locate the document to submit. Select “OK” to upload. 11

12 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Review Contacts MDE asked for names of persons able to address topics related to the Role(s) shown Sub provides Name, Phone and Email contact information. 12

13 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Review Documents This page displays for the Program and Sub, which documents are required as part of the review. The paper clip indicates docs already loaded, so common docs are not loaded again and again. 13

14 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Review Documents For submission of any Program specific documents. Under document name click on doc to upload On the pop-up, enter Title, and leave Type as Electronic. The click on browse to locate the document to submit. Select “OK” to upload. 14

15 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Finalize Submission When all required docs are uploaded (Upload Status has check in each row) Select validate to see if any errors. If none, then select submit. If no errors, GEMS promotes to next stage (allowing MDE to review). By the way, the paper clip if clicked allows you to see doc content. 15

16 GEMS/MARS: Key Concepts Compliance Reviews may generate findings and findings generate in GEMS/MARS, what we call ARC A for Action that need to be corrected R for Recommendations that may be performed C for Commendations that simply provide positive feedback on a job well done Though some programs may chose only to provide “A” In response, you will build a compliance plan What you will do to address the finding/action And MDE Program will either accept or return each item Those accepted you then implement and submit evidence Again evidence can be accepted or returned Those accepted result in closing/completing the action 16

17 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Compliance Plan Select Program and Sub-recipient The Compliance Action (bottom group) references the Action Item with the red check (far right, select column). You may have one or more Compliance Actions to address an Action Item. 17

18 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Compliance Plan Enter you Compliance Action, Position to drive the action, and start/end dates. If ready to submit, check box and save. If not ready to submit still save (and it has a status of pending). 18

19 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Compliance Plan If MDE “rejects” a Compliance Action The Status will show revisions. And the comments box will have comments explaining why and what to do. When revised,,then select submit to return to MDE for review and approval. 19

20 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Completion Evidence This page allow the sub- recipient to submit evidence to indicate “implementation” of the Compliance Action… Click on the Finding Ref to get a pop-up with details of the citation, finding and action item as provided by the MDE Program Office 20

21 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Completion Evidence This is just like Compliance Plan, In the Middle section, the red check indicates which item is shown in the bottom section. To add evidence, enter a description of Evidence, browse to locate and attach Evidence and then submit. When MDE Approves, the status is updated. 21

22 GEMS/MARS: Key Concepts Support GEMS/MARS provides several tools to help YOU, the subrecipient: The ability to submit questions to the program The ability to have FAQ – frequently asked questions – with answers that are available to all users for that program The ability to have Best Practices when MDE Program Offices has a document, template, etc. that provide “exemplary” example that could be of use to you in improving how you do work GEMS/MARS provides several options to “HELP” use the system: The “i” for information The yellow book user manual for just that page The user manual in its entirety 22

23 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Q&A (Question & Answer) Unsure of something? Submit a question. Questions can be general about GEMS or specific to a Program. Select classification and, if needed, program. Enter question and save. Now it is pending. If ready to submit check the box and save. 23

24 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Q&A (Question & Answer) Select review to see answers. Select info, if needed, to see more info in the pop-up box (as shown). By the way, if MDE believes this is a question other will ask… your question could become a FAQ! 24

25 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ can be triggered by MDE from questions you or others asked… Or just pre-emptive from the MDE (Grants Office or Program Office) about things they think you might want to know. 25

26 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Best Practices Best Practices from MDE provide you templates or exemplary documents that may help you do a better job. You can see and download. Select document type and if needed, program. Select search. 26

27 GEMS/MARS: Sub Functions Help and User Manuals User help exists 3 way! Short text – the “i” icon Page specific – the yellow book icon present that specific page from the User Manual The whole user manual (a sub-menu within the Documentation menu option). Remember if you download that version may change and only the online version is the only current version. 27

28 By the way, your links are as follows… To GEMS/MARS To MEIS GEMS/MARS: Access Links 28

29 29

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