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Introduction to Digital NOTAM

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1 Introduction to Digital NOTAM
Today I am going to speak to you about Digital NOTAMs and the United States effort to modernize our NOTAM System. With the emergence of AIXM, future concepts like AIS data link (RTCA206) and advancements in avionics, there are new opportunities to delivery high quality NOTAM information to our customers. At the same time, we face many challenges if we want to implement a new concept of NOTAMs that will enhance flight safety and efficiency. This briefing will outline some of those challenges and discuss how the United States is addressing Digital NOTAMs.

2 In the United States Digital NOTAM is part of a multi-year NOTAM realignment strategy…
US NOTAM Realignment New Technology Services Architecture GIS – Spatial - GML Security AIXM XML Policy Changes Standardization ICAO Format Digital data management Digital NOTAM Concept of Operations Digital submission Automated validation Integrity – Chain of Custody 2007 2010+

3 What problems is Digital NOTAM trying to solve?
Data quality and integrity NOTAMs today don’t always say what we mean Poorly suited for human and computer Not standardized Difficult to interpret Difficult to distribute Inaccessible for computer Timeliness Manual processing Entry, Validation and End user interpretation

4 Digital NOTAM Goals Radically improve the quality of NOTAM
Ensure NOTAM intent is accurately encoded Ensure NOTAM submitted = NOTAM received Ensure NOTAM are encoded the same way every time Streamline NOTAM processing Reduce the time between NOTAM submission and publication Reduce NOTAM rejections due to quality problems Enable customer benefits Provide digital NOTAM output to enable computer systems to fully leverage NOTAM information Enable customers to receive NOTAMs when and how they need it

5 Digital NOTAMs are global
Although run by EUROCONTROL primarily for the benefit of the ECAC area, the xNOTAM Project will take into account that AIS is a global business. Full benefit from digital NOTAM can only be achieved through world-wide implementation. For this it is critical that the first recommendation of the AIS Global Congress hold in Madrid in July 2006 is put in practice: “adopt the AICM/AIXM as the standard aeronautical information conceptual model and the standard aeronautical information exchange model, and: o develop appropriate means of compliance, and o global mechanisms to manage and develop the AICM/AIXM.”

6 Digital description of changes to aeronautical data - AIXM
What is a digital NOTAM Digital description of changes to aeronautical data - AIXM Concept of operations for submission and publication of the change Authorization Workflow Publication and Customer Products/Interfaces

7 What is a digital NOTAM Digital Description - AIXM
Aeronautical Information Exchange Model Timeslice model for describing temporal changes Digital NOTAM application schema Encapsulating AIXM Business rules and workflow Web Services Standards FAA SWIM standards Standards-based computer interfaces (SOAP) Web Service Standards (Security, Encryption, etc) Digital NOTAM Application Schema (business rules) Change to Aeronautical Data (Runway Closed) Draft for consideration

8 What is a digital NOTAM Concept of Operations
Originator Baseline synchronization AIM Customer Aeronautical Change Submission Preview Human Products (Maps, Text) Submission Draft for consideration Digital information from the originator AIM Quality check Convert to products (like NOTAM) Distribution Customers Human and computer systems

9 US Digital NOTAM System Near-term capability demonstration
AIXM Quality Control AIXM Common Web Services (AIXM, RSS, WMS) Publishing Candidate temporary aeronautical data AIM Database In the United States, we have announced a Digital NOTAM project. We are developing a Digital NOTAM System combining an AIM database, charting, publishing and quality control functions. NOTAM originators at the airport will be provided system and user interfaces for digitally submitting candidate NOTAMs. We are developing user interfaces and system interfaces to support digital NOTAM distribution. Legacy Systems (Preserve legacy investments at status quo functionality)

10 US Digital NOTAM System Quality from the start and output to meet customer needs
Entry Plain Language The United States Digital NOTAM System includes: Form based entry to validate candidate NOTAMs as they are typed in. Because NOTAM entry is form-based, it is almost impossible to make an error. The digital NOTAM information is encoded and transmitted as AIXM. We can write programs to convert the AIXM digital NOTAM into formats readable by human such as a plain language format or a chart of the affected runway. AIXM XML Charts

11 Digital NOTAM Operator Workflow
Event Submit Change Verify Post AIM PUBLISH Enter

12 Concept of System Operations
NOTAM EVENT (e.g., Runway closure) Digital NOTAM System SUBMISSION QUERY AIXM User Interface User Interface Graphical Candidate NOTAM Data Published NOTAM AIXM Validate Transform Publish AIXM Text System Interface System Interface USNS AIM AIXM XML

13 Why Digital NOTAM submission
AIM - NOTAM PUBLISHER ORIGINATOR CUSTOMER Quality starts at the beginning

14 Why Digital NOTAM submission
Sophisticated airport information management systems Real time airport status updates No way to automatically submit temporary aeronautical data ORIGINATOR Digital NOTAM submission will allow your information systems to automatically transmit temporary aeronautical data to the FAA for publication as a Digital NOTAM

15 Why Digital NOTAM submission
Traditional NOTAM may not convey intent of the originator Without a common view we may have Extra communications Misunderstandings Inefficiencies ORIGINATOR CUSTOMER NOTAM PUBLISHER

16 Why Digital NOTAM submission
Traditional NOTAM may not convey intent Must have a common view of the data TWY S CLSD WIF UFN When is it really closed? Can I cross TWY S? Digital NOTAM submission will save time and coordination leading to safety and dollar savings

17 Digital NOTAM Submission Working Group Mission
The mission of DNSWG is to work with our stakeholders to develop specifications, as well as workflow, security and other operational requirements for submitting digital data about temporary changes to aeronautical resources to the Digital NOTAM system.

18 Digital NOTAM Submission Working Group Process
Open forum Proceedings and recommendations published at Industry participation Active working group Monthly coordination Both virtual and live meetings Results will be available publicly even if you do not participate Outcome focused Implement-able recommendations and specifications Target date – March 2008

19 Demonstration United States Digital NOTAM Prototype

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