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GIS for Aviation: Case for eTOD Management Owen Luchu.

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1 GIS for Aviation: Case for eTOD Management Owen Luchu

2 Overview Introduction Industry goals Esri Aeronautical solution AIS data model eTOD support Demo

3 Introduction Mobile Web Desktop Products AIXM Information Data Management Analysis Results Analysis Results Charts GISGIS Relationships Patterns Trends Enterprise

4 Industry goals Good, fast, and cost-effective Improve the speed and accuracy of data/charts Streamline workflows for efficiency Authoritative data Produce data that can be trusted Share and exchange Commercial-off-the-shelf solution Eliminate the need to develop custom code or scripts

5 Esri Aeronautical Solution Esri Aeronautical Solution includes tools and features to enable aeronautical information capture, management and database-driven cartographic production of aeronautical charts.

6 Esri Aeronautical Solution Components Key Features Data Management Tools; Import and export of AIXM 4.5, centralized data management, manage obstacle data using an eTOD compliant data model. Product Management Tools; for symbology and text via the Visual Specifications, manage products, detailed cartography. Quality Control Tools; to streamline production workflow, automated quality control, tracking and controlling editing processes in a multi-user environment

7 Esri Production Mapping Aeronautical Nautical Defense Resource Centers Cartography Editing Workflow Manager Workflow Manager ArcGIS Data Reviewer Task Assistant Task Assistant

8 AIS Geodatabase AIXM

9 Overview of eTOD Obstacle: All fixed and mobile objects that are located on an area intended for the surface movement of aircraft or that extend above a defined surface intended to protect aircraft in flight. Data is defined by four coverage areas around any airport, and stored in a geodatabase with ICAO-defined attributes for the obstacle and terrain feature classes.

10 eTOD feature class AIS data model schema accommodates data to meet the eTOD requirements The model includes four feature classes- Point Obstacle, Line Obstacle, Polygonal Obstacle, Obstacle Area. Rules: ensure that participating authorities capture and manage obstacle and terrain data necessary for aviation maps and charts, as required by ICAO. Metadata: information on data including the source, data accuracy, date of acquisition among others.

11 Demo -Import AIXM data -Load obstacle data into AIS -Quality control

12 Summary - Technology platform Esri Aeronautical Solution Esri Production Mapping ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcGIS Workflow Manager ArcGIS Desktop (Advanced) ArcSDE Technology Database (Oracle, SQL, etc.) Other extensions: 3D Analyst Spatial Analyst Data Interoperability Geodatabase Oracle, SQL Server ArcGIS Desktop Esri Aeronautical Solution ArcSDE Technology

13 Thank you

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