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GIS for Aviation: Case for eTOD Management

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1 GIS for Aviation: Case for eTOD Management
Owen Luchu

2 Overview Introduction Industry goals Esri Aeronautical solution
AIS data model eTOD support Demo

3 GIS Introduction Data Management Information Charts Relationships
Mobile Web Desktop Products AIXM Information Data Management Analysis Results Charts Enterprise GIS Relationships Patterns Trends

4 Industry goals Good, fast, and cost-effective Authoritative data
Improve the speed and accuracy of data/charts Streamline workflows for efficiency Authoritative data Produce data that can be trusted Share and exchange Commercial-off-the-shelf solution Eliminate the need to develop custom code or scripts For most of us we are dealing with the same industry challenges We need to get out a good product and we need to get it out as fast as possible And we also need to be cost effective so we can get value for money when we do it We also want our data to be considered authoritative, if we give out data to our customers and they don’t trust it, it is not very valuable to them or us We also need a means of sharing and a way of exchanging data/product – incorporating it in our ever growing databases Finally, we all want to go with off-the-shelve solution – coz this eliminates the need to develop, or script, updating – cumbersome/overhead costs

5 Esri Aeronautical Solution
Esri Aeronautical Solution includes tools and features to enable aeronautical information capture, management and database-driven cartographic production of aeronautical charts. Chart production agencies could leverage the technology to produce new products Automated way to import/Export AIXM data and share among agencies

6 Esri Aeronautical Solution Components
Key Features Data Management Tools; Import and export of AIXM 4.5, centralized data management, manage obstacle data using an eTOD compliant data model. Product Management Tools; for symbology and text via the Visual Specifications, manage products, detailed cartography. Quality Control Tools; to streamline production workflow, automated quality control, tracking and controlling editing processes in a multi-user environment Create, visualize, analyze, and disseminate critical data from AIS. Automatically update charts through the AIS to reduce data latency, redundancy, and errors. Produce a wide range of charting products, including International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant charts, from a central database. Share data using the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM). Efficiently generate aeronautical charts for route planning, in-flight navigation, and takeoff and landing.

7 Esri Production Mapping
Aeronautical Nautical Defense Resource Centers Esri Production Mapping Cartography Editing ArcGIS Data Reviewer Workflow Manager This is where Esri Production mapping fits in -This can be purchased as a separate extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer can be purchased as a separate extension Workflow manager which comes with task assistant –can be purchased separately Built on top of that we have some specific solutions in areas such as Aeronautical, Defense, Task Assistant

8 AIS Geodatabase AIS database is the central component
AIXM AIS database is the central component It contains features, specifications, rules and history Data updates being managed by workflow manager After the updates, they are pushed into cartographic database, which contains reference to the original features, - add specific fields that help display features cartographically When the cartographic manipulation is complete, it can be pushed out to a number of traditional products for printing Besides that, the same data can be used to feed a variety of web services AIXM

9 Overview of eTOD Obstacle: All fixed and mobile objects that are located on an area intended for the surface movement of aircraft or that extend above a defined surface intended to protect aircraft in flight. Data is defined by four coverage areas around any airport, and stored in a geodatabase with ICAO-defined attributes for the obstacle and terrain feature classes.

10 eTOD feature class AIS data model schema accommodates data to meet the eTOD requirements The model includes four feature classes- Point Obstacle, Line Obstacle, Polygonal Obstacle, Obstacle Area. Rules: ensure that participating authorities capture and manage obstacle and terrain data necessary for aviation maps and charts, as required by ICAO. Metadata: information on data including the source, data accuracy, date of acquisition among others.

11 Demo Import AIXM data Load obstacle data into AIS Quality control

12 Summary - Technology platform
Esri Aeronautical Solution Esri Production Mapping ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcGIS Workflow Manager ArcGIS Desktop (Advanced) ArcSDE Technology Database (Oracle, SQL, etc.) Other extensions: 3D Analyst Spatial Analyst Data Interoperability Esri Aeronautical Solution ArcGIS Desktop ArcSDE Technology Geodatabase Oracle, SQL Server

13 Thank you

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