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Horticulture and Food Security Program. Horticulture and Food Security program Supported by the Fast Track Fund from the Netherlands Embassy, a consortium.

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1 Horticulture and Food Security Program

2 Horticulture and Food Security program Supported by the Fast Track Fund from the Netherlands Embassy, a consortium of private parties and NGO’s developed a program with the objective to improve the incomes of the smallholder producers and their food security situation, as well as contributing to improved sustainability and efficiency of the horticultural sector in Kenya.

3 Period: October 2011 – December 2015 Public Private Partnerships with several Dutch private partners Kenyan farmers & public/ private institutions Solidaridad is the lead implementing organization with SNV, HIVOS & Agri-ProFocus as co-implementers

4 The Issue: Food Security Definition: physical & economic access to food Approximately 51% of Kenyan population lack access to adequate food 10% of Kenyan population receives famine relief each year Main issue: Low crop & livestock yields

5 The Sector: Horticulture Employs more than 2.5 million people in Kenya Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed locally and are important for food security At the same time high quality products are exported Sector is the 2 nd largest foreign exchange earner Large private sector as well as smallholder producers drive the sector Several Dutch companies and businesses play important role

6 The Approach: New Business Solutions To increase the food security situation of the population in Kenya by working on improved business solutions for horticulture producers Use knowledge of Dutch businesses and entrepreneurs to further develop and improve the Kenyan horticulture sector Linking Kenyan producers, especially smallholders, with access to new markets & finance and improved technology for increased productivity and better quality

7 Three Business Cases 1.Business case 1: Introducing avocados with smallholders in Narok Intervention strategy: Introducing a new cash crop; linking a large scale farmer to smallholder out growers:- contract farming Change agents: Siongoroi & Olerai Farms, SHGs in Narok and large European retail companies Main expected output: Model of linking large scale farmers to out growers is tested in a complete new value chain of avocadoes in Narok

8 Business case 2: Establish FBGs for potato, fresh beans and other food crops Intervention strategy: Establishment of Farmer Business groups;-farming systems and new input/ CPP packages to farmers Change agents: Consultants and Thika training centre, seed and fertilizer companies and SH producers ( Kirinyaga, Naru Moru, Kinangop) Main expected output: Increased productivity and quality of crops, improved access to extension services and markets.

9 Business case 3: Develop premium markets for smallholders, focusing on fresh beans Intervention strategy: FBGs- Fairtrade certification Change Agent: FairFields, Tropical Fresh ltd, service providers on improved soils and SHGs (Kirinyaga, Timau, Meru) Main expected output: Smallholders have improved organization and farming systems and are benefiting from EU premium markets.

10 The Objective: Up-Scaling Pilots to test, invest & learn the best approach together with Dutch investors and private sector Program and consortium to monitor and document experiences and stimulate better cooperation Goal is to develop new sustainable business solutions that can be scaled up and taken over completely by private partners Agri-ProFocus Agri-Hub of Kenya is documenting lessons and best practice for dissemination.

11 The Learning Agenda - APF APF is responsible for the learning Agenda Seeks to support the implementation of the 3 business cases, document and disseminate lessons as well as link it to the bigger agricultural agenda in Kenya Team includes IIRR &Horizon Communications Will result in 3 documentaries on each business case as well as a learning document. Several workshops will also be organised.

12 As a development organization, Solidaridad is convinced that decent and sustainable trade is the best instrument to combat structural poverty: a secure income is the basis for a dignified existence. Solidaridad works on sustainable production chains from producer to consumer, so that producers in developing countries increase their capacity to manage a professional business. - Mission Statement

13 Produce safe Higher pays Credit against good rates Investing in machines Higher yields Better quality products Boys and girls to school Thank You

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