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May 2014 The Department of Social Protection (DSP) CORK CENTRAL Employment Services & Support For People with Disabilities 1.

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1 May 2014 The Department of Social Protection (DSP) CORK CENTRAL Employment Services & Support For People with Disabilities 1

2 Employment Services for People with Disabilities Guidance Service Employment Support Grants/R.A.F. Gateway to Specialist Training: N.L.N. & Abode Gateway to Supported Employment: EmployAbility Service 2

3 Jobseeker Self Service Supports Jobs Ireland – access to Job Vacancies, Work Placement Opportunities and SOLAS Training Courses at & Or at DSP Offices - Touch Screen Kiosks Or by Freephone 1800 611 116 (jobs only) Computerised Guidance System 3

4 Employment Support Grants & Reasonable Accommodation Fund (R.A.F.) 4

5 Wage Subsidy Scheme - W S S Financial support to private sector employers Encouragement to recruit person with a disability working a minimum of 21 hours per week To make good any perceived shortfall in work productivity compared with non-disabled peer Participants are subject to same conditions of employment e.g. PAYE, PRSI contributions, annual leave, tax and minimum wage Annual subsidy, based on 39hpw, @ €5.30 ph = €10,748 5

6 Training for employees to assist with integration of people with disabilities into the workforce To address concerns that employers & employees may have about working with people with disabilities By eliminating mistaken perceptions about people with disabilities and their capacity to be productive and effective colleagues and employees For private sector employers only 90% of training or €19,000 Disability Awareness Support Scheme 6

7 R.A.F. Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant W E A G For a person with a disability who has been offered employment or who is in employment, and requires a more accessible workplace or specialist equipment to do the job Maximum grant of € 6,350 Private sector only 7

8 R.A.F. Job Interview Interpreter Grant J I I G Grant to cover cost of sign language interpreter service at a job interview For a person who is deaf, hard of hearing or who has a speech impairment Also available for 3 hour job induction No limit to number of claims Public & Private Sector 8

9 R.A.F. Personal Reader Grant - P R G Grant towards cost of job related reading For a person who is blind or visually impaired Reader is employed by the person with the disability Paid national minimum wage For a max of 640 hours per annum Private sector only 9

10 R.A.F. Employee Retention Grant Scheme For people who have acquired a disability or illness while in employment Grant to assist in retaining employee by: Identifying accommodation/training required to enable employee to remain in their current position or Retraining the employee so that they can take up a different position in the business For private sector employers only € 15k available: € 2,500 assessment, € 12,500 training 10

11 SOLAS FUNDED TRAINING Cork T.C. Full-time (In Centre/Contracted) Evening/Saturday Courses Blended Learning On-Line at or Multi Media L.T.I.s e.g. Headway Ireland Specialist Training Providers e.g. N.L.N. 11

12 Specialist Training Providers 1. National Learning Network - Hollyhill, Cork; Model Farm Road, Cork and Bantry, Co Cork 2. Abode – Skehard Road, Cork 12

13 Specialist Training Providers: 1. National Learning Network Employability Skills Training Pathway to Employment Horticulture Catering Computer Network & Maintenance Office Administration/Information Processing Blended Training Programme Information Processing Employment Skills 13

14 Employability Skills School leavers Explore realistic vocational options Use personal effectiveness/self-advocacy skills Understand rights and make decisions Progress to open employment or further education/training Awareness of community/leisure options, participate Maximum 18 months Achieve FETAC level 3 in Employability Skills Available in Model Farm Road and Bantry 14

15 Pathway to Employment Clients who have had a health setback Need to explore new career options Implement personal effectiveness skills Acquire basic computer skills Progress to further education or training Achieve FETAC 4 certification towards a major award in General Learning 12 month programme Available in Model Farm Road 15

16 Horticulture Classroom and horticultural location based learning Raised beds/outdoor field crops Polytunnels and glasshouses for propagation Sensory gardens, community & amenity ornamental grounds Farmers’ market, allotments & community landscaping project Start Your Own Business Skills Garden centre for customer service & business skills Visits to horticultural businesses & guest speakers Maximum 2 years FETAC 4 Major Award in Horticulture ECDL & RHS Certification also available 16

17 Catering Delivered & assessed in real food production/service environment Practical demonstrations, supervised practice Guest speakers, individual/group activities Work experience Maximum 2 years Catering Assistant/Front of House FETAC 4 Major Award in Catering Available in Hollyhill 17

18 Computer Network & Maintenance Classroom based + work experience Maximum 2 years Progress to further education or work as: IT Support & Management, Computer Networking, Technical Support & PC Maintenance FETAC 5 Major Award Computer Network & Maintenance Available in Hollyhill 18

19 Office Administration/Information Processing – Blended Clients unable to attend a training centre full-time Attend centre 2 days per week Self-directed training at home 3 days per week Supported & guided by instructor (home visits regularly) Equipment & materials supplied by N.L.N. Work experience FETAC 5 Major Award in Office Administration or Information Processing; ECDL also available Maximum 2 years Available through Hollyhill and Bantry 19

20 Information Processing Classroom based + work experience Maximum 2 years Work in administration or general office FETAC 5 Major Award in Information Processing ECDL & MOS available in self-learning capacity Maximum 2 years Available in Model Farm Road 20

21 Employment Skills Employer based 3 days p.w. supported by identified supervisor Classroom based, 2 days p.w. Weekly visits from course co-ordinator for 12 weeks Twice monthly visits thereafter Encouraged to take up specific skills training (part-time) FETAC 4 certification Maximum 2 years, 1 year typical duration Available through Model Farm Road, Hollyhill & Bantry 21

22 Specialist Training Providers: 2. ABODE (Skehard Road, Cork) - DOORWAY TO LIFE - Independent Living Skills FETAC 3/4 - ATTAIN FETAC 4 Access Tertiary Training & Independence prepares students with physical & sensory disabilities for transition to further education 22

23 Work Experience Programmes 1) JobBridge - National Internship Scheme: Internship with a Host Organisation for either 6 or 9 months Must be currently in receipt of JB, JA, DA, OPFP or signing for Credits for a total of 3 months or more in the last 6 months €50 top-up paid in addition to current DSP entitlement For information & current posts go to 2) Work Placement Programme 23

24 Community Employment Part-time Temporary Employment Schemes Community Based Non-Profit Organisations For Long Term Unemployed (signing 12 months +) 19.5 Hours p.w. or Week On/Week Off CE payment = Current payment + €20 24

25 Questions? Thank you Clare Power or Dermot Crosby 021 4806804 021 4948914 25

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