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The Department of Social Protection (DSP) Supporting Jobseekers Information Session Presented by Obair - Local Employment Service Network

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1 The Department of Social Protection (DSP) Supporting Jobseekers Information Session Presented by Obair - Local Employment Service Network

2 What is the Process? Jobseekers are invited to a Supporting Jobseekers Information Session At the end of the Information Session jobseekers are given a 1 to 1 appointment to meet with an Employment Guidance Officer (EGO) EGO’s can provide support and guidance to help you in your efforts to find work or training suited to your needs, skills and aptitudes Your EGO can provide you with the full range of employment supports that are available through the Dept. of Social Protection Employment Services (ie the organisation formally known as FAS) You are now registered with the Local Employment Service so please use our services for your employment, education or training supports Your responsibility is to engage with the process

3 Your Responsibility You must be capable of, available for and genuinely seeking full-time work while on a Jobseeker’s payment You may be disqualified from your payment for up to 9 weeks if you fail or neglect to avail of any reasonable opportunity of obtaining suitable employment You may be disqualified if you left work voluntarily or through misconduct You may be disqualified if you refuse a specific offer of suitable employment

4 One to One Interview with an Employment Guidance Officer (EGO) Opportunity to discuss skills, strengths and support needs May assist you to explore work options & supports Help you to consider other options such as: Training (Solas (FÁS)/Other Vocational Training) Return to Education Work Experience Programmes (CE/JobBridge) Jobs Club Grants (Training/Education)

5 DSP Jobseeker Payments Jobseeker’s Benefit – insurance contributions (PRSI) Jobseeker’s Allowance – means tested You may be entitled to other supports

6 Part-time/Casual Employment Jobseeker’s Benefit (JSB) Work up to 3 days per week Rate of payment is based on number of days worked 5 day payment week

7 Part-time/Casual Employment Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) Work up to 3 days per week Rate of payment is means tested and based on: Number of days worked Weekly income from employment Other sources of income such as spouse/ partner working

8 Other Employment Supports Part-time Job Incentive (PTJI) Scheme available if working less than 24 hours per week (15+ months signing) JobsPlus (12+ months signing) a financial incentive for employers to hire unemployed people Medical card holders (12+ months signing) retain card for 3 years Medical card holders pay reduced USC 4%

9 Family Income Supplement (FIS) Family Income Supplement (FIS) is a weekly tax- free payment for families, including one-parent families at work and on low pay. To qualify you must: Work at least 19 hours every week Satisfy the income limit conditions Have at least 1 dependent

10 Self-Employment Support Services 1) Short-Term Enterprise Allowance To qualify you must be entitled to Jobseeker's Benefit Paid the equivalent of current weekly payment until entitlement to Jobseeker’s Benefit expires

11 2) Back to Work Enterprise Allowance To qualify you must be 12 months signing and have an entitlement to Jobseeker’s Allowance The scheme lasts for 2 years and you will receive 100% of your current payment in year 1 75% of your current payment in year 2 Time spent on other payments taken into account Self-Employment Support Services

12 Jobseeker Self-Service Supports Computerised Guidance System Jobs Ireland - access to Job Vacancies by Internet & Freephone 1800 611 116

13 Jobseeking Abroad and Voluntary Work You can keep your Jobseeker’s Benefit (not Jobseeker’s Allowance) for up to 3 months if you travel abroad to another EEA country to look for work EURES - European Employment Services Unpaid Voluntary Work - you can take up voluntary work while signing on and keep your Jobseeker’s payment You must get approval from the Department of Social Protection to avail of these options

14 Jobs Club 3 Week Part Time Course (Mon – Thur) Group Work/1 to 1 Advice CV Preparation Cover Letter Writing/Application Forms Interview Skills Located in Galway Peoples’ Resource Centre €20 per week payment

15 Community Employment Part-time Temporary Employment Schemes Community Based Non-Profit Organisations For Unemployed People (12+ months signing) Re-Integration into the Labour Market 19.5 Hours per week or Week On/Week Off €208 per week

16 JobBridge The National Internship Scheme Full Time (30hrs – 40 hrs) Internship with a Host Organisation for either 6 or 9 months Must be currently in receipt of a live claim (JSB, JSA, OPFP, DA or signing for Credits ) And have been in receipt of these claims for a total of 3 months (78 days) or more in the last 6 months €50 top-up paid in addition to current DSP entitlement For information & current posts go to

17 Solas (FÁS) Training Programmes Full-time (In Centre/Contracted) or Part Time Evening Courses (Sept, Jan & April) Blended Learning On-Line at FÁS Training has changed their name to Solas

18 Other Education & Training Galway Roscommon Education & Training Board (GRETB) Literacy courses Vocational Training Opportunities Schemes (VTOS) Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) GRETB Adult Learner Guidance Service (091-768596) Springboard Skillnets National Database of Courses Skillsplus

19 Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG) A grant of up to €500 towards the cost of training that is not currently available in your locality from a national provider Identified during 1 to 1 Employment Guidance Officer meeting Training must be certified – aligned to National Framework of Qualifications (, FETAC accredited or relevant industry

20 Back to Education Allowance Must be 21 years or over Rate payable is equal to current payment rate 2 nd level – 3 months (78 days) in receipt of DSP payment (SLO) 3 rd level – 9 months (234 days) in receipt of DSP payment (TLO) No qualifying period required if you have received statutory redundancy

21 National Framework of Qualifications

22 Jobseeker Payments - Conditions You must be available for & genuinely seeking full-time work You must attend the one to one guidance appointment You must agree to participate in a course of training considered appropriate to your training needs and personal circumstances Or your jobseekers payment may be reduced

23 Further Information Department of Social Protection & Jobs Ireland or Solas (FÁS Training) www.jobbridge.ieJobBridge National Internship www.inou.ieIrish National Organisation of the Unemployed ICT Conversion, JobBridge, Momentum, Skillnets and Springboard www.mabs.ieMoney Advice and Budgeting Service Health Service Executive (HSE) www.citizensinformation.ieCitizen Information Board www.revenue.ieRevenue Commissioners of Education and Skills Government Services

24 Next Steps 1 to 1 meeting with Obair - Local Employment Service Office locations on googlemap This presentation is available on the Galway City Partnership website - Support for the Unemployed Obair/Local Employment Service Network Department of Social Protection National Employment Action Plan Presentation

25 Thank you for your time If you have any personal questions, you can discuss at your 1 to 1 interview with your Employment Guidance Officer

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