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Amy Piazzon Collegiate Counselor March 19, 2015 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight.

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1 Amy Piazzon Collegiate Counselor March 19, /5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

2 Why are we talking about standardized testing? It accounts for approximately 10% of a holistic admission review….but generates 90% of counseling questions. 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

3 ACT/MME/ Promise Award in Michigan – MME - 3 day standardized test sequence mandated in Michigan public schools. – Day 1 of MME: Free ACT – Prior to 2011, Promise scholarship made MME appealing to private and parochial schools – 2011 Promise reward was revoked resulting in most parochial/privates withdrawing participation. 15 Freshman Parent Knight

4 MME at Shrine – Shrine continued to proctor the MME for the free ACT and opportunity to simultaneously test the entire class – Negative of the MME - 3 days of missed instructional time and 120 minutes of pre-testing “bubbling” for registering – Spring of 2014, Shrine decides to forgo MME due to increased lost curriculum time and gut feeling that something was awry with the “free standardized test.” 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

5 What this really means for you – Responsibility shifts to the family to register for standardized tests. You are quite capable! – Testing proctored on a Saturday-not a school day. – Accommodations are solicited by the family and verified by a school official 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

6 ACT vs SAT – Both are standardized admissions tests accepted universally and interchangeably by colleges and universities ACT – Comprised of 4 subsections and a writing section English, Math, Science, and Reading Composite score is an average of the subsections High score is 36 in each section/ 12 in the writing section There are 6 test dates annually: Sept*, Oct*, Dec, February*, April, and June* - * proctored at Shrine High School 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

7 SAT Multiple smaller sections, but main scoring divisions are critical reading, math and writing. Scoring ranges from for a max score of 2400, but the primary evaluable scores are the critical reading and mathematics sections which have a combined max score of SATs are offered in: Jan, March, May, June, Oct, Nov, and December Currently Shrine is not a national testing site for the SAT 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

8 SAT – Recent Announcement by the press that the State of Michigan is now an “SAT State” has no bearing on your cherub’s standardized test options. This is a reference to the free SAT offered as part of the MME. – Change was a financial decision. Rumors are circulating that SAT underbid ACT by $15 Million. ACT actually tried to appeal the decision. – Business decision for the state: war for market share within a multi-million dollar industry – Rumor has it that it is a one year contract 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

9 Shrine Standardized Test Schedule 8 th HSPT 9 th Aspire- ACT’s newest pre-ACT format 10 th PSAT 11 th PSAT-National Merit Scholarship consideration Thus, our students are exposed to both test platforms prior to the Junior/Senior testing window 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

10 Launch Dates March Free PSAT available on line May 2015-Khan Academy will have free PSAT, review and lessons for the new SAT October 14, National Test Date for New PSAT (which is the evaluable test for the National Merit Awards) November KHAN academy offers free customized SAT practice and review for students who upload their PSAT scores into their system March of 2016 –1 st administration of new SAT 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

11 Test Fees ACT+ Writing- $54.50 ACT No Writing-$38.00 SAT+ Writing-$54.50 SAT No Writing $43.00 Both ACT and SAT offer fee waivers for students who meet NACAC requirements 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

12 Summary  -The standardized testing environment is rapidly changing and will continue to change.  -The best recipe for success is a challenging college preparatory curriculum  -Shrine students will continue to be exposed to both test platforms  -Students can take either or both tests for college admission consideration. THEY ARE VIEWED EQUALLY, but some students test more favorably on one of the formats  -The Class of 2017 will all experience the new PSAT and SAT- Burden of assessing those scores will fall to the Collegiate Admissions Counselors- concordances are being developed.  Standardized tests are only one factor in a holistic admissions review. 3/5/15 Freshman Parent Knight

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