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Rutgers University-Camden Athletics & Recreational Services Maxine James Kevin Bauman Shawn ManticiKira Recchinti Mike McGeeCraig Traina.

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1 Rutgers University-Camden Athletics & Recreational Services Maxine James Kevin Bauman Shawn ManticiKira Recchinti Mike McGeeCraig Traina

2 HISTORY Gymnasium built in 1973 Transformed into $12 Million project Grand Opening September 1, 2009

3 Offices for staff and administrators Conference room and box seats for athletic recruits State of the art training room Courts for basketball & volleyball programs

4 Post graduation, became Coordinator of Recreation & Wellness for Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida. In 2009, accepted and spent 2 ½ yrs as a Sports Club Coordinator at Temple University. Joined Rutgers University- Camden on January 30, 2012. Sarah Newton: Assistant Director of Athletics & Recreational Services, Senior Women’s Administrator Born in Wilkes Barr, Penn Received dual undergraduate degrees in Policy Studies and Business from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2006. Obtained Masters Degree in Sports Management from Baylor University in 2008.

5 Director, Associate, and Assistant of Athletics and Recreational Services Program Coordinator Sports Information Director Head Athletic Trainer Athletic Trainer Business Manager Softball Head Coach Baseball Head Coach Volleyball, Golf, Lacrosse Head Coach Track & Field, Cross Country Head Coach Men’s & Women’s Basketball Head Coach Men’s & Women’s Boathouse Crew Head Coach Men’s & Women’s Tennis Head Coach EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

6 MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS Master of Science in Sports Management Masters in Sports Administration Masters in Athletic Training

7 MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SPORTS MANAGEMENT The sports industry and health awareness is growing in popularity and in need of qualified professionals. Professionals with the ability to apply knowledge and skills to: − Plan & design programs − Implementation − Evaluation of sport and recreation programs

8 Master of Science in Sports Management is offered as a part- time, two-year program. Offered both online and on campus DREXEL UNIVERSITY MA DEGREE PROGRAM

9 Goals: ∙ Improve, evaluate and utilize new innovations in sports industry. ∙ Apply business to sports management ∙ Integrate and organize people and resources ∙ Direct economic contributions that sport ∙ Apply knowledge of law and labor to sports has to individuals and community wellness industry. ∙ Serve and advance the study of sports management. DREXEL UNIVERSITY MA DEGREE PROGRAM

10 Curriculum: ∙ The M.S. in Sport Management program consists of 45 credits, divided into three segments: − Core/Foundation courses (33 credits) − Elective courses (6 credits) − Project/Research Thesis (6 credits) DREXEL UNIVERSITY MA DEGREE PROGRAM

11 FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF DREXEL SPORTS MANAGEMENT 1.Sports Business 2.Sports Marketing 3.Sports Media 4.Sports Law

12 THE DREXEL DIFFERENCE Practitioner Faculty Sports Business Curriculum Philadelphia Sports Global Connections

13 SPORTS MANAGEMENT JOB OPPORTUNITIES Athletic director Head coach General manager Marketing director Sport agent Fitness manager Community center director Facility/operations manager Corporate sponsorship director Ticket manager Public relations/communications director

14 FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON MASTERS OF SPORTS ADMINISTRATION Two-Year Degree Program Metropolitan Campus Teaneck, NJ Offered both on campus and online.

15 ADMISSIONS Completed Application Transcripts from all previous undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies A written statement of 1000 words on current job Three letters of recommendation Minimum 3.0 GPA No prerequisite courses required

16 PROGRAM GOALS Practical and theoretical aspects of administration and management of sports Strong emphasis on leadership throughout the program.

17 CURRICULUM The Master of Sports Administration (MSA) is a 36-credit program. The MSA consists of three specializations. Students must complete five courses in an area of specialization to be awarded a certification. Certificate in Sports Administration Certificate in Coaching Theory and Strategies Recreation Administration

18 WHY CHOOSE FDU? Nationally recognized leader in both global education and distance learning. More than 100 members of the NY Giants Family graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson.

19 M.S. in Athletic Training Seton Hall University

20 ADMISSIONS Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution Preferred overall cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a four- point scale Completion of the following undergraduate prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better and preferred overall pre-requisite GPA of 3.0: *Human Anatomy & Physiology (8 credits) *Biological or Exercise Science (3 credits) *Physics (4 credits) College Math or Statistic (3 credits) English (3 credits) Social Sciences (6 credits) *Human Anatomy & Physiology and Physics must include a laboratory.

21 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Athletic trainers work in the field of sports medicine treating athletic injuries. Provide health care to individuals in areas of injury prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation. To prepare individuals to be independent clinicians who will enhance the quality of patient health. Teach and Provide practical experience to enable graduates to assume leadership roles.

22 PROGRAM GOALS To offer field/clinical experiences in appropriate settings that provide adequate exposure to required clinical education experiences To prepare graduates to apply a wide variety of specific health care skills and knowledge within each of the following domains: -Prevention -Recognition & Evaluation -Management/Treatment & Disposition -Rehabilitation -Organization & Administration -Education & Counseling -Research To achieve the goals, a curriculum is designed to integrate formal classroom instruction and clinical education.

23 CURRICULUM M.S. in Athletic Training is a two year, 64 credit program. Distinctive courses, such as Clinical Imaging and Evaluation of the Spine, are taught by University faculty and physicians who have practical experience in the field.

24 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Clinical rotations begin in the first semester of the program. Students can expect hands-on clinical experience with athletes and physically active individuals at both on-and off-campus facilities, including : - Professional Sports Teams - Sports Medicine/ Rehabilitation Clinics - High Schools - Colleges & Universities - Sports Performance/ Training Facilities - General Medicine Clinics

25 ATHLETIC TRAINING JOB OPPORTUNITIES Clinic Hospital Industrial/Occupational Corporate College/University Two-year Institution Secondary School Professional Sports Performing Arts Military/Law Enforcement/Government Health/fitness/sports/performance enhancement clinics/clubs Independent Contractor

26 SPECIAL ORGANIZATIONS American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) American Council on Exercise (ACE) National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

27 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

28 WHAT IS ACSM? ACSM is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world ACSM is over 45,000 members and certified professionals strong Members come from 90 different countries around the globe

29 ACSM MISSION - ACSM promotes and integrates scientific research, education and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life.

30 BENEFITS OF BECOMING A MEMBER OF ACSM ACSM has 2 options: Option 1: ACSM Membership Ranges from $10-$230 Option 2: ACSM’s Alliance of Health and Fitness Professional Membership Ranges from $10-$99

31 OPTION 1: BENEFITS Access to Mentornet & ACSM’s Online Membership Directory Gain access to ACSM’s scientific journals Discounts on meeting and conference registration Discounts on ACSM’s certification exam and self-tests But full-time student your 1st year is only $10 Option 1 gains access to voting privileges

32 OPTION 2: BENEFITS Must be a professional or a student must be currently enrolled in 6+ credit hours Access to weekly journals and bulletin news Discounts on Certification exams and self -tests Discounts on registration to the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit Access to Mentornet & ACSM’s Online Membership Directory

33 CAREER ENHANCEMENT BENEFITS ACSM members connect with thousands of thought-leaders worldwide Allows members to share their ideas Enhance education through CMEs and CECs ACSM members make a difference on health and wellness issues

34 AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE What is ACE? - The American council on Exercise - It was founded in 1985 - ACE is the largest nonprofit fitness certification, - Education and training organization in the world - Nearly 50,000 certified professionals who hold more than 55,000 ACE certifications. - Highly Respected Organization

35 HOW DO THEY SERVE THE PEOPLE? - Established resource for fitness professionals and consumers by providing research that impacts the fitness industry - Educate: they certify thousands of professionals annually supporting them in providing safe and effective exercise instructions - Develop: distribute study materials, publications, and webinars to provide fitness professionals with continuing education solutions

36 HOW DO THEY SERVE THE PEOPLE?(CONT) - Serve: equip fitness professionals and consumers with credible information about safe and effective products, programs and trends - Connect: connect with consumers online to help advance their career - Build: powerful collaborative relationships with leading advocates for consumers and other professionals to continue education

37 CERTIFICATIONS - Personal Trainer - Group Fitness Instructor - Weight Management Weight Management - Specialist Specialist - Sports Conditioning Sports Conditioning - Specialist Specialist - Functional Training Specialist - Mind Body Specialist -Group Exercise LeadershipGroup Exercise Leadership - Specialist Specialist -Orthopedic ExerciseOrthopedic Exercise - Specialist Specialist -Therapeutic ExerciseTherapeutic Exercise - Specialist Specialist - Senior Fitness Specialist

38 WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT? - All certifications play a significant role in this environment - Continued education - programs, organizations, connections


40 NSCA HISTORY Nebraska’s Head Football Coach, Bob Devaney was first Athletic Director to hire strength and conditioning coach, coach Boyd Epley for the University of Nebraska’s Huskers In 1969. Launch of National Conference in 1970’s NSCA was an international non profit educational organization founded by 76 members in 1978 now serving 33,000 members world wide. headquarters based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

41 PARTNERSHIPS & AFFILIATIONS NSCA builds partnerships to educate and support sport and Strength coaches. - National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) - National Federations of High Schools (NFHS) - National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA)

42 MEMBERSHIP PLANS Plan 1- Associate: offers $47/month, for All non-certified (CSCS & NSCA-CPT) individuals Plan 2- Student: offers $65/year, for Full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Plan 3- Professional: offers $120/year, for Non-certified (CSCS & NSCA-CPT) and certified CSCS or NSCA-CPT professionals.

43 CREDENTIALS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - Employment opportunities are presented to those who obtain certifications offered by NSCA, such as CSPS, NSCA-CPT, and CSCS, accredited by National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) - certified individuals have a diverse academic and professional background, including strength coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians, chiropractors, researchers and educators. -The Benefits are to establish credibility and enhance one’s career as CSCS credential aid in highlighting additional areas of expertise.

44 Athletics & Recreational Center 301 Linden Street Camden, NJ 08012-1402 RutgersUniversity

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