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DCS / Family Programs Overview CPT Jackie Stenger.

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1 DCS / Family Programs Overview CPT Jackie Stenger

2 Vision for Beyond the Yellow Ribbon “Your Fort Minnesota!” MG Larry Shellito The Adjutant General of Minnesota

3 Branch Chief LTC Barb O’Reilly XO MAJ Eduardo Suarez NCOIC MSG Warren Anthony Family Programs Advocacy/Program Development Community Outreach Operations OIC: CPT Stenger CPT Teresa Bobo OIC: CPT Ben Schmitz Asst Opns NCO: SSG Wagner MIRT NCO: SGT DiGicomo YR Civ Mr. Baldwin YR Civ Mr. Kulzer Budget SSG Mark Jancze SPC Cassie McCane OC Melanie Nelson Contracting PAO OMK Sarah Stille MFLC MTAC TAA Mental Health Dir. Mary Sullivan Geraldine Longfellow John Stepan Dr.Boswell Jim Sullivan Mike Farren Jan Fournier SGT Amy Smith ESGR FAC Supervisor FRA FPA Rae Schwartz Chris Campbell Allan Jorgensen Supply SGT SGT Travis Zandlo (Dep) Karen Seeger Darlene Wetterstrom YR Civ Mr. Behr Karly Vogel MOS Laura Poppen Youth Programs NCOIC 2LT Norton Staff YR Civ Ms. Martinez SPC Jean Clancy DCS Assistant DCS Structure Dir. Of Psych Health

4 DCS Mission To empower leaders, service members and families by providing relevant training, services, and resources throughout the deployment cycle

5 5 DCS Key Events Timeline Pre-Deployment Training (Phase 1)During Deployment Training (Phase 2)Post-Deployment Training (Phase 3) M-60D+30D+90DEMOBD-60 Initial Reintegration Training Family Reintegration Academy 30 Day/MIRT Training Family Preparation Academy Advanced FRG/FAC Training Family Readiness Planning Conference Bi-AnnuallyMOBQrtly 60 Day Training 90 Day Training D+60D+365 1 Year Event

6 3 Phases of Continuous Support

7 PH1: Family Readiness Planning Conference (Bi-Annually) Workshops – Family Readiness Group Basics – Funds and Fundraising (Commanders liability) – Communications (Unit-Family) –Advanced FRG Training Workgroups – Develop Family Readiness SOP – Establish plan to support unit Families – Establish robust communication plan Conducted prior to the unit deploying. Service Members are in IDT Status and volunteers are issued ITA’s by DCS. The audience is Commanders, 1SG’s, Rear Det and Volunteer FRG Leaders. The Conference provides a training and workshop environment to develop the unit Family Readiness Plan and gain Commanders approval.

8 PH1: Family Preparation Academy (M-60) Workshops Offered: –Resource Portals: Military One Source and FAC –Establish a plan to pay off your debt –Personal Family Finance: Paying bills, adjusting to different pay, reading your LES –Putting you house in order: Knowing your rights, power of attorney (JAG), interest rates, auto leases, preparing for deployment –Staying Connected for couples –Tips for Extended Family –Basic Finance –Here we go Again –Building Resiliency in children and teens during deployment –Tricare A one day program to empower and resource service members and their spouses, parents, significant others and children, to address the concerns of and prepare for deployment.

9 PH2: Family Reintegration Academy (D-60) Requirements: –Battlemind for spouses –Communication Additional Workshops Offered: –Who are you and what did you do with my spouse? –Extended Family –Tricare/Tricare Dental –Preparing children for the transition home This one day event, prior to the units return is designed to help families understand the challenges of reconnecting with their military service members. The event is conducted in a “round robin” format.

10 PH3: Initial Reintegration Training Key Tasks – Enroll every service member in the Veterans Administration (1010EZ) – Inform service member of their Veterans Benefits – Provide soldiers with TAG’s “10 Commandments of Reintegration” wallet card. Briefings – Reintegration Experience (Combat Veteran) – Law Enforcement (MN State Patrol) Workshops – CVSO/MN DVA/State Benefits Rep – DEED/ESGR – Taxes/MN Thank A Soldier – VA Vet Center / SARC / Chaplain Conducted at Demobilization site immediately upon return to United States. Service Members are connected to service providers who can assist them in overcoming the challenges of reintegration through briefings and a workshop format.

11 PH3: 30 Day Reintegration Training Requirements: –Battlemind –Communication workshop for Married couples Additional Workshops Offered: –Marriage After Deployment –Parenting After Deployment –Single Service Members –From Me to We –Coping Then and Now –Education Benefits –Get the Job Part I-Resume This one day event for military families occurs approximately 30 days after the deployment. Attendees are empowered with information, services and resources to help Service Members and their families become stronger.

12 PH3: 60 Day Reintegration Training Requirements: –Overcoming Anger and Anger related feelings –Finding Purpose and Meaning After Deployment –State Highway Patrol Briefing (emphasis on substance abuse) –Parenting and Children’s workshop –Improving Interview Skills –Financial Planning This one day event for military families occurs approximately 60 days after the deployment. Attendees are empowered with information, services and resources to help Service Members and their families become stronger.

13 PH3: 90 Day Reintegration MUTA-6 to complete Post-Deployment Health Risk Assessment (PDHRA), TB Tine Test, Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) and other administrative and logistical activities required by the chain of command. The units next higher HQ is responsible to plan and execute this reconstitution event at Camp Ripley. The unit is responsible for planning and executing this event and will resource all administrative and logistic activities, with the exception of J1 medical. Medical resources must be requested in writing to JFMN-J1-AMR at least 120 days in advance.

14 PH3: 1 Year Reintegration Conducted approximately 1 year after REFAD. This is event is conducted in a 4 hour period for up to 150 SMs. Family members are encouraged to attend. (No ITAs or travel are available for families) The units next higher HQ is responsible to ensure this event is completed for all soldiers that deployed that are currently in the unit. Soldiers participating will be given a short survey focusing on mental and physical welleness, employment and education. All soldiers will review their survey with a VA or LLS counselor. Additional partners and resources will be made available, VA Benefits, Tricare, Lutheran Social Services, Chaplain, Transition Assistance Advisor, Dept of Employment and Economic Development, ESGR, MNSCU and J1 Education.

15 Family Program Intent To support all military members and Families by providing continuous training, resources and services regardless of unit of service affiliation.

16 Family Program End State To create resiliency and readiness in Families and to empower them to be able to meet the challenges faced by deployment and to grow through their experiences.

17 Family Program Intent FORT MINNESOTA! INTEGRATED SUPPORT Providers & Resources Training Readiness & Assistance

18 Assistance Vs. Readiness Assistance Network of Professional Service providers and PVOs High Level of experience and knowledge Help family members with practical needs Outreach is focused on Families and Community Readiness Professional organization of volunteers Work for unit CDRs Intimate knowledge of families within their scope Most likely to identify needs Outreach focused on Families

19 Family Programs Office Youth Programs (Laura) OMK (Sarah) Marshall FAC (Jeff / Steve) Duluth FAC (Shawn) Rosemount (Vern / Christina) Brooklyn Park (Deb / Nina) Little Falls (Yvonne, Monique) Mankato (Pat) Stillwater (Jill) Detroit Lakes / Fergus Falls (TBF) Bemidji (TBF) FAC Supervisor (Mike) Family Assistance Structure MFLCMTAC TAA Karen Seeger Geraldine Longfellow John Stepan Allan Jorgensen Darlene Wetterstrom Mary Sullivan Dir. Of Psych Health

20 Family Programs Office BCT FRSA (Carolyn) 2-136 FRSA (Dani) 2-135 FRSA (Janet) 1-94 FRSA (Cristy) 1-194 FRSA (Theresa) 34 th ID FRSA (Lynda) 1-151 FRSA (Carmen) 34 th CAB FRSA (Lil) 204 th FRSA (Teresa) FRA (Jan Fournier) Wing Family Programs (Jill, Jen) Family Readiness Structure

21 Our Roles (1 of 3) Director –Oversees the operation of all functional areas within Family Programs –Acquires and Implements the Development of new aspects in Family Programs Family Program Assistant –Manage Program Communications –POC for Family Program Office –Assists in Program Development –Facilitate Directives and gather information from the field when requested

22 Our Roles (2 of 3) Family Readiness Assistant (FRA) –Develop Curriculum and deliver training to Family Readiness Group Leaders –Run Family Readiness Planning Conference –Develop Volunteer recognition programs Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) –Support Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leaders –Publicize training availability to volunteers –Assist FRG in developing communications from command

23 Our Roles (3 of 3) Family Assistance Center Supervisor –Standardize/document FAC operations –Develop Marketing and Awareness of FAC services –Advocate for FAC needs –Ensure compliance with contract terms FAC Specialists –Subject Matter expert on available resources –Extensive relationship building in Area of Responsibility –THE critical resource for Family Assistance in DCS

24 Family Assistance Centers Information/referral source TRICARE assistance DEERS/ID Card information Pay and legal assistance Community support Emergency Assistance coordinator

25 State Youth Program At Reintegration Events: Childcare for 0-4 years Children’s Programming for 5-18 years Military 101 for 3 and up Coping skills for deployment and post deployment provided by Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Crafts, games, youth activities provided by Operation Military Kids (OMK)

26 State Youth Camps Operation Military Kids: Boots On Camp(s), TBD Boots Off Camp(s), TBD Teen Camp, Pending Other sponsored camps: Military Kids Camp, 13-19 June at Camp St. Croix, WI MN NG Youth and Teen Camp, 18-24 July at Camp Ripley, MN Operation Purple Camps –McGregor, MN 1-6 August –Camp St. Croix, WI 4-10 July

27 Military Family Life Consultants Provide short term, solution focused therapy and referral Consult with service members and military families regarding deployment issues Offer educational information and presentations at BTYR events Open to all branches of service

28 Program began in May of 2005 Memorandum of Agreement between National Guard Bureau and Department of VA. Minnesota has two TAAs. Provide information and assistance to National Guard members and their families in receiving that they have earned and deserve. Primarily serve National Guard, but also provides services to members in all of the reserve components Transition Assistance Advisors

29 Strong Bonds Marriage Enrichment Workshop Put on by Chaplains


31 Moving Forward Strategic Out Reach Plan Communication Plan What more does DCS need to do in order to support Service Members and their Families?

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