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Pre-Game Responsibilities for Lacrosse Officials.

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1 Pre-Game Responsibilities for Lacrosse Officials

2 Your Team… Contact each member of your Officiating Team prior to arriving at the field. No later than 12 noon day of the game. This should not placed solely on the “Referee” – Phone – Text – E-Mail

3 Game Day… Agree to meet at the same location at the field Things to Do / Pre-Game discussion – How are the Officials mentally & physically – Uniform for the day – Previous experience with the opponents – How we are going to “Call It Today” – Stretch Out / Warm-Up – Walk onto the field together (20 Min)

4 On the Field with Coaches Talk to the Home Team Coach First...  Introduce yourself  Give them the officials “line-up card”  Fill out your game day card  Talk about Sportsmanship  Ask / discuss any other details Talk to the Visiting Team Coach next..  (repeat)

5 On the Field with Players Call for Stick Checks Check the Field / Equipment Check the Table / Book Call Captains for the Coin Toss – Introduce Yourself to the Captains – Talk about Sportsmanship – Administer the Coin Toss – Bring Out the Teams for the Line-Up

6 Have A Good Game !

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