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Doing things differently 2020 Missional Deployment.

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1 Doing things differently 2020 Missional Deployment


3 No change not an option Relate to our Vision Statement What transformation is needed for a visionary missional church? Imagine a different future: radical A collaborative process between the local and central leadership

4  Favour growth potential – numerical, discipleship, community service, amongst the young and new housing developments  Bias to disadvantage areas/parishes – 20% using the Church Urban Fund statistics  10% Fresh Expressions  A commitment to retain current level of paid posts, both lay and ordained = 198  Yet there may be 30% less clergy available!

5  80-90 -100-110-120% Planning  Self Supporting Ministers – their place in the plan.? A growing or diminishing number?  Readers – as leaders of parishes? Deployability?  Schools  Buildings – community hubs  Internal deanery deprivation outside the 20%?  Diocesan Office as the ‘Third Archdeaconry’

6 VOLUNTARY POSTS - SSMs, Readers, RLMs HOUSE FOR DUTY POSTS RESOURCED ELSEWHERE - +Paul, Healthcare & Prison Chaplains PAID POSTS: +Tony, Archdeacons (2), incumbent status stipendiary priests, stipendiary curates (24), salaried staff (ordained and lay) Missional Leadership Deployment 2020 Paid 10% of paid posts to be Fresh Expressions (Fx) TOTAL NUMBER OF ESTABLISHMENT POSTS

7 3 rd Archdeaconry Newark Archdeaconry Nottingham Archdeaconry Nottingham Archdeaconry Paid Deanery Task: To offer a range of options for paid posts between 80% and 120% of 2012 baseline staffing 80 - 120% of 2012 baseline Direct recommendation 3 rd Archdeaconry Missional Leadership Deployment 2020

8 The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him, the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.... Isaiah 11:2

9 We need to do things differently

10  Continued evolution not revolution  A lack of accessible money available – the challenge of sacrificial giving  Less priests but vocations persist for all  Community is more important than buildings, but they remain a key resource.

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