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Workforce Development in a Church School Governors’ Challenge.

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1 Workforce Development in a Church School Governors’ Challenge

2 Where does it start? Governors’ vision for this school Talking and Planning Shared picture - Policies Mission statement Every Child ( of God) Matters Commitment to staff Commitment to environment Commitment to future

3 Building Team Work Recognising church school distinctiveness in the process Planning between governors and leadership team Communication with and involvement of all staff A shared vision and culture for development opportunities


5 Celebrating as a Church School Without compromise – Christian Distinctiveness will determine: Recruitment and Retention Professional Standards Job descriptions Performance Management Continuing Professional Development

6 Learning on the Job! The leaders of tomorrow depend on you giving opportunities for growth; professional and spiritual. Be visionary for the future. Grow our own! Aim for the best all round package. Create a learning for life culture. Encourage the highest quality

7 Staff Required Preparation is key Remember the vision Know what you need Think of the bigger picture Going to Church is great, acting out a living faith is fabulous

8 Could we do better? Valued staff ? Do they know? Challenged and knowledgeable staff? Enthused and motivated? Appropriate staffing for the bigger picture? PM and Church School development? Do we work with other schools in the Church Family?................................and so on!!!!!!!

9 Who do we do this for?




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