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MAGPOP activities at the University of Nottingham Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca.

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1 MAGPOP activities at the University of Nottingham Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca

2 Nottingham astronomy group — academic staff: Omar Almaini Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca Peter Coles Chris Conselice Meghan Grey Steve Maddox Michael Merrifield Frazer Pearce Associated member (Groningen): Reynier Peletier

3 Nottingham astronomy group — postdocs: Jordi Barr Dalia Chakrabarty Pirin Erdogdu Sebastien Foucaud Dolf Michielsen Osamu Nakamura Edo Noordermeer Ignacio Trujillo

4 Nottingham astronomy group — PhD students: Steven Bamford (now postdoc) Riccardo Brunino (1 st year) Alejandro G. Bedregal Daniele Fantin (1 st year) Lorena Gazzola Will Hartley (1 st year) Kyle Lane Michelle Lanyon Parimal Patel Samantha Penny (1 st year) Magdalena Pietka Rockhee Sung Ian Whiley

5 The star-formation history of dwarf galaxies Dolf Michielsen (YR) & Reynier Peletier Nottingham, Marseille & UCM teams

6 UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey Ultra Deep Survey Omar Almaini & Sebastien Foucaud & the UKDSS team (Joint UK—ESO project) UDS: 0.77 sq. deg to K=23.0 (7-year programme) Milestone: completed the first year of data collection and produced the first data release. Some very interesting science already + large potential for MAGPOP science

7 UDS highlights: Discovery of galaxy clusters at 0.6 < z < 1.4 Large scale map of distant red galaxies and extremely red objects Finding a significant sample of massive galaxies at redshifts z>5

8 Galaxy evolution in cluster environments: ESO Distant Clusters Survey (EDisCS) Nottingham, Padova, MPA, IAP, JHU CL1354.1-1231 z=0.76

9 Evolution of galaxy morphologies CL1037.5-1243 z=0.58 HST images

10 VLT spectra Star formation in different environments

11 CL1232.3-1250 z=0.54 The build-up of the colour-magnitude relation VLT images

12 Summary: High level of MAGPOP-related activities at the University of Nottingham involving staff, postdocs and students. Science highlights:  Star-formation history in dwarf galaxies  Very deep Infrared Surveys (UDS)  Galaxy evolution in cluster environments

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