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WWW.SCORE.ORG Call 1-800/634-0245 SCORE Presentation SCORE Jacksonville.

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1 Call 1-800/ SCORE Presentation SCORE Jacksonville

2 Call 1-800/ SCORE The objective of a performance review is to help the employee be successful at the job and grow more proficient

3 Call 1-800/ Performance Review Written Job Description Provide to new employee when they are hired Immediately identify future date for review STICK TO IT! Use job description as basis for review No interruptions!No interruptions!

4 Call 1-800/ Performance Review Begin with something positive..!Begin with something positive..! Move to ‘self-evaluation’ and go over job description, allowing employee to identify strengths & weaknesses If there are weaknesses, determine how to remediate Identify any needed changes to the job description

5 Call 1-800/ Compensation Do the performance review even if you cannot give a raise Write up review IMMEDIATELY! Give employee a copy; put one in the file Make compensation changes immediately Initiate any remediation plan

6 Call 1-800/ Performance Review A performance review is an important opportunity to share your vision! Their success is YOUR success!

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