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Healthy Eating - title 1 2 3 Fiona Ross Manaia PHO Dietitian.

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1 Healthy Eating - title Fiona Ross Manaia PHO Dietitian

2 Low carb – high fat diet Heart Foundation Two Ticks Sodium

3 NO! Packaged /processed Sugar/sugary foods Grain products Seed oils Refined Carbs Soya and soya products SNACKS Animal and Dairy fats Meat High Extreme Message

4 Lots of non starchy vegetables Palm sized protein Real foods Variety Control total calorie intake STOP when you are SATISFIED

5 Amount of Carbs Types of FatAmount of Fats Fibre Saturated fat and heart disease. Carbs – insulin resistance, hunger, addiction

6 Polarizing Research Interpretation Confusing messages

7 Moderate fat intake Healthy Fats Moderate Carbs less sugar and processed foods Lots of non-starchy vegetables Variety Eat real food Stop Eating when Satisfied




11 Adequate intake: mg/day for body fluids 1600 mg/day to reduce risk of chronic disease 3500 mg/day kiwi average intake 2300 mg/day recommended upper limit

12 Blood pressure Atherosclerosis Gastric cancer Osteoporosis And others

13 Sodium

14 CornflakesOats

15 Sodium 315mg 220mg 2mg

16 1000mg2000mg

17 Healthy Eating - title 1 Eat REAL Food 2 Moderation 3 Stop Eating When Satisfied

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