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A Memory Book of Sodium BY NOAH BALKANY “YOU GREW UP SO FAST  ”

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1 A Memory Book of Sodium BY NOAH BALKANY “YOU GREW UP SO FAST  ”

2 Day You Were Born Name: Sodium Nickname: Na Birthdate: 1807 Birth weight: 22.98976928 Birth height: 11 Race: Alkali metal (Caucasian) Attending physician: Humphry Davy (not Humpty Dumpty) Gender: soft silvery metal can be cut with knife (Male) Place of birth: England (“ahhhh, I remember your first words, they were spoken with a British accent it was very funny since we lived in America at the time“) Personality: boiling point 882.940 C melting point 97.794 C ( your personality hot and cold you were a very colicky baby when you were young, just like your old man)

3 Favorite Memories “Remember the time I had great uncle rick babysit you but then he brought you to school, he was in high school at the time. He showed you off to his friends, and then decided to give you a bath so they put you in a beaker filled with water and then you started to fizz they got a little worried. But you were still dirty so they kept you in there. And then you caught on fire they thought it was cool but then you started going in circles faster and faster until they stepped back. And then you exploded causing the ceiling to catch on fire which they had to put out. You were fine in the end, but they were shocked for a couple days after and you uncle gave this quote “it was explosively fun ” Also remember the time you tried for swim team you made it, and won but at the first race that you had the only reason you won was because you exploded causing everyone to get out of the water but you. So you took your sweet time and won.

4 Your Career Picture of You At Work And now your career as a water purifier. What you choose do, I am proud of you for doing that. And it makes me happy to see you go on in the world. Have fun. src=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&v ed=0CAUQjhw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tu aeyATgnoHIDA&bvm=bv.80185997,d.aWw&psi g=AFQjCNHE5fUV5wNnALsw7H8TB2DFOzNCA A&ust=1416863254834846

5 Family Member(s) Where You Live Now Family/group Members: Alkali Metals Brother(s): Potassium, Caesium, Francium Sister(s):Lithium, Rubidium Where you live now: 3 rd Davy Way Physical Description: 1.a soft silvery metal, that oxidizes to grayish white 2.Sodium can be cut very easily with a knife 3. and it is a good conductor of electricity This changes when the pressure increases 1.At 1.5 Mbar, the color changes from silvery metallic to blackMbar 2.At 1.9 Mbar the material becomes transparent, with a red color 3.At 3 Mbar sodium is a clear and transparent solid. 4.All of these high-pressure allotropes are insulators and electrides. [allotropeselectrides [

6 Bohr’s model esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8 &ved=0CAUQjhw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchemis chemistry%2Fbohr- model.html&ei=Cj9yVKikKsTroATQnIHwAw&bv m=bv.80185997,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHyc0Iqz MoQXvPBIoxggSP7k- nh3Q&ust=1416859790349287 K7xw

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