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2 Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan PSOPublic Sector EnterpriseListed company ShellPrivate SectorListed company Attock PetroleumPrivate SectorListed company ChevronPrivate SectorNon-listed TOTALPrivate SectorNon-listed HascolPrivate SectorNon-listed BYCO MarketingPrivate SectorFully owned subsidiary of BYCO OOTCLPrivate SectorNon-listed BakriPrivate SectorNon-listed ZoomPrivate SectorNon-listed AskarPrivate SectorNon-listed AdmorePrivate SectorNon-listed

3 The projections show that there is an ever increasing demand for petroleum products With reduced availability of alternates like CNG demand of petroleum will grow at a much rapid rate Source : Pakistan Oil Report :by OCAC Demand of Petroleum is Expected to Grow at a Rapid Rate

4 Mehmoodkot Gatti Machike Chaklala Quetta Tarujabba Keamari Shikarpur Shershah Vehari NRL, PRL & BYCO PARCO & Dhodak ARL Refined product Refined + Crude Efficient Infrastructure is Critical for Petroleum Business in Pakistan - Hascol is Present at all Logistics Hub Port Qasim 65% Demand in North 90% Supply from South HPL Storage Facilities Common User Facilities Other OMCs Facilities

5 Hascol Petroleum - Introduction Start of OperationsYear 2005 Number of commissioned retail outlets 200 Products marketed by HascolMotor fuels (petrol, diesel), consumer/industrial fuels (fuel oil, kerosene, Jet) and lubricants (complete range of motor and industrial lubricants) Market Share (2012)2% Number of storage terminals4 Common User storage and handling facilities used 2

6 Our Board of Directors

7 Oil Marketing is Dominated by a Single Player and MNCs seem to losing Interest - An Efficient Local Player has opportunities Of Muti-National Companies (MNCs) Chevron is selling out their fuel business in Pakistan Shell’s market share has gone down by 300 bps in last 5 years Attock on the other hand has grown their market share by 300 bps in the same period

8 We Have High Aspirations for Growth…

9 Our People are Our Strength A significant proportion of HPL employees have experience of working in multinational oil companies like Shell, Chevron.

10 We have Technology and Infrastructure From 1 st of January 2013 HPL has gone live on J D Edwards – An ERP solution that connects and synergize all our network A significant proportion of HPL employees has experience of working in multinational oil companies like Shell, Chevron.

11 Our Retail Outlets are in Every Part of the Country and We Plan to Grow Further

12 High Standards of Facilities and Service is Our way of Doing Business More than 200 retail sites are in operation Another 300 in pipeline at various stages of completion

13 We Carry an International Lubes Brand in Our Portfolio FUCHS is a leading independent lubricants manufacturer of the world. In 2009,its sales revenues were €1,178.1 million. The company has 36 production facilities with over 100,000 customer base in more than 100 countries. FUCHS is among top 10 lubricants manufacturers in the world.

14 We Pioneer New Ideas and Execute those – LPG AutoMax Automax LPG in operation at Hascol- One since last year Focusing on CNG sites for LPG growth

15 Our Storage & Distribution Facilities - I Amangarh in KPK – 1500 MT Shikarpur in Sindh – 6,500 MT

16 Terminal at PQA, Karachi – 32,000 MT Under construction Installation at Machike, Punjab – 7,000 MT Our Storage & Distribution Facilities - II


18 We have the Right Credit Rating: A- and A-2 for Long-term and Short-term - by JCR-VIS

19 Roadmap to IPO The Issue: 25mn shares at a Floor Price of PKR 17 / share calculating to a total size of PKR 425mn Around 18.75mn shares are being issued via Book Building and 6.25mn shares will be issued to General Public at the strike price determined during book building PKR 300mn will be utilized for Capex on Machike Storage Facility and new retail outlets along with PKR 125mn for Working Capital The Company has achieved a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48.87% in topline over the last 5 years Given the strategic positioning of the Company in OMC sector along with its future growth plans, we believe that achieving listing at this point will not only assist the company in achieving its growth plans and improving its brand image but also provide an opportunity to share the future gains with its investors HPL has appointed AKD Securities Limited and Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman Chartered Accountants as Joint Lead Managers & Arrangers for the proposed IPO. HPL is currently in the process of preparing the formal listing application to the relevant Regulators and it is intended that the IPO will be launched in June 2013.

20 The floor price of PkR17 per share represent a FY12 P/E multiple of 5.11 (x) & a FY12 P/B multiple of 1.05 (x) which when compared with the average P/E and P/B multiple of the sample selected above, calculates to an upside potential of 26.31% and 77.77% respectively. Roadmap to IPO

21 Thank you


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