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URUGUAYURUGUAY. Uruguay: Location in South America.

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2 Uruguay: Location in South America

3 General Facts: Capital city: Montevideo Area: 68,039 square miles Currency: Peso uruguayo Population: 3,360.105

4 Largest city: Montevideo (1/2 of the population) Smallest City: Trinidad (Flores) Official Language: Spanish. Religion: No Official one

5 Our Flag Our President “Pepe” Mujica

6 19 Provinces or States (departamentos) ‏

7 Uruguayan Population Uruguayan culture: Spanish. European ancestry, especially Spanish and Italian. 10% are “mestizos and mulatos” High literacy rate – 97,3 %

8 Our Weather 4SEASONS4SEASONS No SNOW in winter!!

9 Traditions in Uruguay

10 Some of our Festivals: C A R N A V A L

11 Murga llamada

12 Llamadas and Candombe

13 “Mate” Our Food :

14 Chivito Tortas Fritas

15 “Asado”

16 “Alfajores” “Dulce de Leche”

17 “Mercado del Puerto” Some Typical Places:

18 Street Markets

19 Football A National Passion...

20 Our music... Tango

21 Folklore Cumbia

22 Rock & Pop

23 Places to Love... Colonia del Sacramento Hot Springs in Salto

24 Punta del Este Cabo PolonioMontevideo’s Rambla

25 Our Economy

26 Education inUruguay

27 Public Education (free of charge) Private Education (parents pay a monthly fee for children education) Only one public University in the country. There are private Universities.

28 The Uruguayan System The Uruguayan System Pre-school 33-5 years 1 primary school teacher and 1 assistant Kindergarten 55 years- 1 primary school teacher Elementary School 66 – 12 years– 1 primary school teacher Ciclo Basico - Junior High or Middle School - 12-15 – 14 to 16 teachers one per subject Bachillerato - High School - 14 – 18 9 -8 teachers

29 Plan Ceibal

30 Children go to school on horses in rural areas with low population Los niños van a la escuela en caballos en zonas rurales con poca población






36 The teacher work in the classroom El profesor trabaja en el aula

37 Los padres y abuelos participan de las actividades de la escuela Parents and grandparents participate in school activities


39 Maris Montes

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