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2 U RUGUAY, M ONTEVIDEO By: Drake and Iman


4 B ANDERA Los colores de la bandera son amarillo, azul, y banco

5 E L P RESIDENTE DE U RAGUAY ES ….. José Alberto "Pepe" Mujica Cordano, born 20 May 1935, is an Uruguayan politician, and president of Uruguay since 2010president of Uruguay

6 P ERSONAS La poblacion de Uruguay es 3.395 millones personas

7 E L C LIMA El clima de tropical es Uruguay

8 R ELIGION / H OLIDAYS 66 percent of Uruguayans are Catholic. They celebrate Holy week to celebrate Christians.

9 S IMBOLES Los colores y los simboles representan amarillo. The sun is on Uruguay’s flag.

10 S PORTS Los deportes y pasatiempos populares son futbol

11 A NIMALES Los animales que viven aqui son Ungulates, Azara Fox, Marsupials

12 C OMIDAS Las comidas populares son Milenesa- Meat covered with egg and breadcrumbs Chivito- Cow meat sandwich with lettuce,tomato,ham,mozzarella cheese,and mayonaisse Puchero- Puchero helps fight colds during winter. You boil cooking water with lots of veggies, also a piece of meat. Then you use the water for soup

13 M ONEDA The Uruguayan peso ($U) is equal to 100 centesimo or $1 US dollar.

14 C OLONIA D EL S ACREMENTO Colonia Del Sacremento is a popular destination to due to its famous neighbor Buenos Aires on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. You can uncover the hidden treasurers of the Unesco world heritage site with the churches, museums, ancient houses, cobble streets, river promenade and antique Plaza de Toros.

15 M ONTEVIDEO Montevideo has a peaceful and kind environment. Some of Montevideo top landmarks include the old city quarters, the Puerta de la Ciudadela, the Teatro Solis, and the Parque Rodo. The Rambla is a wonderful place. More than 13km of white sandy beaches cover the area. The river begins to mix up with the Alantic Ocean making it a great place to relax.

16 P UNTA D EL E STE Punta Del Este is a favorite summer place. It has modern, stylish character as well as beautiful beaches. You will find the best shops you will also be able to see the pot, the boulevards, the lighthouse, and the plaza with its crafts fair.

17 P ERSONAS FAMOUS Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz- was born January 24 1987. He is a Uruguayan futbol player who plays for the Uruguayan national team. On June 23 2013, Suarez became Uruguay’s all-time record goalscorer with 35 goals. Gabe Saporta- was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He developed a interest in music at the age of eight. Saporta was really influenced by hip hop music, and later discovered a natural liking for punk. Saporta was a singer. He belonged in the band Midtown.

18 H OLIDAYS Holy Week is the week before Easter( Semana santa). The Holy week occurs on the last day of Lent. Known as a Resurrection Day of Christ Jesus. The Roman Catholic Church has made rules for Holy Week witch includes: fasting,self denial, prayer, and thanksgiving. The event in memory of suffering of Jesus Christ. Childrens Day is on January 6 th in Uruguay. To celebrate the Children.

19 T HE E ND

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