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Havina- Vietnam’s Market Vietnamese Student Group.

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1 Havina- Vietnam’s Market Vietnamese Student Group

2 Market Research

3 Result of survey  There are 85 people who answer our survey. We have some conclusions for this:  Young people from 18 – 25 are interested in improving English speaking skills  Lots of people have no idea to do that  They have some method to learn  Most people want to have good English speaking program  Most people lose their work chances because of lack of speaking skill (around 86%)  BUT  they don’t have much money (69%: between 3-5 millions/year; 17%: under/free)  need truth from that program (quality – 57%, price – 37%, previous people – 25%)  not find suitable program (17%)  Not have time (2%)

4 Some graphs


6 Competitors  Main competitiors come from English language centres with extra curricular activities and foreigner teachers with English as native-language.or main language. They are mainly from Australia, Ireland, Philippine, British, United States.  For example:  International centre: Apollo, Language Link,  ACET – IELTS trainning  British Council – IELTS trainning, UK cultures, activities.  Local centre:  Aroma – focus on officer.  Cleverland  DACE  Equest – TOEFL, TOEFL ibt trainning  Online Website or service such as or Paltalk with the support from Vietnamese who live and work in foreigner countries.  We also found out a language centre with the same name as Havina. Havina Language Academy. This could be a potential problems if Havina intented to enter Vietnam.Havina Language Academy

7 SWOT Strength - Learning, and improve speaking through game platform. -Provide speaking training which is It is not a strong point of local products. -Good reputation from Finnish Education system. Weakness - No experiences in Vietnamese market. - Need local partner when approaching to Vietnam market. - The cost for purchasing or using Havina product might be lower than the company’s expectation. Opportunities - Vietnam is a potential market that has huge amount of young people (students, graduated students, officers, employees) who want to learn speaking English for a better chance in study, working life. - Less time consuming advantage - No real local competitors in this market segment. Threats - Software cracking problem. - Need to build a routine from users as Vietnamese has bad habit when learning English, e.g. 70% online user click on “vocabulary” button when they learn English than other sections.


9 Facts about Vietnam  95% Vietnamese aged 15 – 24 have access to the Internet  Internet users in Vietnam: 30,858,742 (10/2012)  73% users are under 35  95% users visit online news websites  90% users watch online video  86% users visit social networking sites, 19% users use social networks everyday  66% users use the web everyday  79% users have liked or followed a brand on social media  81% users inform purchase decisions through social media  55% users believe the internet has helped improve their self- confidence  Total population: 91,519,000  54% Vietnamese is under the age of 30.  25% Vietnamese is below the age of 15 However:  69% Vietnamese live in rural areas,  But more than 80% urban population connected to Internet.  Devices are used to go online:  81% desktops  56% mobiles  47% laptop.  75% household have a PC Source: Social, Digital and Mobile in Vietnam -´- blog.Social, Digital and Mobile in Vietnam

10 Social Network  Facebook  1 st social network site in Vietnam  Total users: 8,525,000 (10/2012) and 19,6 million users (8/2013)  Local Social Network  Zing Me. Provide features like facebook, and musics, games from VNG – mother company of zing me Zing Me  Rivals of Facebook about the number of users until Octorber 2012 with 8,2 million users. , product of VTC – big ITC corporation in Vietnam. Operates like a inforamtion portal. Still in beta with 2,5 million users  Tamtay also operates as photography network with 2 million users. Tamtay  Cyworld a model of cyworld from Korea. Cyworld  Zoota – new social network from big state-owned company Mobilephone, operates in all platorms. Focus on game. Zoota Source: Social, Digital and Mobile in Vietnam -´- blog.Social, Digital and Mobile in Vietnam

11 Blog and Microblog  Twitter has no growth in Vietnam’s market, only 9% Vietnamese netizens have used twitter.  Favourite bloggers often from Vietnamese who study, live and work in foreigner countries, mainly using blog services such as:  Blogspot  Wordpress  Young Vietnamese generation follow global trend of Viral Blog – Vblog, videos uploaded on YoutTube, and other.  1,792,848,000 onlines videos watched by internet users (06/2012)  24% internet users have YouTube accounts, beside local video service providers like

12 Online Communities  Online communities are channels for Vietnamese to exchange knowledge and information about all area in lifes, from technology, language study, to love stories.  Vietnamese often go to online commuinities asking for advices or recommendations from other users.  Always as good channels to promote products.  Key to success:  Be active in the post  Be patient  Provide necessary information.  Build a trust toward other members of the communities. Example of some top online communities in Vietnam - – about technology - Webtretho – a community for household - Lamchame – a community for young parents - Webketoan – community of accountants and auditors

13 Results of survey

14 What should Havina do in Vietnam?  Have a local partner  support in marketing  Set different levels of price for different customers  Customers segment should be students and graduated students  Building believe and truth by connecting with famous people (testimonial)

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