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Prix d`Excellence 2011 1. Introduction 2. The history of the award 3. National Awards 4. Judging process 7. Time schedule Prix d`Excellence 2011 László.

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1 Prix d`Excellence Introduction 2. The history of the award 3. National Awards 4. Judging process 7. Time schedule Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

2 Introduction The Prix d`Excelence was launched by FIABCI in 1992 with a goal to choose the best real estate developments worldwide. The exclusive media partner of the prix is the Wall Street Journal. The Prix d`Excellence is the branch mark of FIABCI and the most important marketing tool of our Federation. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

3 The history of the award Till 2010 in the 19 edition of the prix we had winners from 33 countries of 5 continent From Europe 17 countries Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia From Asia-Pacific 10 countries Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam From America 4 countries Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA From Africa 2 countries South Africa, Zimbabwe Prix d`Excellence László GÖNCZI

4 Improvement To use all the potential possibilities of the award it most be improved. The target is to develop the Prix d`Excellence to a very professional highly respected worldwide award with big number of entries from countries of five Continent, strong competition, professional judges and carefully selected and awarded projects Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

5 Improvement To reach this target the following steps must be done: Raise the number and quality of entries involving all FIABCI Chapters into organization work to be able to invite the best projects from all countries. Create a worldwide system of National Real Estate Awards managed by FIABCI Chapters supported by the Prix d`Excellence Committee and used the experience of National awards organized by Brazilian, Malaysian, Hungarian, Russian, Taiwanese, Indonesian Chapters. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

6 National Awards A manual describing the methods of organizing the National Awards were prepared A marketing CD helping the Chapters in organization work must be created New National Awards are planned by –Luxemburg –Itlay –Belgium –United Kingdom –Bulgaria –Baltic Chapter (Litvania, Latvia, Estonia) The winners of the National Awards will enter to the Prix. This will rise the number and the quality of the projects which are taking part in the Prix d`Excellence Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

7 Judging process The target is to create a highly respected jury with participation of the best professionals from five Continent. As FIABCI is the best and biggest Real Estate Federation in the World the experts taking part in the judging process are selected from FIABCI members. All FIABCI Chapters were invited to nominate their delegates. The Regional Committees, the Young Member and Principal Members Committees are involved into creation of the judging body Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

8 Judging body The judging body is organized in a form of two groups Judges and Oversight Panel Members Judges The Judges are Chapter representatives (Chapter Presidents and delegates) The Prix d`Excellence committee was inviting 2 experts from each chapter to be Judge. Till now we have 36 judges nominated by 24 Chapters Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

9 1 Dra. Mónica Aspauzo Argentina 2 Mr. Luciano Gronda Argentina 3 Dr Eugen Otto Austria 4 Ms. Robyn Waters Australia 5 Mr. Hendrik Nelde Belgium 6 Mr. Ricardo Yazbek Brazil 7 Mr. Basílio Jafet Brazil 8 Dr. Valentin Georgiev Saykov Bulgaria 9 Mr. Carlos Sousa Canada 10 Mr. Dinos Michaelides Cyprus 11 Mr. Lakis Tofarides Cyprus 12 Mr. Pantelis LeptosCyprus 13 Mr. Amselle Jean-Claude France 14 M. Jean-Michel Lancelot France 15 Mr. Hans-Ulrich Berendes Germany 16 Mr. Mike Vassiliou Greece 17 Mr. Peter Mehrli Hungary 18 Mr. Péter Gero Hungary 19 Ir. F. Teguh Satria Indonesia 20 Mr. Johannes Tulung Indonesia 21 Mr. Mitsuo Nakamura Japan 22 Mr. Carlo Hein Luxembourg 23 Mr. Romain Poules Luxembourg 24 Mr. Yeow Thit Sang Malaysia 25 Dato' Teo Chiang Kok Malaysia 26 Mr. Michael Geh Malaysia 27 Mr. Gerardo Paredes Mexico 28 Dr. Godfrey Okon Udo Nigeria 29 Ms. Tatiana Rodionova Russia 30 Ms. Elena Shuvalova Russia 31 Dr. Lim Lan Yuan Singapore 32 Mr. Ashvinkumar Singapore 33 Mr. Chen Ming Cheu Taiwan 34 Mr. Telman Abbasov Ukraine 36 Mr. Tony Grant USA 37 Mr. C. MacLaine Kenan USA Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI The Judges

10 Europe Region 1. FIABCI Austria 2. FIABCI Belgium 3. FIABCI Cyprus 4. FIABCI France 5. FIABCI Germany 6. FIABCI Greece 7. FIABCI Hungary 8. FIABCI Italy 9. FIABCI Luxemburg 10. FIABCI Norvay 11. FIABCI Russia 12. FIABCI Ukraine African Region 1. FIABCI Nigeria Americas Region 1. FIABCI Argentina 2.FIABCI Brasil 3. FIABCI Canada 4. FIABCI Mexico 5. FIABCI USA Asia-Pacific Region 1.FIABCI Australia 2. FIABCI Indonesia 3. FIABCI Japan 4.FIABCI Malaysia 5. FIABCI Singapore 6. FIABCI Taiwan Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI List of Chapters delegated Judges

11 Americas Region 1. FIABCI Dominican Republic 2. FIABCI Panama 3. FIABCI Venezuela Asia Region 1 FIABCI East Asia Multinational Chapter 2 FIABCI Philippines 3 FIABCI Thailand Europe Region 1. FIABCI Andorra 2. FIABCI Czech Republic 3. FIABCI Espana 4. FIABCI Ireland 5. FIABCI Israel 6. FIABCI Latvia 7. FIABCI Monaco 8. FIABCI Netherlands 9. FIABCI Portugal 10. FIABCI Slovenia 11. FIABCI Suisse 12. FIABCI United Kingdom Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI List of Chapters not delegated Judges

12 Task of Judges The Judges task is to evaluate the projects of 2-3 categories according to their professional specialization and send their scores to Asia- Pacific Secretariat, dealing with all administrative and the organization tasks. All Judges were asked to indicate their preferred categories. We got answers from most of Judges. We are asking those who was not answering, to send data as soon as possible. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

13 Task of Judges. The Prix d`Excellence Committee will inform all the Judges, which are the categories they will evaluate. Each Judge will receive instructions how to download the submitted documents and how to fill in and submit their scoring list. The whole process is going online. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

14 Oversight Panel The Oversight Panel is the Decision Making Committee of the Prix d`Ecxellence. The members of Oversight Panel are representing : –the FIABCI Regions, –the Young Generation and –the Principal Members Council /Professional Division. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

15 Oversight Panel Members Asia-Pacific Region 1. Mr. John Greig Australia 2. Mr. Kumar Tharmalingam Malaysia 3. Mr. Huang Nan Yuen Taiwan African Region 1. Ms. Yvonne Sowah Ghana Americas Region 1. Mr. Sheldon Good USA 2. Vacant 3. Vacant Europe Region 1. Ms. Natascha Jeuck Italy 2. Mr. Einar Hunstad Norway 3. Mr. Alexander Romanenko Russia Young Generation 1.Mr. Andres Fernando Correa Colombia Principal Memb./Professional Div. 1. Vacant Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI Chairman Mr. László Gönczi Hungary

16 Oversight Panel The oversight panel members are evaluating and scoring all the projects and sending their scores to the Asia Pacific secretariate online. The Secretariat is collecting all the scores both from the Judges and Oversight Panel Members and prepare a summary of scores. The final decision is taken during the Oversight Panel Meeting and based on the summrized scores. The Oversight Panel Meeting scheduled for the Sunday 20 March 2011 and will be held in Budapest, Hungary. Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI

17 Deadline for Full Submission of projects Judging Period – Closing Date for Judges & Oversight Panel to Submit the scores Summarizing the Scores Oversight Panel Meeting in Budapest, Hungary Notification of Winners Awards Presentation Ceremony in Paphos, Cyprus Prix d`Excellence 2011 László GÖNCZI Time schedule

18 Conclusion The Prix d`excellence Committee thanks all who were taking part actively in organization work and will take part in judging proces Now we have the last moment to invite investors to submit their projects for the Prix Do your best to rise the number of entries Prix d`Excellence László GÖNCZI

19 Conclusion For all information you need please contact the Asia-Pacific Secretariat and personally Mr Yu Kee Su Or the Chairman of the Prix d`Excellence Committee Mr László Gönczi Prix d`Excellence László GÖNCZI

20 Thank you for your attention

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