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Youth Achievement Foundations Steve Turner Programme Director.

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1 Youth Achievement Foundations Steve Turner Programme Director


3 The Issue

4 Tackling the “NEET” Issue What are the Challenges? Complex Challenges at Service Delivery & Commissioning Levels. Pro-active or Re-active? Staying Focussed & On Mission Build on experience

5 Set up 10 sustainable Youth Achievement Foundations Provide non-formal learning and support services for young people at risk from school exclusion Engage with schools and local authorities to establish local partnership and improve integrated service provision Engage with 500 disengaged young people and provide them with accredited awards and qualifications Aim/objectives of pathfinder

6 Progress To Date 190 young people enrolled in 2nd academic year (2009-10); Average attendance rate was 76.4 per cent; 151 young people (76.5 per cent) achieved accreditation with 83 young people (43.7 per cent) achieving more than one accredited outcome; 279 qualifications achieved by young people; A sample of the awards and qualifications equated to 3,124.5 points on the Qualification Framework. This is equivalent to 53 GCSE A* or 78 GCSE C. On average, each accredited student achieved an equivalent GCSE B The awards and qualifications have so far enabled 49 young people (24 per cent) to move on to further education and employment; Most students in the sample continue in education, either in YAFs (55 per cent), colleges (22 per cent) or in more specialised training (10 per cent). A small proportion has been able to secure employment (5 per cent) or an apprenticeship (2per cent) Sample taken across 85 students in 4 YAF’s. In addition 11 Foundations operational as of Sept 6th 12th Foundation expected November, exceeding project profile.

7 Political Environment (Delivering a BIG Society) Challenging Financial Arena More Academies Greater freedom over curriculum Greater powers for dealing with “Poor” behaviour A “Pupil Premium” A National Citizen Service as a “Rites of Passage” transition into adulthood

8 Synergy Foundations Marginalised Groups Academic Year Commissioned Sustainable Community Host Venue Demographic Operating Hours Facilities Income Staff Development Partnership

9 Local Authorities Curriculum to meet individual needs Developing self & social learning for a Big Society Complimenting a National Citizen Service by promoting cohesion, taking responsibility & engaging in their community Transforming life chances & reducing the causes of NEET Supporting disadvantaged young people Tackling poverty of aspiration Vocational learning to match progression pathways Cost effective Integrated support services Addressing exclusion Addressing underperformance

10 Barriers


12 What Next? 1.Formalise in an e-mail 2.UK Youth Info session group or 1:1 3.Submit Business Plan 4.Sign Licence Agreement (Franchise) 5.Start September 2012?

13 Steve Turner 07827353253

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