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Fundraising with Banner at UCLAN Presenters: David Turner, Senior Business Analyst Steve Williams, Support & Development Manager.

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1 Fundraising with Banner at UCLAN Presenters: David Turner, Senior Business Analyst Steve Williams, Support & Development Manager

2 Acknowledgements Maggie Maclean Development Officer (Annual Fund) & Jane Horabin Banner Support Officer

3 Agenda Context Telethon Campaigns Banner Technicalities Gift Aid Credit Card Donations Local Developments Results Way Forward Questions

4 Context - UCLAN Large, Post ’92 University (30k students) Preston Campus has 21.2k students –14.6k Full time (69%) –6.6k Part time (31%) –18.2k Undergraduate (86%) –3k Postgraduate (14%) 48 Partner Colleges worldwide with 9k students Evolving academic portfolio incorporates Dentistry, Pharmacy and Architecture Student administration is mostly devolved to Faculties and Schools; Central administration for Admissions, Fees, HESA, Fundraising, etc

5 Context - Banner Banner Advancement Banner Student Banner General Banner Accounts Receivable ODS Agresso

6 Context - Fundraising What we’ve done before –Telethon 2004 Outsourced – The Phone Room Oxford based Oxford based students – no/little knowledge of Preston –Results 4500 contacts offered, 622 contacts made Data issues highlighted No soft data gathered

7 Telethon Campaigns Campaigns (x3) –3 weeks in duration –Monday to Thursday –12 calling days –6 - 9 pm –18 Calling Stations, 2 Admin Support

8 What we wanted to achieve Get started !! Start talking Establish a Relationship –Find out about what they’ve been up to –Tell them what UCLAN/Faculty has been up to –Get them interested in UCLAN again! –Get their support –Gain their commitment! AKA ‘The Ask’

9 Trial Run 3 members of the Fundraising Team Tried to contact 60 people Results in own right – 3 donations, 20% Insights & appreciation of what callers would expect

10 Telethon - How Pre-Call Letter The Call –Strength: Current UCLAN students calling UCLAN alumni, Matched by Course/Faculty The –Thank you for your gift –Thank you for your pledge –Thank you for your time


12 Student Callers – Our Strength Mass Recruitment Selection Day Training Day Additional Training for Banner Admin Support

13 Call Centre Issues Caller reliability Excessive chatting Taking long breaks Performance & Confidence Location

14 What we achieved Data cleansing Data gathering Interest & Involvement Commitment … but more about this later

15 Banner Technicalities Setup on Banner heavily influenced by ESSEC as the only European user of Banner Fundraising at the time Giftaid suite of forms developed by SCT to enable Giftaid to be incorporated in UK donations In house development of Contact Identification, Contact Report and Gift Capture Campaign and Designation structure agreed for best fit with the Fundraising activities over the forthcoming years Desk aids developed for Student callers and Admin workers for ‘at a glance information’

16 Banner Technicalities Already had alumni logged and all details – APASBIO –This form contains summary information regarding a constituent such as : Telephone Nos Addresses Employment information Relationship information Solicitation information (following contact made) etc, etc …

17 Banner Technicalities The following activities were then undertaken to build up the necessary data on Banner: AFACAMP – Built Campaign information ADADESG – Built appropriate Designation for the Campaign AFADESG – Linked Campaign with Designation Logging gifts, pledges and call outcomes – AKAGIFT, AKAPLDG, ASAMRES

18 Banner Technicalities Solicitor Organisation set up and linking to Campaign – ASASORG & AFACORG Assigning/Re-assigning of contacts to Solicitors –ASAASCT –ASASIGN Access issues & data protection Reporting summary info from ODS

19 Gift Aid Variations on the normal forms to support Giftaid collection AKBGIFT instead of AGBGIFT Using tax records We report to inland revenue name, address and amount

20 Credit Card Donations Sought direct debits but also wanted to collect one off gifts Already use WorldPay for collecting fees Set up another account for fundraising Student caller enters details on a web page File of payments is provided by WorldPay each day Created a form to load it in as gifts onto Banner Not recording/storing credit card details locally WorldPay sends out an acknowledgment

21 Local Developments – Identifying Contacts Standard Banner uses Population Selection We use –ODS to extract a list of contacts –Used for MailMerge and a pre-call letter –New form to load into Banner as Contacts

22 Local Developments – Contact Report Everything we currently know about the contact all on one piece of paper They are the cues for the conversation Collect additional or correct information Variation on the report also supports faculties and services that have a need to contact alumni

23 Local Developments – Contact Report Exclusions Telephone Numbers Addresses Home Address Degrees Mailing Contacts Telethon Contacts Event Attendance Employer Details Gift and Pledge History Hobbies, Interests, etc Comments

24 Local Developments Gift Load Form Takes payments from the WorldPay file Load them as gifts as if entered via AKAGIFT Also used to load gifts from fundraising events

25 Results 24 students called 3562 potential donors 16% made donations or pledges Unable to get through, main reasons included: –630 no reply after 3 attempts –290 parents’ telephone no, new contact details provided however some did not wish to disclose details –615 received a dead dial tone –454 were no longer at this address

26 Results ‘Soft’ results: –13 course enquires –28 requests for the alumni magazine –4 interested in public lecture series –28 offering as mentors –17 offering placement opportunities –9 interested in reunions –2 offering to talk to students –7 offering corporate donations –7 Positive feedback: tell … I made it !

27 Results And … –817 new addresses –257 deactivated addresses –35 deactivated addresses –562 new addresses –2043 deactivated telephone numbers –520 new employer details –89 exclusion requests !!!

28 Way Forward Reduced from 3562 raw contacts To 771 useful contacts who will –Give us money –Help our current students –Actively participate in the future of UCLAN

29 Way Forward Telethons planned for March 2009 and June 2009 Have to address the data cleansing issues FuturePay – Use of WorldPay to receive monthly standing order type payments. Developing Student callers & further recruitment Will consider other systems to streamline and enhance the calling process –Eg Smart Call Promotion of Fundraising activities in general

30 … and that, in a nutshell, is how Fundraising in Banner works.

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