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Sarix Ti (thermal imaging) Security and Thermography

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1 Sarix Ti (thermal imaging) Security and Thermography
Charlie Shilling – Product Manager

2 Sarix TI Why use thermal cameras for Security?
See in impossible lighting conditions – Operations and Security See in complete darkness See through obscurants (smoke, dust, haze) See through particulates (fog, rain, snow) See beyond the glare of a bright light Be effective at all hours, in all weather types (24/7 – 365) Detecting intrusions (great detectors, fewer false alarms) - Security Great with analytics - automatic detecting (better than visible cameras) Detect at great distances (up to 4 miles) Perimeter protection / Intrusion detection Thermal cameras are very versatile tools and can be used for a wide range of applications, but here are 3 basic categories of applications you should look for with Sarix Ti: Impossible lighting conditions, situations where there is no light or bright spots, high back light – these cameras can see in all lighting conditions, 24 hrs / day, 7 days per week Next our Sarix Ti cameras are great detectors, their detection capabilities are greatly enhanced because the sensors are very sensitive to movement and are not distracted or interfered with shadows, or changing lighting conditions. They can detect objects up to 4 miles, great for perimeter protection or intrusion detection, The detection capabilities make our analytics very accurate and powerful

3 Key Difference: Thermal vs. Visible
Visible Cameras Require Illumination Reflected Light Another word you may here from the competition is emissivity, which means how an object collects and then releases heat. Thermal Cameras Require NO Illumination Radiated Heat

4 Use cases & applications

5 Major Advantage: See in darkness Active security monitoring
Thermal imaging lets you detect threats quickly: See what’s hiding in the bushes See things a standard camera would never reveal Visible Camera Sarix Ti

6 Thermal advantage: avoid glare Operations
Thermal imagers see heat, not light Not affected by bright lights Work equally well in day and night Improve operations & safety Typical Visible Camera Sarix Ti Important: This is NOT just a night-time technology!

7 Example: Avoid Glare – Parking Lot
Sarix Ti Typical Visible Camera

8 Airport Security and Operational Safety
Provides security & operational information during day, night, and adverse weather conditions. Sarix Ti Typical Visible Camera

9 More Sarix TI Installations
Train Platform and Tunnel Surveillance, Seeing through smoke in case of a fire Detecting the presence of people on platform in the dark if lights go out Securing trains when they are parked in dark tunnels from graffiti / tagging

10 Example: Replace Other Technologies
Customer Problem: A power substation needed to upgrade perimeter security, to include detection of intruders Original Solution: Install Spectra and other visible light cameras along the perimeter, PLUS install 30 microwave motion detectors Replacement Solution: Replaced 30 microwave units with 9 fixed and 1 p/t Sarix units Results: The overall cost of the thermal was less than the cost of the motion detectors Extra Benefit: Additionally, thermal offers visible verification of alarms and the ability to exclude areas from alarm “…the thermal cameras weren’t viewed as a replacement for the visible cameras (in fact we are still selling them the Spectras), but as a cost effective, higher quality, replacement for the microwave motion detection system.” NOTE


12 Sarix TI Features - Video Analytics
Based on Pelco Motion Analytics Includes Adaptive Motion Camera Sabotage Loitering Detection Object Counting Stopped Vehicle Analytics are “At The Edge” Reduces infrastructure / server burden Included in the base price – A major competitive edge! One of the key advantages of the Sarix platform is that Sarix TI supports the Pelco Motion suite of security-specific intelligent camera functions that allow the camera to report events beyond simple motion. Adaptive motion allows a camera to detect directional motion of targets meeting specific size criteria. An alarm notification will be issued if detected targets move in the wrong direction across a trip line. Camera sabotage reports any attempt to move Loitering detection and stopped vehicle report detected targets dwelling to long in an observed area. Object counting reports the number of targets crossing a trip line or area in a certain direction. Finally stopped vehicle, …..

13 Trip Wire

14 Example of Analytics People directional trip wire Auto Trip Left
Detect intruder and auto track to intrusion zone Count all trip wire

15 Sarix TI Differentiators
Image Quality All digital image processing Industry leading resolution Industry leading range and analytics performance Breadth of Offering Many lens choices Choice of resolutions Built in Analytics Lower cost Lower impact on network Ease of integration Sarix API Common Web / set up interface Complete solution The Takeaway: Sarix TI is The Most Compelling Value in the industry!

16 Identifying Thermal Camera Opportunities
Viewing in difficult or impossible lighting conditions Long distance monitoring Detecting: Primary use is Automated Perimeter Security Viewing in difficult or impossible lighting conditions: Low light: parking lots, building parameters, highway, rail tunnels No light: fence lines, parking lots, borders Bright lights / bright spots Long distance monitoring: Detect a person up to 2 miles away Detect an auto up to 5 miles away Detecting: Primary use is Automated Perimeter Security Detect person, auto, movement of anything Visual or automatic detection and tracking Thermal cameras are excellent detectors - great analytics, better than visible cameras C

17 Thermal Cameras and Security

18 Thermography Definition Terms Applications Competition Demo
Call to action

19 What is Thermography (very general description)
Measure the temperature of any object in the camera’s field of view What is the Pelco advantage Easily set alarm temperature Send an alarm when the temperature of the object exceeds the predetermined temperature set point Record or monitor temperature trend information

20 Terms Automation Camera Predictive Maintenance Temperature Measurement
Equipment Monitoring Thermography

21 Strong Business Cases for Customers
Applications: Open field for sales Limitless Applications: Electric substations Oil and Gas equipment and flair monitoring Factories Frozen food distribution warehouses Fire prevention and detection in trash, coal, & industrial waste Auto, truck, & train break overheating More added every day……


23 Temperature Measurement Preventative Maintenance, trending, electrical monitoring Electrical substation load leveling example below We are developing and delivering a new capability for our Sarix Ti cameras – thermography, or temperature measurement, delivering a beta this year and rolling out the production versions early next year. This temperature measurement capability is used for: Preventative maintenance Temperature trending Monitoring electrical and mechanical equipment The image is of an electrical substation measuring the temperatures of transformers and connections in order to help the facility

24 Electrical Substations
Cost Effective Perimeter Security Predictive Maintenance Continuous thermal monitoring: Make repairs early before problems spread and while less costly. Prevent expensive downtime due to equipment failures Power industry has well documented ROI for thermographic inspections

25 Industrial Robotic Welder - Predictive Maintenance
Automated, continuous monitoring of robotic welders for over temperature conditions. 100 assembly “cells” designated as “critical” (can bring entire line down) in one facility Robots/cell: 1-6 Thermal cameras/cell: 1-3 Monitors cables, motors, and cooling lines Schneider SCADA system Opportunity to deploy into other Toyota lines and more manufacturers

26 Fire Prevention Prevent fire and optimize your Low and Medium voltage electrical distribution availability and utilization thanks to thermal monitoring

27 Shell – Oil Pump Monitoring
Monitor critical pump head component temperatures Two ESTI350’s per pump pad, 48 pumps per pad One hundred pump pads on Carmon Creek Project 52° 66° 80° 92°

28 Thermography Analytics
Analytics built into the camera: Absolute temperature Measures the actual temperature of an object and alarms when the object exceeds, or drops below a temperature set in the analytic Relative temperature Measures the temperature of 2 or more objects and alarms when difference between the temperatures of objects exceeds the temperature set in the analytic. Self Reference Takes the initial temperature of an object during set up and alarms when the object’s self referenced temperature exceeds a specified temperature delta. Camera Sabotage / Vandal detection

29 Pelco Sarix Thermography Advantage
Easier to setup and use Integrated Analytics Simple drawing of Region of Interest (ROI) with automatic recognition of object in scene Temperature data displayed in scene or in separate window Uses any web browser – no need for IE or Pelco Media Player Automatic input of weather station data Great integration Full IP camera with powerful Sarix digital processing Full temperature metadata – for temp trending Seamless VMS and SCADA integration

30 Thank YOu

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