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NE New Seating Designs Gemini and Perch August/2013.

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1 NE New Seating Designs Gemini and Perch August/2013

2 Gemini Design Criteria New Seat Design Criteria – Lightest weight seat in industry – Cost Efficient – User Efficient – Meet Applicable APTA standards – Modularity – Innovation – Comfort Contours and comfort of the seat is identical to 4ONE’s best selling Aries product line

3 Gemini Targets Targets for a 38 Passenger Bus – Ultra-Lightweight 1000 lbs or less (complete seating arrangement), limited options – Cost Lower cost when compared to similar seats in market APTA compliant – Available in Forward Facing – 1PL, 2PL Aisle Facing – 1-4PL

4 Gemini Targets – Standard offerings Grabrail option Armrest Hip Support Spacer (2-4PL seats) Inserts (with/without drain hole) – Hard – Options Inserts – Cloth (standard and Anti Vandal) – Cloth/Foam (standard and Anti-Vandal) – Plastic inserts – Quick release or anti vandal Anti Bacterial Grabrail (Sanitized) Stainless Steel Back Panel Docket 90A Variety of colors – ADA compliant

5 Gemini Overview 1PL 17.3” 2PL 35”

6 Gemini Side View

7 Gemini Flipseat Same design and comfort as rigid Gemini – Similar options as rigid Gemini Compact design Available in forward facing and aisle facing design Multiple configurations – 1PL (forward and aisle facing) – 2PL (forward and aisle facing) – 3PL (aisle facing) – Can be ganged together or operated individually Options – Lock up – Lock down

8 Gemini Weight Comparison

9 50 lbs.

10 66 lbs.

11 The “Perch” Flipseat – Perch Targets – High traffic areas, short travel time on bus Features – Lightweight Attached directly to wall, no cantilevers – Compact 7” overall thickness Maximize aisle width Increase standee capacity Multiple configurations – 1PL (aisle facing) – 2PL (aisle facing) – 3PL (aisle facing) – Can be ganged together or operated individually – Lock up – Lock down – Theater style (auto up; single configuration only) Options – Inserts Cloth Cloth with Padding

12 Perch

13 Basic Dimensions

14 Gemini Customers – Launch Customer 27 Buses with WMATA 15 Buses with WMATA – Additional orders Fayetteville NC WinnipegRochester West Palm Beach OrlandoNYCTA South Daytona BostonSan Diego Multiple bids pending award in US & Canada

15 Perch Customers Nashville Brampton Pending bids for articulated and BRT buses

16 Sanitized® Grab Rails 4ONE Seating is proud to offer the first anti- microbial grab rail option to the transit industry. Sanitized® grab rails provide protection for the life of the bus. Molded into the material, the protection will not wear off or diminish over time Sanitized® grab rails will be available on: The GO Seat and 3PT seats FW seats (with 3PT grab rails) CitiSeats 4ONE Aries and Gemini seats







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