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Connecticut State Building Code. TOPICS Update on the Current Code Adoption Code Adoption Process Appeals Process Services from the Office of the State.

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1 Connecticut State Building Code

2 TOPICS Update on the Current Code Adoption Code Adoption Process Appeals Process Services from the Office of the State Building Inspector Discussion / Questions

3 Connecticut State Building Code Proposed 2015 State Building Code 2015 Connecticut Supplement 2012 ICC - International Building Code 2012 ICC – International Residential Code 2012 ICC – International Plumbing Code 2012 ICC - International Mechancial Code 2012 ICC – International Energy Conservation Code 2012 ICC – International Existing Building Code 2014 NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code


5 Hierarchy of Law Federal Law – CFR,USC, etc. – 40 CFR 220 Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) – 29-252 State Regulations (RSCA) – 29-252-1 Local Law & Ordinances

6 The Players State Building Inspector Codes & Standards Committee State Fire Marshal Legislature Public

7 C.G.S. 29-252 Creates the position of State Building Inspector – Governor’s Appointment – Must be a R.A. or P.E. with 10 years experience – Authority to interpret State Building Code – Authority to Review a local building officials decision Adoption of a State Building Code – Based on a national standard – Develop Amendments to the model Administrative Geological and weather Statutory Requirements Any other issue deemed necessary – 18 Months after Publication of the model code

8 C.G.S. 29-253 Applicability of State Building Code – Applicable to all municipalities – May not be changed locally No local additions or exceptions – Related Laws Zoning regulations and ordinances Wetlands regulations and ordinances Fire Safety and Fire Prevention Codes

9 Regulation RCSA 29-252-1 – State Building Code – Adopts ICC & NFPA Model Codes Connecticut Supplement – (Amd) Amendments – changes to model code language – (Add) Additions - entire sections or a few words – (Del) Deletions – sections, appendixes Amendments += SBC

10 Adoption Process Technical Review and Supplement Development Code Change Proposal Process Approval of the Final Draft Regulatory Adoption Process

11 Technical Review Technical Review and Supplement Development – Review of proposed model codes Subcommittees with OSBI staff – Draft Supplement Section revision and coordination Add new statutory requirements Remove incorporated items

12 Code Change Proposals May be submitted by anyone – Form and instructions on Adoption Website Proposer Information Code Section(s) with proposed language Background and supporting information May Request to do a Presentation to the committee – Limited to 10 minutes – Unlimited Q&A with the committee

13 Regulatory Approval Administrative Approval – Governor’s Office/OPM Formal Public Hearing – Catalog all comments – Develop Responses – Make Revisions Attorney General Review and Approval Regulation Review Committee – Legislative Commissioner Office Review – Regulation Review Committee Hearing – Approval Submission to the Secretary of the State – It is law!

14 Appeals General Appeals Process Municipal Board of Appeals or Chief Executive BO Decision Review by OSBI State Codes & Standards Committee State Superior Court

15 Avenues for Appeal C.G.S 29-252(d) SBI review of an LBO decision – Limited to misinterpretation or misconstrue C.G.S 29-252a(g) Refusal to issue a permit or Certificate of Occupancy C.G.S 29-254(b) Appeal of modification decision by SBI C.G.S 29-266(b) Appeal of a LBO decision C.G.S 29-269(b) Appeal of an Accessibility Waiver

16 Modifications Formal Interpretations and other Services provided by OSBI

17 Modifications Building Code Modifications C.G.S 29-254(b) – State Building Inspector may grant a modification if Practical Difficulty Unnecessary Hardship Otherwise adjudged unwarranted For a specific property or project – ONE TIME ONLY - not part of the code Municipal Building Officials are NOT empowered to make Code modifications!

18 Building Code Modification Application – Available through local BO – Online at the OSBI Website Submission – To Local BO to comment – LBO sends to OSBI for action Review and Approval – May contact LBO or requester – Research, discuss with ICC Approval (or denial) – Returned to applicant and LBO Modification Form

19 Other Modifications Accessibility Exemptions C.G.S. 29-269(b) – Joint decision – OSBI and Office of Protection & Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities Educational Sprinkler Waiver C.G.S 29-315 – Joint decision – State Building Inspector and State Fire Marshal Urban Homesteading and Historic Structures – C.G.S. 29-259

20 Elevators and Lifts Elevators CGS Chapter 538 Limited Access Lifts Special handling when part of ‘accessible path’

21 Formal Interpretations SBI or designee may issue C.G.S. 29-252(c) Required to compile and index (on website) Becomes part of the code

22 OSBI Services Code Questions, informal interpretations – Please do your homework first Conflict Resolution – LBO enforcement – Interagency Support for Local building offices

23 Questions? Contact Information: Office of the State Building Inspector 165 Capitol Ave. Room 265 Hartford, CT 06106 Telephone: 860-713-5900 Website: Email: Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you tonight!

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