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What if you only had one day to change the world?.

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1 What if you only had one day to change the world?

2 Future Vision MOU Certification Presented by Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee January 28,2012

3 What is Future Vision? A plan that reflects the desires and interests of Rotary worldwide to give the Foundation a SUSTAINABLE and more VISIBLE IMPACT in the world. Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

4 Objectives of Future Vision Encourage clubs to work together Strengthen impact of club projects Partner with other organizations Increase leverage Create innovation/artistry Advance understanding of the Foundation’s work Enhance Rotary’s public image Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

5 6 Areas of Focus Peace and Conflict Resolution Disease Prevention and Treatment Water and Sanitation Maternal and Child Health Basic Education and Literacy Economic and Community Development Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

6 Role of Grants Committee Oversee the qualification of clubs Serve as a RESOURCE on all Rotary Foundation Grants Evaluate and Approve Proposals for District & Global Grants Oversee reporting to TRF Provide input on DDF distribution Report any potential misuse or irregularities in grant related activity to TRF Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

7 Grants Criteria 3 Club Members must be MOU certified Club encouraged contribute to Polio Plus and to Annual Giving Host/International club must be eligible No outstanding Final Reports Must have 3 club members on Global Grant Project Committee for both host/international clubs Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

8 Grants Process All proposals must FIRST be submitted to the District Grants Committee (DGC) DGC will review Proposal for eligibility DGC will approve District Designated Funds (DDF) as applicable to each Proposal If approved, club will be notified with one week Club can then submit Proposal to TRF, if approved, submit application. Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

9 Global Grants Clubs & districts apply for a World Fund match (min. US $15,000, total project budget min. $30,000) WF match (100% DDF, 50% cash contribution) District DDF limit is currently $5000 ! DDF per project. To satisfy $15000 World Fund Match, the minimum total project cost in our district must be at least $40000 and club cash contributions (CCC) must be at least $20000. ($5000 DDF@ 100%Match) + ($20000 CCC@50%) = $15000 WF Minimum + 50000 DDF + 200000 CCC ________________ $400000 Total Project Cost Global Grants are Awarded by TRF International and Host partner required (must be a Future Vision Pilot District) Must fall within 6 Focus Areas Long term, sustainable and measurable Humanitarian, Educational, Vocational Longer planning process Active Rotarian participation Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

10 District Grants Local or international (District 7620 prefers local) No World Fund Match District will match with DDF up to $1,500 per club (and up to $4,500 with 3 clubs or more) Grants Funds managed by District No club partner required Short –term, one time and smaller scope Educational, vocational or humanitarian Applications accepted from 15 January – 30 June 2012 Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

11 How to apply Global Grants – apply online using Member Access on the RI website (2 steps-Proposal and Application) District Grants – send electronic application to District Grants Committee Procedure for both in E-Grants Newsletter Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

12 TRF Principles of Sustainability Activities and safeguards that continue a project’s impact after Foundation funding is fully expended Use of local resources, regional input and local knowledge Respect for natural resource base Reach the most beneficiaries Prepare scholars and individuals to contribute new and innovative methods Prepare participants to increase impact and improve effectiveness Utilize the input and skills of grassroots groups Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

13 Global Grants for District 7620 DDF 85,000 – over 35 clubs participating Literacy – Ecuador – Annapolis/Bethesda Chevy Chase $61,375 Disease Prevention – Mali – Capitol Hill $60,000 Water – Honduras – Carroll Creek $85,000 Water – Ghana - $2 million Disease Prevention – India - Rockville $68,182 Water – Honduras – Baltimore $90,000 Disease Prevention and Treatment – USA – Rockville $55,000 Water – Togo – Potomac $52,000 Water – Ethiopia – Columbia Patuxent $60,000 Disease Prevention – Turkey VTT – Washington DC $60,000 Disease Prevention – India – Towsontowne $104,500 Peace and Conflict Prevention Resolution – Uganda – Annapolis $100,000 Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

14 District Grants for 2011-2012 DDF $15,000 -14 clubs Monarch Butterfly Garden (Greenbelt) Oyster Reef Capacity Building (Leonardtown, Lexington Park, Annapolis, Annapolis Evening, Capitol Hill, College Park) Find Your Path for Middle School students (La Plata) Arundel House of Hope Medical Equipment (Glen Burnie, Parole, Lakeshore and North Anne Arundel) INNterim House for homeless/at risk mothers and their children – Pikesville/Owings Mills Beethoven Found – Musical instruments for High School students - Gaithersburg Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

15 DDF 2012-2013 Rotary Year Global Grants - $50,000 District Grants - $20,000 District Scholarships - $20,000 Global Grant Scholar - $15,000 Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee









24 Issues faced in 2010-2011 Clubs with outstanding reports, project lead not assuming responsibility Confusion about Member Access Finding partners and fundraising (time consuming) Online system not user friendly, slow Clubs not paying attention to DDF requirements Host DGs and DRFCs taking too long to authorize online Proposals Clubs taking too long to submit their application, thus tying up DDF Clubs not listening to Grants Committee advice Clubs not communicating with their partners/GC/TRF Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

25 You finally found a host club in a war and drought ravaged African country. This Rotary Club has struggled but is in desperate need of a Global Grant and they need you to partner with them. You agree and spend over 200 hours of project design, etc. Your Global Grant application is submitted to TRF and then you find out the club has 3 outstanding Final Reports. Your Global Grant is officially on hold until the Final Reports have been accepted by the TRF. Your host partner appears indifferent to this issue. What do you do? Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee Case Studies

26 You have a reliable host club, a great sustainable project, a responsive cooperating organization and an international club that supports you on every level. Your problem? You don’t have the resources to raise $50,000 in 6 months. What do you do? Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee Case Studies

27 Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee Case Studies You are engaged in a complex multi-year Global Grant which involves over $300,000 of club cash contributions and multiple district DDF from 5 countries. Interim reporting has been poor or non-existent and despite repeated attempts to get all countries to adhere to reporting guidelines, you have nothing but empty promises. You cannot apply for further grants until the reports are are in good order. Disappointed and de-moralized, your club decides it would be best to sever ties with all of your partners. Is this the best course of action to take?

28 Facebook Twitter You Tube Crowdrise PayPal Linkden Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee Social Media

29 Good for one year Entire club responsible for use of grant funds Club must disclose any potential conflict of interest Club must cooperate with all district and TRF audits Club must certify 3 members Club must establish succession plan Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee Club Memorandum of Understanding

30 Authorization and Agreement Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee The club MOU is a legal document between the club and the district. By signing this agreement, the club president and president elect are authorizing it, which enters the club into a legal agreement with TRF to abide by all Rotary Foundation and Rotary International policies.

31 Good Luck Everyone District 7620 Grants Committee: Lisa Marie Monsanto-Washington DC Paul Derstine, Bonds Meadow RC Dr. Barry Thompson, North Bethesda RC Chris Siciliano, Towsontowne RC Peter Kyle, Capitol Hill RC Dr. Paul Manchak, Lexington Park RC Steve King, Leonardtown RC Ted Gregory, Carroll Creek RC Andy Baum –Carroll Creek RC- Rob Brown, Towsontowne RC - DRFC Rotary District 7620 Grants Committee

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