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The Amazing Race. Stage 1: Africa Africa is the 2 nd largest and most populous continent. It covers about 20% of the world’s total land area. 1 billion.

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1 The Amazing Race

2 Stage 1: Africa Africa is the 2 nd largest and most populous continent. It covers about 20% of the world’s total land area. 1 billion people live in Africa.

3  Travelers will fly from the Race’s starting point in Washington D.C. to Lagos, Nigeria. The flight costs 1800 per person. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. Lagos is one of the world’s largest cities, due to rapid urbanization. For the first task Racers must use the public transportation system of Lagos to collect markers from around the city. Due to high population and inadequate infrastructure traffic congestion is a daily problem in Lagos: it takes an average of two to three hours to travel 10-20 kilometers.

4 Pit Stop #1  After finishing their first task racers must hurry to a Pit Stop in Abuja, Nigeria. Using Air Nigeria Airlines the flight will cost $450. The last team to arrive will be eliminated from the race.  Abuja serves as the new capitol of Nigeria, as of December 12 th, 1991 (replacing Lagos). It is located in the center of the country in order to signify cultural neutrality.

5 Stage 2: Europe  From Abuja Travelers will fly to Berlin, Germany for the second leg of the race. Using KLM Royal Dutch Airlines this flight will cost $1000.  In Berlin Racers must walk the path of where the Berlin Wall, and then piece together puzzle images of the wall. When they complete the puzzle Racers must continue to the next Pit Stop.

6 Pit Stop #2  After completing the task the racers must make their way to the Reichstag building for a Pit Stop. This is the site of German Parliament.

7 Stage 3: South America  Travelers will fly from Berlin, Germany to Cuzco, Peru. These flights will total to about $1,700.  From the city they will travel 80km NW and then up the Mountain to the cultural site of Machu Picchu Once there Racers will complete their third task by constructing quipis, a traditional information keeping system of the Inca.

8 Constructing a Quipi

9 Pit Stop #3  Participants will travel back down the mountain and catch a flight at the Cuzco Airport, then fly to Lima Peru, which serves as the capitol of the country.  The flight will cost $360 using Taca International Airlines.

10 Stage 4: Australia  Racers will fly to Queensland on the NE coast of Australia, the flights will total to $2050 in costs.  In Australia Racers will complete their 4 th task by either scuba diving throughout the Great Barrier reef to find certain species of wildlife, or riding a boat out and fishing. These tasks will show the interactions between humans and the natural environment.

11 As a 4 th Pit Stop Racers will make their way to Sidney by flying with JetStar Airlines. The flight will cost $236 and meet at the Sidney Opera house. The last team to arrive will be eliminated.

12 Stage 5: Asia  Travelers will fly from Sidney to the Indian state Maharashtra. The flight will cost $1600 to fly into Mumbai. From there Racers will travel to the Akola, the “cotton city” where they will work in nearby farms to pick a large bundle of cotton.

13 Pit Stop #5  After they finish picking their cotton racers go back to the Mumbai Airport and will fly to Delhi from Mumbai, then take busses to Agra.  In Agra they will race to the 5 th Pit Stop which is located in the Taj Mahal.

14 With construction beginning around 1632 and completed around 1653 the Taj Mahal has become one of the world’s most recognizable structures. I was built by the Mugal emperor Shan Jahan in memory of his 3 rd wife Mumtaz Mahal.

15 Stage 6: South America (again)  Travelers will fly from New Dehli to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The flights will cost $1750.

16  Travelers will participate on a Tijuca Rain Forest Jeep Tour from Rio de Janeiro. On the Tijuca Rain Forest Jeep Tour travelers will have to compete in a scavenger hunt to see who can first spot and photograph monkeys, specified birds, butterflies and tropical flora.

17 Pit Stop #6  As their sixth Pit stop the travelers will take tour busses from Rio to Brasilia.  Brasilia is selected as a pit stop because it is the new capitol of Brazil.

18 Stage 7: North America  Race participants will then fly back to N. America landing in Minneapolis, MN.  Racers will have a choice between two activities for their final task. They will participate in leisure time activities of a moderate/poor or wealthy person in order to learn about economic development.

19  For a higher economic leisure time Racers can pick to go to Canterbury Park. There they must bet on horse races until they pick the horse that has the Amazing Race Logo on it.  As a lower economic leisure time the Racers will participate in a BBQ at a local park. They must search through all the coals in the park grills to find the one yellow coal.

20 The End!  The final Pit Stop of the Race will be at the Capital Building in St. Paul Minnesota. The first team to arrive wins the race!

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