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NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON History Geography Sights Culture and Sport VY_32_INOVACE_15-03.

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1 NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON History Geography Sights Culture and Sport VY_32_INOVACE_15-03

2 N EW Y ORK Autor: Bleff, Název: NYC Montage 2011.jpg Zdroj:

3 H ISTORY OF N EW Y ORK 1524 – G. Verrazano - landed 1609 – H. Hudson - explored 1614 – Dutch – colonized  Wall Street New Amsterdam 24 $ from Indians 1664 Charles II gave it to brother Duke of York, 1669 – English  N. York the largest US city the first capital after the Constitution was accepted a seaport, financial, business and cultural centre 4 airports (JFK, Newark…), the largest subway system

4 G EOGRAPHY OF N EW Y ORK The City of New York (state New York) north – east of the USA ‘between’ Washington and Boston Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers environmentally friendly city: public transport modern ecological buildings and skyscrapers 5 areas: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island (Richmond) Long Island, Liberty, Ellis, Roosevelt Islands more than 8 mill. inhabitants

5 S IGHTS OF N.Y. Manhattan ‘Heavenly Land’ oldest, most important part, tallest build., expensive shops, schools, financial and cultural centre, streets and avenues Wall Street: 1792 open-air money market 1929 – WS Crash 1930s Great Depression – Washington Bridge, Chrysler, Empire State Building, … WWII – refugees: Einstein, Chagan 1953 United Nations, 1973 WTC - 09/11/2001, Ground Zero Times Square, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick´s Cathedral Central Park, Lincoln Center, Statue of Liberty, New York Stock Exchange Harlem – poor, unemployed people

6 E MPIRE S TATE B UILDING Autor: David Shankbone, Název: Empire State Building by David Shankbone.jpg Zdroj:

7 C ULTURE AND S PORT IN N.Y. Columbia and N.Y. Universities Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center Metropolitan Museum of Art Guggenheim Museum Metropolitan Opera House, NY State Opera Stadiums: Yankee, Shea, Madison Sq. Gardens

8 R OCKEFELLER C ENTER Autor: Bruin, Název: Rockefeller-ice.jpg Zdroj:

9 H ISTORY OF W ASHINGTON D.C. from 17th cent. first settlements as the capital chosen in 1790 (planned and built) – by G. Washington destroyed during Br. – Amer. War A. Lincoln assassinated here named after the first American president no skyscrapers

10 W ASHINGTON - MAP Autor: U.S. Census Bureau, Název: Washington, D.C. locator map.svg Zdroj:,_D.C._locator_map.svg

11 G EOGRAPHY OF W ASHINGTON on the Potomac River eastern coast of the USA District of Columbia legislative, administrative, judicial center 600,000 inhabitants 4 sections: NE, NW, SE, SW from the Capitol: NS – numbers, avenues EW – letters, streets

12 W ASHINGTON Autor: Epicadam, Název: DCmontage4.jpg Zdroj:

13 I NTERESTING PLACES IN W ASHINGTON The White House The Capitol Capitol Hill Seat of Congress, House of Representatives, the Senate Library of Congress Pentagon The Mall – a 2 mile park line The Capitol – Washington Monument Washington Monument 170m high obelisk, the tallest structure, 50 flags around panoramic view The Supreme Court, the Arlington National Cemetery Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, American soldiers` memorials

14 T HE W HITE H OUSE Autor: Matt H. Wade, Název: WhiteHouseSouthFacade.JPG Zdroj:

15 C ULTURE IN W ASHINGTON many museums: National Air and Space Museum Br. Wrights, Ch. Lindberg, moon rocks… JFK Center for Performing Arts Opera House, Concert Hall, Am. Film Institute Theatre Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institute National Gallery of Art West and East Potomac Parks, Constitution Gardens

16 T HANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Autor DUM: Mgr. Darina Sikorová

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