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2009 AGADC Conference Does the Shared Service Model Work? May 13, 2009.

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1 2009 AGADC Conference Does the Shared Service Model Work? May 13, 2009

2 About AoC AoC maintains and preserves the U.S. Capitol Complex –Provides mechanical and structural building maintenance –Responsible for building modernizations and renewals, (e.g. House and Senate Office Buildings) –Manages New Construction (e.g. Capitol Visitors Center) –Maintains the Capitol grounds –Supports the inauguration and other events at the Capitol and on the Capitol Grounds

3 AoC Financial System Environment The AoC Financial Systems Office provides system support for financial, budget, acquisition, and inventory management activities –Financial Management System – Momentum –Inventory Management System – Maximo This year, AoC transitioned directly to CGI Federal for IT Hosting and Applications Management of our financial management system and inventory management systems.

4 AoC Financial System Environment Prior system configuration –AoC hosted the inventory management system in-house –A FMLoB service provider hosted and provided application management services for the financial management system Factors contributing to the switch –Desire to consolidate hosting of all financial management and inventory management systems –Reduce system management costs –Obtain better system integration and achieve process improvements over the prior system configuration

5 SSP Selection Process AoC decided that it wanted to stay with Momentum and Maximo for at least the short term This limited choices to two FMLoBs and CGI CGI provided the best option for AoC –Ongoing relationship as primary support contractor for Maximo and a FMLoB subcontractor supporting Momentum –Ability to consolidate hosting and support of both systems –Reduced cost over prior system management arrangement –Streamline service

6 CGI Implementation Smooth implementation and transition with go live in April 2009 –Transition was seamless to the users CGI provided project management, data conversion, application setup & configuration, interface management, change management / process changes, and testing AoC maintained ongoing operations with the FMLoB, and performed project management, network transition, interface management, testing, and validated data conversion

7 Operations & Maintenance System Performance has improved Help Desk provides Level 1 on-site support with Level 2 & 3 provided remotely CGI provided thorough user guides, tech guides, operations guide, and performance metrics CGI addressed disaster recovery with a full operational framework

8 Benefits Reduced cost of system operations FAR compliant contract! Better integration than previous configuration Positive noticeable changes for the end users Better system flexibility over previous configuration Enhanced service responses

9 Lessons Learned Have a thorough contract and service level agreement that defines service expectations Maintain good communication with your service provider Dedicated and Intensive project management Involve Users in requirements and testing Communication, Communication, Communication

10 Comments/ Questions Robin Moffatt Director, Financial Systems 202-226-3855

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