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Technology Integration Connecting Technology and Teachers.

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2 Technology Integration Connecting Technology and Teachers

3 Amazing Technology

4 Who is it for? Students?orTeachers?

5 Objectives I can model digital age work and learning I can use critical thinking skills and technology together I can be a solid digital citizen I can communicate and collaborate effectively with technology Teachers must be given the tools and the training to be able to accomplish these objectives.

6 Breakout Session #1 Functions of technology What do we have? How do we use it? Beginners = basic skills, how do I turn it on? Intermediate = more challenge, how do I connect? Advanced = most difficult, what else can I do?

7 Breakout Session #2 Available Programs: Beginners > Intermediate > Advanced >

8 Breakout Session #3

9 The Rest of the Year Pop-ins – An informal way to address questions and collaborate 3 Additional PD days – Once we learn how to use it, we must integrate it into our lessons Technology isn’t just a bunch of “trendy” words – it is also a bunch of Amazing Tools!

10 Assessment On-line exams Projects and Products Teachers using different programs to connect

11 A work in progress Technology doesn’t happen overnight! Administrative support Teacher enthusiasm Students excitement Check out this technology – click here for a short video

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